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Best Asp .Net Training in Lucknow – Escalera Technologies

Best Asp .Net Training in Lucknow

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Escalera Technologies is the best training / coaching institute for Asp .Net Training in Lucknow. Escalera Technologies was founded in year 2009 with an aim to provide professional training to Engineering and Computer Application Graduates and Post Graduates. Escalera Technologies has it’s center in Lucknow and provides online coaching on with C#(Sharp) for students of Lucknow and nearby areas.

Why Escalera Technologies ?

  1. They provide training on every basic topic that is necessary for understanding core concepts.
  2. They have faculty with 11 Years of Practical Experience of working in MNCs and developing web and software applications using and C#.
  3. They provide training on live projects
  4. Students can have one on one interaction with the faculty and all the problems are dealt professionally.

Escalera Technologies provides assistance in placement. It is associated with Infocorp Software Solutions. Many Students of Escalera are placed in Infocorp Software Solutions and other Organizations.

Syllabus –

  1. Basics of
  2. Basics of C#
  3. Methods
  4. Logical and Arithmetic Operators
  5. Classes and Objects
  6. Loops
  7. Arrays
  8. Developing applications the MVC way.
  9. Developing applications using 3 Tier Architecture
  10. Developing Applications using basic tools of Visual Studio (With very less amount of coding)
  11. Advanced training on SQL-Sever
  12. Publishing Applications Online
  13. Training on Live Projects
  14. Advanced Database Management of Live Applications
  15. Javascripts and JQuery
  16. SEO of Applications
  17. Data Analytics and Management

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Job Oriented Training Asp .net

Hello Friends, Slidescope introduces Job Oriented Training Asp .Net.

What is Asp .NET ?

Asp . Net is a powerful technology, it is a Framework that can be used to build Web Applications using Html, CSS, Javascripts and Server side Scripts.

Asp .NET basically works on 3 Development Models. These development models are selected initially in the project development.

  • Web Forms
  • Modal View Controller (Often referred to as MVC)
  • Web Pages

Which Software is Needed to Start web development using Asp . Net ?

It is a technology developed by Microsoft. It is advisable to use Visual Studio or Visual Web Developer Express to develop applications on Asp .Net Framework.

Why you should chose us as YOUR Mentor ?

  1. We provide complete training on Asp . Net framework from basic introduction to advanced applications.
  2. Our training is Job oriented, you will not only learn the basics but also the practical implementation in Software and Web Development industry.
  3. You will be ready to join any software or web development company as a experienced and skilled personnel.
  4. You will be ready to face difficult and tricky interview questions and situations.
  5. You will work on live projects and interact with clients for updates in requirement, demo sessions etc.
  6. You will learn about all the documentations involved in IT Projects practically.

Course Duration : 3 Months.

Center Location : Lucknow

Course Name :  Job Oriented Training Asp .Net

For More Details Call us on : +91 – 9454241494 or write to [email protected]