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Web Development Lucknow Website Designing Company

Web Development Lucknow Website Designing Company

Web Development is the art and technology of creating Websites and Web Applications. There are various coding languages used to develop and design web applications. Coding Languages and technologies like :

  • Php
  • Asp Dot Net
  • MySql
  • MS Sql
  • C # (Sharp)

are used t0 create stunning and useful applications that are the backbone of many business now a days.

We are experts in optimizing and developing WordPress, Opencart and Drupal websites.

We have created more than 160 Websites for different niche and business sectors.

Some common applications are :

  • Hospital Management System

  • School / College Management System

  • Online Shopping Portals

  • Online Travel Portals

  • Business Information Websites

  • Social Networking Websites

  • Classifieds Websites etc.

We recommend Colorstech Enterprises for IT Consulting.

As an IT consultant we have experience of 10 + Years with 250 +  Projects Successfully handled and delivered so far.

Our Portfolio will speak for the quality of our work.

Some of our clients are:

  1. NTR Group
  2. Swapthebook
  3. Tagged Jeans
  4. Mumbai Film Institute
  5. VPV Toyam
  6. Krishna Productions
  7. RP Auto Solutions
  8. Trademyad
  9. Asterick Enterprises
  10. Designhungry
  11. DigitalBanda
  12. Bazaronweb

If you are looking for Best Website Designing and Website Development Services in Lucknow, Kanpur, Barabanki and nearby locations then you can contact us at – +91 – 8604000569 or fill this simple enquiry form –

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Lucknow will travel in Metro from 6 September

For People Who are asking “when will lucknow metro start? ”

Good news for Lucknowites regarding Lucknow Metro Rail. Officials have declared the date of first run of Lucknow metro for public on 6 September 2017.
Trials will be done in December upto Mavaiya only. A special bridge is under construction and is scheduled to be completed in December Last or
January (First Week) . After completion of the root testing will be done on the main route and after successful testings the route will be open for
public to travel from 6 September 2017.

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Different Types of Websites and CMS tools – Digital Marketing Lesson 7

Different Types of Websites

We have learn about basics of Digital Marketing Technology so far. If you are viewing this Lesson I suggest you to have a look at our previous Lessons on Basics of Digital Marketing.
Those who are following the tutorial or want to read about Different Types of Websites and CMS tools can continue reading.
As a Digital Marketing expert you must be aware about the structure of websites and technology used to create a website. Base of every website is HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language). Our Web Browsers like Chrome, Mozilla, and Opera Mini etc. display only HTML. If you will look at the Page Source of any webpage (Press ctrl + u on your keyboard while viewing a webpage) you will find the basic HTML code.
You must be aware of basic HTML structure. If you are not familiar with basics of HTML, don’t worry. We will deal with that in the later Chapters of this tutorial.
Different Types of Website
Based on the basic functionality of a website it can be categorized as:

1. Static Information Website

This type of website is for the information purpose only. It contains Business or general information of an Organization or Service. Static means without any connectivity to a database. Content of this website can only be changed from the HTML editors in the hosting control panels or Local HTML Editors. Technologies like Basic HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, ASP.Net (With C#) and Java etc. are used to create these websites. One must be familiar with the coding languages to change the content of these websites. Business owners who want to provide information about the company profile, products and services with official contact details to the users on web, use this type of website. Developers usually charge some money to make changes in such websites.

2. Dynamic Information Website

This type of website is also called a Content Management System. There are many CMS Tools available on internet. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc. are famous CMS tools which can be used to change the content of any website, add pages, add posts, add media etc. Above mentioned coding languages and frameworks can also be used to create such dynamic websites. These websites have database. MySql, MS-Sql server, MongoDB, Sqlite etc. are some commonly used databases in dynamic applications. Database are needed to store the content and retrieve data to display in the pages.

3. Social Networking and Community Websites

Social Networking and Community Websites are one of the most common websites being used now a days. A famous example is Facebook. Facebook is used by billions of people. Some other famous names are Twitter, Linked in etc. These websites provide a platform where people sharing common interests can connect with each other. Website of a college is also a social networking website where new and old students can interact with each other. Users can create groups, pages, forums etc. and people interested in the content of that group can join and participate in group posts. Matrimonial websites are also social networking sites where one can find a perfect match. You can use various filters to find people and send messages and friend requests to connect with each other. These website are one of the biggest source of Digital Marketing.

4. E-Commerce Websites

E-Commerce stands for Electronic Commerce or Online Commerce. Commerce refer to the commercial activities that are performed online. Majority of startups are based on Online Selling of Products and Services. People Book Rail Tickets, Flight Tickets and Hotels Online. Shopping of Groceries, Electronics Item, Apparels and almost everything online is very common now a days. A Digital Marketing expert must be aware about the front-end (client / user) and back-end(administrator) operations of these websites. You must be familiar with the Basics of operations of Travel Industry, Trading, Stocks, Inventory, Categories of Good etc.

5. Portfolio Websites

Portfolio websites are created by / for Artists, Music Bands, Authors, Photographers or any professional service provider. A portfolio website contains introductory information of the person / enterprise, professional experience and mainly detail of the works performed by them with Images, Videos and Trials etc. Before planning a Digital Marketing strategy for portfolio websites an in-depth keyword research, competitor analysis and understanding the basics of services offered is very important.

6. Classifieds Website

Classifieds website are those website which allow users to post classifieds advertisement on their websites. Classifieds can be also called Categorized in this case. There are various categories and sub categories in this kind of website. Users post Buy, Sell, Rent or Requirement related advertisement on online classifieds website. These ads can be searched using specific keywords and category filters. Information like Business / Product Name, Email, Phone, Business Address etc. are usually taken while posting ads. An example of Classifieds Website developed by us is .

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E-Auctions Platform for Procurement Solutions – KisanServ

E-Auctions Platform for Procurement Solutions

E-Auctions platform  procurement solutions

Online Procurement system also known as E-Procurement System or software tools are the web based application that is used to provide procurement solutions to Buyers and Suppliers from various categories of business.

The creative minds behind this E-Bidding Procurement App | Website noticed the problems of Suppliers and Buyers waking up early in the morning, facing climatic difficulties to rush to the market for checking prices and sourcing.
Most of the vegetable and fruit sellers wake up very early in the morning and rush to the vegetable or fruit MANDI so that they get the best prices and fresh stock for their stores.

How is KisanServ beneficial for Buyers ?

KisanServ is the Best E-Procurement system that helps buyers chose the products for their stores and raise requirements from anywhere using mobile phone or website.  It saves time, it saves money and they don’t have to wake up early and rush to market. Their stock requirements are fulfilled by the Suppliers from their desired location. Suppliers bid on the requirements with their respective prices. Buyers have the option to chose from the best price options available. They get the quality assured products for their stores.

How is KisanServ beneficial for Suppliers ?

KisanServ has a separate portal for Suppliers where they get the notifications of latest requirements raised by buyers. They can see the requirements open for E-Bidding in their dashboard where they can perform desired actions like Placing Bid etc.
If you need Procurement Solutions for your business, visit official website of KisanServ.

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Digital Marketing Certification

Digital Marketing Certification is provided to the candidates who pursue and complete Digital Marketing Training | Course.

A Digital Marketing Training | Course has a specific Syllabus which covers all topics related to Online Marketing, Branding and Advertising Activities. Effective Advertising is one of the most important step for growth of any business. Internet is a huge source of potential customers for almost any business. Digital Marketing Targets these potential client.

Digital Marketing Certification is Beneficial : 

  1. If you want to start your own Digital Marketing Agency.
  2. If you want to work in Digital Marketing Industry as an expert.
  3. If are an entrepreneur and want to promote your business, website or blog.

If you are a certified Digital Marketing Professional then any agency will be happy to recruit you in your team.

You will learn the business knowledge required to execute marketing projects .

Call Us : 8605000569 for more details on fees and digital marketing training .

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Difference between NoFollow and DoFollow Links : Basics of SEO

To Understand the Difference between NoFollow and DoFollow Links

Let’s take the general meaning of the word No + Follow:  Asking something to not follow on the Other hand Do-Follow tells to follow the link. These instructions are for the search engine crawlers from Google, Bing and Yahoo etc. Humans will simply click the link and will reach the destination url in the link.
No-Follow Concept was introduced in the year 2005 by Matt Cutts and Jason Shellen.

An Example of “nofollow” link

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Swapthebook</a>

An Example of “dofollow” link

<a href=””> ChikanStore</a>

But if we want to use DoFollow the tag Rel=”dofollow” doesn’t exist. It means that all the links in our website have “dofollow” attribute by default. It means that if “nofollow” attribute is not used, both Humans and Search Engine Crawlers will follow the link and the “link juice” (– an important factor for SEO) will be passed to that link.

Nofollow Attribute in the HTML Anchor and Meta Tags is used to prevent the search engines from evaluating and influencing the search engine rankings of the Links that are provided.

If you run a blog, you will always find people commenting on your posts with spam links. If your website ranks higher, these spam links on your website will get an advantage that they don’t deserve.  It is not good for search engine results because these links may not be valuable to internet users. Search engine theory says valuable links are picked, indexed and ranked automatically on the basis of their content and good and allowed SEO techniques.

If you don’t want to pass the so called link juice to the particular URL’s/ Links in your website simply use NOFOLLOW. Proper Syntax is provided in the example used above.

If you want to instruct crawlers not to follow any link on the page simply use –

<meta name=”robots” content=”nofollow” />        

Use this in the <head></head> TAG of your page and no links from the page will be followed by search engine spiders, crawlers and robots etc.

Recent updates in the google search results algorithm have mentioned about counting the nofollow links as an outgoing link when it comes to page rank distribution from the webpage in which the links are places.

What do think about our explanation of the Difference between nofollow and dofollow links ?

Please leave your comments if you disagree with us or have anything to share or ask.

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6 Steps to Make Digital Marketing Strategy for any Website. Digital Marketing Lesson 5

6 steps make digital marketing strategy client websites

Steps to Make Digital Marketing Strategy for any Website.

  1. Analyze Business Category:

    First and foremost, analyze the niche / genre / business category of the website you want to promote. There can be one or more sub categories but mainly there must be a single business category.

  2. Keywords Research & Analysis:

    Do some research on the performance, keywords, services, products, website content, social media presence and search positions of top companies belonging to the category you analyzed in step 1.

  3. Effective Content Building:

    Build and Plan a Strategy to write quality content with rich keywords you analyzed in step 3. A good and useful content will always get the attention of visitors. People will share the content on their social profiles and subscribe to your content. Content is the King in Digital Marketing. Use creative banners and images to attract and impress the visitors.

For Example : If you are planning to write content for an E-Commerce store : write detailed product description with usual manuals, key benefits, user reviews and articles about why should someone use that product etc.

  1. Good SEO Strategies:

    Till now you have written content which has a good readability score for visitors, now you must think about the Search engine crawlers. SEO of the website plays an important role in the search engine indexing and search position of your website for a particular keyphrase or keyword. For Good SEO: Use Keywords in your <title>HERE</title>. Title Tag, Use Good Meta Description for your articles, page or content. A Good SEO plan also requires Keyword Research, Link Building Strategies and Social Media Management of your website’s content.

  2. Prefer Inbound Marketing to Interruption Marketing:

    Interruption marketing is the continuous use of advertisements for the purpose of promoting any business. This type of promotion works and gives you fast results, but the process costs more. Search Results are not permanent in Interruption Marketing. Inbound marketing plan ensures permanent positions in search results for a fairly longer duration of time. A useful article with good SEO will always give you traffic and potential customers. Advertisement in the search results are ignored most of the time by internet users. Results on the first page of search results are clicked 70% of the time.

  3. Use logical Website Structure:

    Use a logical menu for content. Visitors of your website should be able to navigate through the sections easily. If they are looking any particular content then they should find it easily on your website. Follow some standard website structure. Use sitemaps in your website.

What do you think about our list?

Do you want to suggest some other points?

Do you have confusion about any particular point or term used in this articles / lesson?

Please comment below to start the discussion.

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How to Chose Best Coaching for Digital Marketing ?

How to Chose Best Coaching for Digital Marketing ?

There are many Digital Marketing Coaching in India with good training record of offline and online coaching.

First of all decide whether you have to learn online or offline. It depends upon how much extra time do you have.

If you are a working professional then you will not have enough time on weekdays. You can choose evening timings or online mode to study from the comfort of your home.

If you are a student then you can prefer timings after your college gets over.

If you live in a remote location then you can go for online mode.

If you are an entrepreneur then you can go for offline mode with training on live projects and special modules created exclusively for you.

We have experience of 5 years and 3 months in Digital Marketing, SEO, SMO, Content Marketing, PPC Management and Online Branding with Expertise in Software and Wev Development using C# , ASP.Net, PHP, MySql, MS-SQL, WordPress, Drupal, Cpanel and Plesk hosting etc.

We will provide you training on Live Projects and live mean “live client requirements and ongoing projects”. No fake promises.

Our Center for

Digital Marketing Training in Luckow :

is located in Vikas Nagar, near Lekhraj Panna which is easily approachable from Aliganj, Indira Nagar, Mahanagar, Hazratganj, Jankipuram and Kalyanpur

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What are benefits of Digital Marketing – Digital Marketing Lesson 4

Key Benefits of Digital Marketing are as follows

  • It is considerably cheaper than traditional marketing techniques
  • It can be analysed using basic and advanced software tools
  • Clients and service providers have Total control over the process
  • It is more convenient
  • It Provides more satisfaction
  • It Improves the overall popularity and acceptability of brands
  • It increases the rate of sales
  • It reduces the overall costing of process of sales
  • We can get ego-targetted results with management from one place

What do you think about our list of Benefits of Digital Marketing ?

If you think some points are missing please mention them in comments. If you agree with our list please share it on your facebook, twitter and other social profiles or pages.

Here is the Link Where You Will Find Other Chapters / Lessons of This Tutorial –

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Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation

Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation,  in short LMRC is constructing the Lucknow Metro Project in Lucknow. Lucknow metro will bring a means of fast transport to the residents and visitors of Lucknow. Increasing traffic causes traffic jam in various key areas of Lucknow like Alambagh, Charbagh, Hazratganj, Nishatganj etc. Lucknow metro will help the problem of traffic jam to a great deal. It will be fast, cheap and air conditioned transport which will help in the economical growth of Lucknow. Office timings in morning and evening are the peak rush time. Most of the people will use Lucknow Metro as an alternative of their transport to office. It will solve the traffic problem during rush hours to a great deal.

Recruitment in Lucknow Metro Rail

Lucknow Metro has conducted various recruitment exams for Selection of personnel in the Organization. You can find about various recruitment openings and exam notices in our website. Please bookmark our website and subscribe to our facebook – for regular updates.

Tenders in Lucknow Metro Rail

You can find about tenders in Lucknow metro rail from the following url

We will provide information about tenders and notices in Lucknow metro in our website.