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Country Code Top Level Domains – ccTLD and SEO

What are ccTLD Domains?

ccTLD stand for Country Code Top Level Domain name extensions. We are familiar with common domain name extensions and their purpose:
.com – Commercial
.net – Networking
.org – Organization (Main Non Profit)

Every country has an ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country codes and their respective country codes can be used as domain extensions too.
Country code of India is IN and hence the ccTLD of India is: “.in”
Similarly country code of USA is US and hence its ccTLD is: “.us”

How do ccTLD Affect SEO?

Search Engines results are based on the précised location of individuals initiating search queries. Google search engine even redirect users to their country specific Google Search.
United Kingdom –
Similarly for every country there are their respective Google search engine domain names.
If a website belongs to India then it will be easily recognized by local audience and it can be optimized for India specific search queries.

There are some ccTLDs which are not allowed to be registered directly.

There is also a Country Code Second Level Domain, i.e commonly called ccSLD and it is not like Top Level Domain.

Like mentioned above if ccTLD is .IN its ccSLD version is .CO.IN.

First preference of every customer is a .COM domain name. .Com domain names are so common that most of the common words are not available. .IN and .CO.IN are also cheaper than .COM domain names (by many domain name registrars).

ccTLD domain names have gained huge amount of popularity in the recent past and they can be seen competing with other TLDs in search result.

Search Results are also giving more preference to factors like Page Authority, Domain Authority and Content Value rather than domain name extensions but many users prefer common TLDs over comparatively new TLDs.

We have seen great results for .IN domain names as far as SEO is concerned.

.IN is shorter to type and can be remembered easily as it mixes with domain names in some cases. Similar is the case with domain names like .IT, .US etc.

Note: There are some exceptions in ccTLDs.

Country Code of United Kingdom is ‘GB’ but it’s ccTLD is .UK.

Please share your experience with ccTLDs for in our comment section.

If you are planning to buy a ccTLD for your company or online business please share your views.

You can also Contact us for Digital Marketing Consulting or Training.

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Website SILO Architecture for SEO

SILO Architecture is a kind of website structure that can be applied in websites for the sake of optimizing it for Search engines.

If Silo is applied correctly in any website then according to statistics that website will start getting higher rankings in search engine results.

Silo Architecture uses the concept of grouping posts and articles that belong to same category, together.

If your blog is about any single category of topic then you can keep writing your articles without labeling the category but most of the websites and blogs write articles in different categories, users may or may not be interested in reading articles belonging to all categories. If we can present pages that are dedicated to a certain label or category Eg: Computers and Electronics, Money Making, Digital Marketing etc.

Stacking Posts of same category together in one page and providing easily navigable url of that page in the home page, top menu will let users in finding topics of their choice easily.

Sometimes we use information like Our Services in our website and Our Services can be further classified into sub categories and in the pages of those sub categories there can be a list of pages belonging to respective category.

You can refer to this example –

Website using SILO Arhitecture

You can view this image which is taken from the Wikipedia page of Silo Architecture –

Ofiicial SILO Architecture

And you can compare it with the example of one website given above.

This structure will result in better indexing of grouped pages. Every page can be optimized for respective keywords.

We can take example of these squares.

If I ask you to find All Red Squares in this image then you will be able to find them but let us take another example

Website SILO Architecture

Which of them was easier to find All Red Squares?

Grouped Pages also work in a similar way. Users and Search Engines will be able to recognize and find articles and content related to a particular topic easily.

If you have anything to share with us on Silo Architecture, please comment below.

If you worked on this architecture to create a website please share the name and link of your website so that our students and other users can analyze.

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What is the Difference between UX and UI Designing?

There is a huge debate about UX and UI Designing on web.

Many people are still confused about difference between UX and UX.

We are writing this article based on our research and our understanding of these topics.

UX stands for User Experience and UI stands for User Interface.

We will deal with the topics of UX and UI one by one in order to understand them clearly.

What is UX Design?

User Experience is the measurement of overall satisfaction level of any visitor who interacts with our website and hence UX Design is the process of improving that satisfaction by providing elements on our website that or easier to interact.

User Experience Design is done after analysis of various factors.

We can think ourselves as website visitors and we shall write down some points that make our experience on any website smooth and hassle free.

An easily navigable website structure is one such point.

Process of finding the content based on our query in any website easily is another point.

If the content loads quickly then the user will be more satisfied with our website. A good but slow loading content will ruin user experience.

All these points are winding up to one thing that the overall experience of user on our website should be good.

Everything that is mentioned here has a lot to deal with the design of website or application but you can easily figure out the points that are improving user experience.

User Experience is achieved using non-digital and non programming methods. It is achieved using cognition.

Analysis of how the user will react to certain elements if presented in the way in which we are planning.

User Experience Design is done after Research and Development, Analytics, Testing various outputs and choosing the best for improving user experience.

What is UI Design?

User Interface Design is like an art and is performed using Digital tools. Digital tools include use of programming and development frameworks to create beautiful user interfaces.

UI designing can be compared to painting. Flawless strokes of brush and usage of elegant colors can make any painting alluring.

Think about a painting without any theme or planning in the mind of artist and random use of brushes. Such painting can randomly look attractive but it might not be pleasing to those users who look for deep meanings and hidden messages in painting. A meaningful painting can only be created with the help of planning and research and understanding of the respective topic.

In a similar way it is possible that an interface is eye pleasing but it is not upto the standards of user experience and it is also possible that something meets user experience criteria but is not good looking at all.

Many Government websites provide required information that visitors are looking for but most of them have average looking interface.

Having a balance between User Experience and User Interface is very important.

A good looking, fast loading, easily navigable page with tiny animations on page load (if needed), attractive images, light weight sliders, beautiful forms and buttons etc. will provide good UX and UI both.

These are two very important elements in design of any product.

Many users on internet are confused between these terms. Our article will help them in clearly understanding the difference between them

Great Job Opportunities are there in the field of UX Design and UI design.

If you are creative and artistic and you think you can design better looking interfaces you can chose UI Design and it you are more analytical in your approach towards things and you thing you can provide a better user experience based on your analysis you can go for UX Design.

Proper understanding of both UX and UI design will be needed in any case.

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What is SEO and Why it is Important?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, it is the process of optimizing a website or a blog by updating its programming code and content such that it gets indexed in the top ranking search results.

People Trust Search Engines for their queries, getting amongst top results for search queries will help any business in getting potential customers.

  1. SEO helps in Growing a Business.
  2. SEO helps in Meeting Business Objectives.
  3. SEO helps in improving Online Reputation of any brand.
  4. SEO helps in getting more visitors to your website.

Search engine optimization is classified into two parts:

  1. On-Page SEO Topics:

These optimizations are fully in our control

Optimizing Website Structure or Architecture


Understanding Domain Names and Extensions

Understanding Basic HTML Structure

Better UX and UI.


Optimizing HTML Code

  • Analyzing Deprecated Tags and replacing them.
  • In-page, in-line and external CSS & JavaScript

Optimizing Meta Tags

  • Title Tag
  • Meta Description
  • Social Media Optimization Meta Tags

Optimizing Content

  • Keyword Density
  • Use of Heading Tags
  • Optimized Paragraph Tags
  • Optimized Images

Images Optimization

  • Alternate Text Attribute
  • Title Attribute
  • Image Compression

Website Speed Optimization

  • Compressed HTML
  • Compressed CSS
  • Minified JavaScript

Optimized Page URLs

  • Pretty Permalinks Setup

Optimized File URLs

Google Analytics Integration

Sitemaps Creation

  • Dynamic Sitemaps
  • Static Sitemaps

RSS, Atom, Comments Feeds – XML

Optimizing Robots.txt

Canonical attribute in link tags of web pages for duplicate content.


Understanding Schema Markup and writing Microdata & JSON-LD scripts to implement Rich Data and Structured Data on Your Website


  1. Off-Page SEO Topics

Understanding Domain Authority & Page Authority

Understanding Page Rank

Back-link Building Strategies

Google Business Page Optimization

Directory Listing

Classified Advertisement that works

Linking website to Social Media Profiles

Forum Participation

Commenting on Blogs (Non –Spam)

Webmaster Tools for Submitting Websites to Search Engines

  • Google Webmasters
  • Bing Webmasters
  • Yandex Webmaster

Online Reputation Management

Guest Blogging Concept

We have a Module of Search Engine Optimization in our Digital Marketing Course.

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Hurricane Harvey Search interest in last 7 days – Live Data

This is a live feed of US: Search interest in last 7 days for Hurricane Harvey and it is related to

  • FEMA
  • American Red Cross
  • Salvation Army

It is for those people who want to keep an eye on the latest trends related to google search queries on Hurricane Harvey :

You can also refer to top search queries that users are posting in US about Hurricane Harvey to get updates :

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Top Ad Networks for Blog Publishers to earn online

Top Ad Networks for Blog Publishers to earn online

Any website or blog publisher can take help of Ad Networks to Earn Online. Online Ad Networks are managed by experts from the industry with many years of research in the field of Digital Marketing. Choice of a good ad network should be done keeping many factors in mind.

Points to Consider Before Choosing an Ad Network:

  1. Authoritativeness of the Ad Network.
  2. Business age of Ad Network.
  3. Online reviews about that ad network.
  4. Userbase and type of advertisers that network has.

We have worked with many ad networks in the past and currently working with most of them. We are sharing our picks for the top ad networks for website and blog owners. This of Ad networks is as follows:

  1. is the display advertising network owned by Yahoo and Bing (Microsoft). Display ads of are a list of text that is displayed horizontally or vertically in various standard ad sizes. Content of the ads is related to the content of your page and hence chances of getting clicks for relevant queries, increases.

Eligibility: A website with minimum of 50-60 articles and decent amount of traffic. The url must be top level domain and preferably self hosted. Traffic must be primarily from USA, UK and Canada.

Difficulty of Approval: Getting approval in this ad network is slightly difficult.

Minimum Payment Threshold: 100 USD, you must have a minimum of 100 USD in your account to initialize payment request.

Payment Method: Via Paypal

Payment is Made on NET30 Basis – Payments for August 2017 if more than or equal to 100 USD will be transferred to your account on 29 – 30 September.

Payment Contract: Cost Per Click – CPC

  1. Google Adsense

Google Adsense is undoubtedly the biggest online ad network in the world. They have millions of active publisher who are earning a good some of money every month. A lot has been written about

Type of Ads: Display Ads, Text Ads, Responsive Ads, Video Ads in various standard ad sizes, Native Ads – For Articles and Feeds.

Payment Contract: Cost Per Click Basis mainly.

Eligibility for Adsense: Blogger blog or a website with a minimum of 25-30 unique visitors per day and atleast 20 – 25 articles with 300 Words or more (per article)

Difficulty of Approval: If your website follows certain guidelines then getting approved for Adsense becomes easy.

Minimum Payment Threshold: 100 USD

Payment Method: Via Cheque

Note: Google Adsense network is very strict for fraudulent clicks and paid traffic.

  1. Infolinks

Infolinks is amongst top advertisement networks. Infolinks is there in the industry for a long time. It is a legitimate advertisement network which provides contextual advertising like other two networks mentioned above. Infolinks crawls text of your web page and highlight it with some links. When those links are hovered visitors an advertisement pops up, if visitors click on those advertisement then you will get paid.

Type of Ads: Intext Ads, Tag Cloud, Sliding Text and Image Banners from top and side.

Minimum Payment Threshold: 50 USD

Payment Method: Paypal

Payment Contract: Cost Per Impression – CPM mainly.

Difficulty of Approval: Not Difficult

Eligibility for Infolinks: Blogspot or a website with atleast 15-20 posts with 300 words each.

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How to Display Corporate Contact Information in the Google Search Rich Cards

Corporate Contact information helps business owners in displaying various contact numbers and details on the search engine results page in the Google Knowledge Panel for business.

Let’s consider a simple example If you have a business and you want to display your company’s Customer Support Number to the searchers with and information about toll charges on the number then you can use the Structured Data code on your website at prescribed locations.

If a user searched for Customer Care Number of Flipkart, the SERP on desktop web appeared as follows:

 Google Search Rich Cards

You can see the Card Result with customer care number and also the Customer Service number in Orange Circle which is Google Knowledge panel in searches.


Also look at this result in mobile based search for same query and here also you can see the number clearly display in bold and increased font size.

This is done to help searchers in finding accurate results without much hassle. It saves time of searchers as well.

Business owners publish these Corporate Contact information numbers in order to help their customers in finding correct information.

Here you can see Logo of the Organization as well and in order to publish it you have to use following code in your website:

<script type=”application/ld+json”>


  “@context”: “”,

  “@type”: “Organization”,

  “url”: “”,

  “logo”: “”,

  “contactPoint”: [{

    “@type”: “ContactPoint”,

    “telephone”: “+91-8604000569”,

    “contactType”: “customer service”




You have to replace your details with our contact details.

You can also add the Area Served Option and Type of Contact Number as well:

“contactOption”: “TollFree”,

    “areaServed”: “US”

Note: You can see that last entry is written without a comma. Remember this to avoid mistakes.

Where to Place the Structured Data JSON-LD code to get rich cards in search results?

You can place the above given JSON-LD code in the HTML of your Contact Us page or About Us Page.

Please make sure that your code is correct as per the standards of Structured Data Schema Markup.

You can use the Schema Markup Testing Tool to verify the correctness of your code:


If you want to learn Digital Marketing Please Contact Us

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How to add Video Object Rich Card in website or blog

In order to get a Fully enhanced Rich Card for video objects in your website you have to use the Structured Data Markup for Videos.
If your website supports AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages, then Google Search will work as an entry point for Searching and viewing videos and you will see rich cards of your video in search results.

There are three conditions or solutions to Add Video Structured Data in your website.

1. IF you are Using AMP and want to use JSON-LD code.
2. IF you are not using AMP and want to use JSON-LD code.
3. If you want to use the Microdata code for video objects which is the Standard video markup.

Video Markup results appear with a badge which encourages users to click on them.

For Case 1-
AMP and JSON-LD Code You can take reference of following code –

<script type=”application/ld+json”>
“@context”: “”,
“@type”: “VideoObject”,
“name”: “Website Development Training Using Php and MySql”,
“description”: “Learn website development from scratch. Learn the concepts of Core and Advanced PHP with MySql Database Management”,
“thumbnailUrl”: “”,
“uploadDate”: “2017-08-25T08:00:00+08:00”,
“duration”: “PT2M56S”,
“publisher”: {
“@type”: “Organization”,
“name”: “Slidescope”,
“logo”: {
“@type”: “ImageObject”,
“url”: “”,
“width”: 240,
“height”: 40
“contentUrl”: “”,
“embedUrl”: “”,
“interactionCount”: “250”

You have to replace the content of your video with our content.

Change – Name, Description,
ThumbnailUrl – Web address of the Video Thumbnail you want to show,
date of video upload in the format given above,
duration of the video in the format given – 2 minutes and 56 seconds is PT2M56S,

For Case 2
IF you want to use JSON-LD code for a non AMP version of your website you can use this code in script tags:

“@context”: “”,
“@type”: “VideoObject”,
“name”: “Your video title here”,
“description”: “Your Video description here”,
“thumbnailUrl”: “urlofthumbnail.jpg”,
“uploadDate”: “2017-02-05T08:00:00+08:00”,
“duration”: “PT2M34S”,
“contentUrl”: “”,
“embedUrl”: “”,
“interactionCount”: “1234”

For Case 3 – If You want to add schema to your page in Microdata format you have to change the HTML of you video object refering to following code :-

<div itemscope itemtype=””>
<span itemprop=”name”>Title of your video</span>
<span itemprop=”description”>Your Video description here</span>
<img itemprop=”thumbnailUrl” src=”” alt=”thumbnail text”/>
<meta itemprop=”uploadDate” content=”2015-02-05T08:00:00+08:00″/>
<meta itemprop=”duration” content=”PT1M33S” />
<link itemprop=”contentUrl” href=”″ />
<link itemprop=”embedUrl” href=”″ />
<meta itemprop=”interactionCount” content=”4321″ />

In all the cases the interaction count is the number of times the video has been interacted.

You can refer to official Google Help Page for Structured Data Type = Videos –


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10 Steps to Get Adsense account approved ( 100% )

Before Applying for Adsense or any other ad network consider these points :

I am sharing these points based on my experience with ad networks for more than a decade.

1. Use a website / blog that is atleast 1 months old. In some cases the minimum duration is 6 months.

  • There is no official statement about domain age in Adsense but a new domain name will not be approved easily.

2. Write atleast 20 Unique Articles (to avoid insufficient content issue) with a minimum of 300 Words Per Article.

  • Most Adsense accounts are not approved because of insufficient content in website. If you are planning to get some serious income from your websites, you must focus on writing decent amount of articles.

3. Provide an About Us, Contact Us pages which will give more authencity to your website.

4. Write Terms & Conditions of Use, Privacy Policy / Cookie Policy Pages for users.

5. Use images in your articles for better user experience and use compressed images to ensure faster page loading.

6. Add your website to Google Webmaster, Bing Webmaster, etc and submit sitemaps as well.

This will help your website in getting search engine indexing. Properly indexed websites have better chance of approval in ad networks like adsense.

7. Test your website for broken URLs.

  • Broken URLs result in page not found and other errors which is bad for user experience.

8. Check your website for grammatical errors and correct them.

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What are Accelerated Mobile Pages and what do they actually do

What are Accelerated Mobile Pages?

Accelerated Mobile Pages is a project of Google for making user experience better and faster on mobile devices. User count of mobile devices like smartphones, tablets etc. is increasing rapidly. Number of visitors from mobile devices is a serious number to consider. If your website is not optimized for mobile then you might be losing potential clients. Google and other search engines are also taking the mobile compatibility factor seriously for evaluating the search engine rankings of website.

In simple words – Websites that are optimized for mobile viewing will get advantage in search engine ranking methodology and algorithms.

Why are Mobile Compatible Websites so important afterall?

  1. Mobile consumes less electricity than laptops and desktop computers and has almost same computing power if viewing websites for getting information is considered.
  2. Number of users who own a laptop or laptop is less than the number of smartphone and tablet owners.
  3. Mobile devices have better portability.

There are many other factors that conclude importance of mobile devices for searching information on internet and visiting websites.

Mobile Data Charges are considerably high and users get a limited amount of data in a month. Desktop version of website consumes more data and all the components are really not required to be loaded on mobile version of the same website.

Media size, page size, etc can be reduced and compressed for mobile screen which will save data and hence data consumption charges.

AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages is a technology that can be used to build separate mobile pages for your website with the same content that is already created for the main website. The only difference will be the page size and removal of unnecessary scripts and media.

In short – AMP produces lightweight and fast loading pages for mobile devices.

You will get a better chance of ranking your website higher in search engines for mobile originated searches.

Users will be automatically redirected to your AMP enabled website if they are searching from their mobile devices.

You can see a Desktop Version of my website:

& the Amp enabled version of the same website.

You will notice that the AMP version loads much faster than the Desktop version but the desktop version is way prettier than the AMP version.

I am keeping both of them and majority of users on my website are from Web (Desktop).

After installing and configuring AMP for my website I am able to see a small AMP logo besides my listing on Google search result from my android smartphone.

How to get amp logo on search result

In order to check number of AMP pages indexed in search engine you can see your Google Webmaster Tool Dashboard.

Accelerated Mobile Pages in Google Webmaster Tools

How to Get Started with AMP?

If you are using a CMS like WordPress then it is a lot more easier to setup AMP on your website by using a plugin that will do almost everything for you.

If you have website which is not built on any CMS tool then you have to do some basic coding to get things done.

You must be familiar with Basic HTML coding, CSS and Javascripts to better understand AMP coding.

You can get started by following this documents:

If you want AMP enabled for your website you can Contact Us