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Search Engine Optimization Basics | Digital Marketing Lesson 8

Search Engine Optimization Basics will deal with the following topics :

  • What are Search engines and how they work ?
  • Architecture of Google Search
  • Process and Technique of Ranking
  • Basics if Search Engine Results Pages (SERP)
  • Search Operators for various types of Searches
  • Updates in Search Algorithms.
  • Panda, Penguin, Humming Bird and Pigeon Update

Search Engine Optimization Basics  is the Part 2 of our Step By Step Digital Marketing Tutorial. Part 1 is Digital Marketing Basics

We will deal with the topics Lesson by Lesson in our Part 2. In this current article ( Lesson 8 ) we will learn –

What are Search engines and how they work ?

Search Engine as the name suggests is a web tool that is used to Search Information about something we are looking for.

You can have a look at following image :

Search Engine Optimization Basics

This will explain you the working of Search Engines.

Search engines have virtual web crawlers (code) called web spiders. These spiders are programmed to crawl the Data in the meta tags and content of the website to understand the meaning and genre of web page.

Tags like <title> <meta name=”keywords”> <meta name=”description”> are detected and read by the crawlers mostly. The content in these tags is displayed in the search results as well .
Search results are ranked according to the relevancy with the searched keyword.

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Advanced WordPress Training Lucknow

WordPress is one of the most common and widely use CMS platform built in PHP for Blogs and Website Development. WordPress has a huge community of supporters and users. WordPress was initially considered as a blogging tool but it can be turned into any possible type of application using plugins and custom coding.

Wordpress Course in India

WordPress comes in two variants :

Self Hosted : We host the website on our server.

WordPress Hosted : WordPress provides hosting and it is mainly used for blogging purpose.

We provide training on Self Hosted WordPress Installation.

You can build web applications for you or your clients.

Syllabus of  WordPress Training ?

  1. Installation of Apache, MySql, PHP and Perl Server Locally.
  2. Installation and initial configuration of WordPress .
  3. Creating MySql Database.
  4. Connecting Application with the Database.
  5. Running the website locally
  6. Introduction to Structure of WordPress
  7. Management and Customization of Themes
  8. Management and Customization of Plugins
  9. Create Read Update Delete Operations using Plugins
  10. Basics of PHP
  11. Introduction to WordPress SQL
  12. Create Read Update Delete Operations using WordPress Codex
  13. Advanced Database Management
  14. Advanced Role Management
  15. Creating E-Commerce Websites
  16. Connecting With Payment Gateways
  17. Creating Directory Websites
  18. Creating Classifieds Websites
  19. Creating Job Portals
  20. Publishing the Applications Online on Hosting Servers
  21. Hosting on Cpanel
  22. Hosting on Plesk Servers
  23. Concept of Parent ad Child Themes

Additionally you will learn:

Wordpress theme development training lucknow

  • WordPress Theme Development

wordpress plugin development training in lucknow

  • WordPress Plugin Development


We will teach you WordPress on live projects with Complete business understanding and documentation.

What are the Benefits of Advanced WordPress Training in Lucknow ?

  1. This is a Job Oriented Training. You will be ready to perform professionally as a wordpress developer.
  2. You can also work as a freelancer and serve your clients.
  3. You can start your own business with a bunch of developers and work as an organization.
  4. You can create E-commerce websites easily without coding.
  5. You can develop Classifieds and Directory Listing websites.
  6. You can develop a couple of Business websites in a day.
  7. You will get training on live projects of wordpress.


Duration of WordPress Training in Lucknow ?

Course duration of Wordpress Training in Lucknow is 3 Months.

If you want to know more you can call us – +91- 8604000569 or Fill Enquiry Form – Contact Us


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Content Marketing Company | Slidescope

Content Marketing is an essential and strategical / analysis based part of brand building process which involves creation of eye catching, easily understandable quality content for any business of service. Main purpose of Content Marketing is to drive the attention of potential customers by means of Media, Articles and other published content.

Content marketing is very important part of Advertising and Digital Marketing. Good content marketing ensure increased amount of visitors and increased amount of visitors ensure increased amount of sales. Content Marketing is about the products and services which any company sells or offers.

What are Benefits of Content Marketing ?

We all are familiar with the Importance of Search Results Ranking for any website on famous search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

These search engines always give preference to Content Writing. Better Written Content always get a higher rank .

A Good Content has following elements :

  1. A Good Title with Targeted Keywords
  2. A Grammatically correct article with Keywords in heading tags.
  3. A Fairly acceptable targeted keyword density of 1-2.5 %.
  4. A Image which relates to the topic or content and adds value to the article.
  5. Related tags and categories clearly mentioned.

As a good content marketing company, Slidescope obeys and follows the protocol of Standard Content Writing and Online and Offline Distribution. We have a team of experts for handling Social Media Promotion of the content, Search Engine Marketing and Promotion activities and distribution of Creative Images with Humor and Info-graphics to increase viewership and fan-base.

How is Content Distributed ?

Content is distributed offline and online in the form of :

  1. Blog Posts
  2. Article  in Electronic and offline Journals
  3. Article  in other websites
  4. Social Media Post
  5. Video
  6. Image
  7. PDF
  8. PPT – Presentation
  9. Flyers
  10. Posters
  11. Banners

If you are looking for a Content Marketing Company or want Content Marketing Services, you can contact us anytime by calling on +91 -8604000569 or filling this simple enquiry form – click here

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How to Get Reliance Jio Sim Without Lyf Phone

Reliance Jio Sim card was earlier launched with Lyf phones only. Reliance Jio Sim Card comes with atleast 3 months of free 4g internet, free voice calls services. It is very popular because it is offering very fast wifi free for 3 months and you can get a phone of Rs 3500 /- to activate the subscription. The phone is not bad at all and including the services it’s an absolute bonus. No wonder people are going crazy about this offer .

Coming back to the topic of getting the phone without Lyf phone.

  1. If someone works in Reliance Digital , he / she can refer a sim to you.
  2. Buy Jio Wifi portable hotspot device of Jio. It comes at a price of Approximately 2500 Rs. It can work as a central hostspot for home and office purpose.
  3. Check if your phone is compatible for Reliance Jio Sim Preview offer. There are various Mobile Sets compatible. Almost most of the LTE / 4g enabled sets are compatible of Micromax , Asus , Intex etc.

Reliance Digital Stores are located almost everywhere in urban areas. It’s a great possibility to find a Reliance Digital Store near you to Get Reliance Jio Sim in Reliance Digital Stores.

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PHP Training Lucknow for Core and Advanced PHP Course

Php is an open source Server Side Scripting Language used by many web developers and companies to develop basic and advanced web applications. You can learn Php to create fast web applications and you don’t need to pay any amount to install and setup the tools that are required to learn Php because it is opens source.

Many free tools are available to run and test php scripts on your Personal Computer or Laptop.

If you are familiar with Java Coding or C#(Sharp) coding then understanding Php will not be difficult for you.

If you are fairly new to the world of coding then also you can learn creating applications in php in 2 to 3 months.

There are various tutorials, books and articles available on internet which can help you in learning Php on your own.

If you are familiar with the basics of programming, learning online will not be difficult for you but Guidance of a professional trainer is always important because a trainer will explain you things practically and you will get experience of working on the Live Projects. A trainer can explain you the core concepts in detail.

We are associated with Best Php Training Institute in Lucknow, which is a great institute with 10 + years of computer languages coaching experience .

Contact This Institute –

Php from Php Training Institute – Lucknow

1/132, Kursi Road,
Vikas Nagar, Lucknow, IN,

List of Alumni

  • Saurabh Kanaujia
  • Nirbhay Saurabh
  • Vaibhav Shukla

You can learn Core and Advanced Php from Php Training Institute – Lucknow with working experience on Live projects.

A complete training with Database Management and Database Logic on MySql with complete understanding of  Business Logic.

Learn Documentation of Small, Medium and Large Scale projects.

Learn advanced usage of Roles, Sessions, Cookies etc.

Learn Advanced Php using frameworks like Codeigniter.

Learn creating frameworks based on Model View Controller

Fill this Simple Form to Contact us :


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Understanding E-Commerce Websites | Strategy | Digital Marketing Lesson 6

E-commerce websites are most common type of website published by various companies. Companies invest money and put a lot of efforts to make their website successful. E-Commerce websites as discussed in the previous Lessons have monetary transactions in them. ‘E’ stands for Electronic and Commerce represents ‘Commercial and Financial Activities’. Most common type of E-Commerce website are Shopping Portals and Travel Portals. Users Pay money online to get the desired products and services. Online Payment is done Using Payment Gateways that are integrated with E-Commerce websites. Using Payment Gateways is not the only method of accepting payments;

Other Popular methods of accepting payments by E-Commerce Website are:

  1. Cash On Delivery – Users pay when they get products delivered to their home.
  2. Direct Bank Transfer – Users pay for services / products by transferring money to the bank account of business owner.
  3. Cheque / Demand Drafts – Users pay for services / products by issuing Cheque / DD in favor of business owner
  4. Using Coupons – Some websites offer payments using online coupons. Discount coupons are very common in E-Commerce industry.
  5. Using Electronic Wallets – Electronic wallet is just like a bank account. It lets you save money in the account that you can use to make payments. Paytm and Oxygen Wallet are examples of electronic wallet. Sometimes words like ‘CREDITS’ & ‘POINTS’ are used to tell the amount of money you have in your wallet.

A Digital Marketing Professional must be familiar with the terms mentioned above.

Structure of E-Commerce Websites

In this article we will discuss the structure of Shopping Portals. Understanding the Structure of a website is a key factor in planning Digital Marketing Strategy.

A Shopping website can be categories as:

Single Vendor Website

Multi-Vendor Website

  1. Single Vendor Websites: These websites are mostly owned by the manufacturers / product owners. These websites are created to increase sales by providing an online platform as well. These websites work as a source of Online Product Catalog as well where all the products and services of a company are showcased.
  2. Multi-Vendor Websites: These websites are mostly owned by marketing business owners and the owners of these website do not produce or manufacture any product that is sold on this kind of website. They provide a marketing platform where vendors belonging to various categories create their virtual stores online and place their products on the store. Website owners get some percentage of the amount of sales as a commission for their marketing services. Websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc. are common examples of such websites.

Multi-Vendor websites come with single product category or multiple product categories.

An example of multi-vendor website selling only Chikan Embroidery products –


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Solar Panels Manufacturer | Colorstech Enterprises

Solar Panels Manufacturer and Supplier, Colorstech Enterprises is providing Electrical Energy Consulting, Installation & Commissioning for Industrial and Residential Loads in Uttar Pradesh. Colorstech Enterprises has a team of Experienced Engineers with experience in

  • Manufacturing of Heavy Duty Transformers (Upto 50 MVA),
  • Manufacturing of LED Products (like Street Lights, LED Bulbs, LED Panel Lights, LED Focus Lights etc.),
  • Manufacturing of Inverters (Solar and Normal),
  • Manufacturing of Batteries (Solar and Normal).

Colorstech has an official Shopping Website for Electrical and Electronics Appliances :-

Services of Colorstech Enterprises

  • Solar Power Plants Installation and Commissioning
  • Electrical Wiring for Industrial and Government Electrification Projects
  • Electrical Energy Consulting
  • Manufacturing of above mentioned Electrical and Electronics appliances.
  • Supply of Electrical and Electrical Appliances