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Operators in Python Language

Operators in Python language

Operators are used to perform specific actions in programming languages.  Here are names of some common operator in Python:

  1. Arithmetic Operators ( Also known as math operators )
  2. Assignment Operators ( To assign values to variables )
  3. Comparison Operators ( To compare value of two or more variables )
  4. Logical Operators ( To combine multiple operations logically )


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Variables in Python – Tutorial

Variables are used to store values in Python. These variables can be used later on in the program for computing purpose.

Variables have a name, value and a memory location in computer.

For Example:

X = 56

Here X is the Variable Name and 56 is its value.

= is known as assignment operator.

The meaning of this statement is – A value 56 of integer datatype has been assigned to a variable named X.

Another Example :

>>> name = “Rohit”

Here variable name is name

Here value of variable is “Rohit” 

>>> type(name)

<class – str>

How to Print a Variable

>>> print(name)

Output : Rohit

We can use variables to perform mathematical operations.

>>> x = 56

>>> y = 67

>>> print(x + y)

Output : 123

Variable values can also be changed.

>>> name = “Mohan”

>>> print(name)


>>> name = “Sohan” # We have changed the previously assigned value.

>>> print(name)


You can call variables – value-holder.

These values can be of any datatype.

>>> # Valid Variable Names

>>> first_name = “Mohan”

>>> FirstName = “Mohan”

>>> Firstname = “Mohan”

>>> firstName = “Mohan”

>>> # Invalid Variable Names

>>> first name = “Mohan” # using spaces is not allowed in variable names

SyntaxError: invalid syntax

>>> first-name = “Mohan” # using – sign means subtraction so it is not allowed

# No symbol is allowed except _ (underscore)

>>> We cannot start a variable name with number

>>> 1name = “Mohan” # invalid

>>> name1 = “Mohan” # valid


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Tableau Course

Tableau Training in Lucknow

Tableau training is done by students and working professionals of Data Science industry.

Tableau is an easy to use tool to analyze data written in structured formats like JSON, Excel, CSV, XML, SQL etc.

Tableau is used to create interactive dashboards to visualize data in graphical and tabular form.

[email protected]

Benefits of Tableau Course

1. Tableau is a simple and easy to learn software tool for data analytics.

2. If you are new to coding or you dont know coding at all, you can start working on Tableau immediately.

3. Tableau helps in quick, creative and interactive databases.

4. Tableau can handle large datasets easily.

5. Tableau does the work of detecting the datatype in spreadsheets automatically. Datatypes like Strings, Numeric Values, Geographical Values etc. can be easily visualized using Tableau.




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Points to keep in mind while choosing a domain name | SEO Basics | Slidescope

Points to keep in mind while choosing a domain name

Domain name is the most important part of every website. Whether it’s about branding your business or making a mark in the digital world. It is the first thing that makes your mark in your digital marketing world. It is advisable to go through proper research and alterations before choosing the domain name. Here are few things to keep in mind before choosing a domain name.

Search Engine Optimization

One of the norms of Google for getting better result in SERP (Search engine result page) is to have your focused keyword in your domain.

For e.g.

If you are providing marketing services you can go for

And for any specific location

Easy to remember

Domain name should be easy to remember and should be such that it positioned itself in the buying persona of consumer. This means that the spelling of the domain should be clear simple and short. Avoid using slangs for the domain.

e.g. is much more meaningful than marketing4you or marketingforu or marketing4u.

Meaningful Domain

Domain name should be meaningful that means it should represent your business in complete or specific manner.

e.g. : Airtel the word itself comprises of two words Air and Tel (telecommunication) which clearly explains the business of Airtel company.

Avoid using hyphen in the domain name

Avoid using hyphen in domain as when we tell our website url to someone we only speak the words of the domain rather than mentioning the hyphen in the url.

e.g. : digitalmarketinginlucknow and marketing-in-lucknow both have same pronunciation.

Use only top level domain for business

.com for commerce

.net for technical

.in for specific to Indian region

.edu and for educational purpose, etc for their specific purpose related to your business.


Review the Domain name plan

While choosing a domain name plan go thru the terms and conditions, pricing thoroughly. Check all the documentation and nameservers for ease in installation.

Finding the same name as Username in Social Media Marketing is also very important.

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Website Design and Layout | Website Trends 2019 | Ideas

Most ideal website layout

Designing a website is crucial point in every business. It is the first impression that you create on your clients on a Digital Marketing platform. By the first look of your website customers judges your brand or business. Your website is your introduction to your clients about. So it is very important for you to give a closer look on every detail of the site rather than just relying on the designer or developer.
Here I am going to suggest you only the best of the tips that are based on facts & figures which I have learnt in past few trends.

Color Scheme of Website

Color plays a vital role in the perception and decision making of viewer about your website. Statistically color alone has 75% to 80% of the total impact. With the first look of your website one can easily perceive your brand and your approach towards business. There is some psychology behind liking or disliking of any particular color. According to study on various factors like age, gender, product type there are several colors or color schemes that are most popular.

Most favored colors for Website:

Blue: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Skype, Flickr.
Red: YouTube, CNN, Adobe, Coca Cola, Gmail.
Black: Amazon, Wikipedia, Apple, Honda, Nike, Times, Jobs & Exams.
Pink: Instagram, Myntra, Barbie, Cosmopolitan.
Green: Watsapp, Android, Animal Planet, Starbucks, Slidescope.

Least Favored color for website:

• Brown :
Orange: Firefox, Avast antivirus, Blogger, VLC.
Purple: Yahoo!, Cadbury, Monster, Orkut.
Yellow: Flipkart, Shell, IMDb, Nikon.

Now you may think that why orange or yellow is not a good option for the website development.
Tats a good question! Color plays an important role in decision making but there are several other factors that are also relevant in buying behavior. Every color induces several emotions in human behavior which drives them to make decision regarding the same. Go thru a bit background research while targeting your audience.


In the designing part of website the layout matters the most. The layout which has all the necessary elements are most preferable one. An ideal layout has two main sections

Above the fold

• Logo: Logo of the company is should be place at the top of the site either Left or Center, You can also go for right but that would be a bit awkward!! Right..??
• Menu:

  • Navigation menu should be in the top or in such a position which is easy to accessible even if your user is not that savvy of internet.
  • Avoid using hidden menu which pop ups when user takes the cursor on the desired space.
  • Use your menu elements and placement carefully.
  • Your menu elements should be able to navigate the user in all the important sections of your website.

• Header: The header should provide your important details in an abstract form like your business, your approach, company name, Header generally includes slider which features your most important aspects of business.
• Primary Call to Actions
• Approach them or vis-a-vis
• Let them Socialize with you

Below the fold

You should mention your services and all the important features of your organization.
• Footer Area: the footer area is generally divided into 4 section it is ideal to mention

  1. About Us
  2. Menu
  3. Address & contact info
  4. Map location


Fonts of the website matters in the design. If you are going for a business oriented website
Then you can go for:

  1. Times New Roman
  2. Georgia
  3. Cambria
  4. Courier New

If you are going to make creative website you can go for

  1. Comic
  2. SansForte
  3. Magneto


Sidebar has a specific role in the website. You can showcase your important pages/ posts in the sidebar and in a chronological manner. It also plays a major role in improving bounce rate.

Image Placement

“An Image speaks thousand words”. Images are the most important and attractive features of any website. Placement of Images
• Slider Post
• Featured Post
• Info-graphics
• Featured Icons
Images can represent your message easily and can convey your message in an efficient and effective manner.


Readability of the website also plays a vital role in the design and appearance of the website. Human eye has a tendency to read the text from top to bottom and left to right.

Like a F like structure.
These are some basic points to remember before choosing a website layout.
Hope this Article helps.

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Create Read Update Delete in PHP with Source Code

Source Code of Create, Read, Update and Delete in Php.

Source code of config.php

$conn = mysqli_connect(“localhost”, “root”, “”, “northwind”) OR die(“CNC”);


include ‘config.php’;
$sqlshow = “SELECT `CustomerID`, `CompanyName`, `ContactName`, `ContactTitle` FROM `customers` “;
$results = mysqli_query($conn, $sqlshow);
echo “<table border=’1′ width=’100%’><tr><th>ID</th> <th>CompanyName</th> <th>ContactName</th> <th>ContactTitle</th></tr>”;
foreach($results as $result){
<td><?php echo $result[‘CustomerID’];?></td>
<td><?php echo $result[‘CompanyName’];?></td>
<td><?php echo $result[‘ContactName’];?></td>
<td><?php echo $result[‘ContactTitle’];?></td>
<a href=”editcustomers.php?cust_id=<?php echo $result[‘CustomerID’];?>”>Edit</a>
echo “</table>”;


include ‘config.php’;
$custid = $_GET[‘cust_id’];
$sqlshow = “SELECT `CustomerID`, `CompanyName`, `ContactName`, `ContactTitle`
FROM `customers`
WHERE CustomerID = ‘$custid’;
$results = mysqli_query($conn, $sqlshow);
foreach($results as $result){

<input type=”hidden” name=”contid” value=”<?php echo $_GET[‘cust_id’];?>”><br/>
<input type=”text” name=”cmpname” value=”<?php echo $result[‘CompanyName’];?>”><br/>
<input type=”text” name=”contname” value=”<?php echo $result[‘ContactName’];?>”><br/>
<input type=”text” name=”contitle” value=”<?php echo $result[‘ContactTitle’];?>”><br/>
<input type=”submit” name=”update” value=”Update”>
echo $_GET[‘cust_id’];

Download Sql from here

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R Programming Course in Lucknow for Data Science

What is R Programming for Data Science?

  • R is a simple programming language
  • R is a software environment for statistical analysis
  • R is Used for graphics representation
  • R is used for Reporting
  • R can be used for Data Analytics, Business Intelligence and Data Visualization

What are the benefits of Doing R Programming Course for Data Science?

  • R is an easy to learn language, no programmers can easily learn R for Data Analytics and Business Intelligence.
  • R has a huge community of programmers, you will get answers to all your queries in forums and video libraries.
  • R is Opensource, free to install and use.
  • R is Cross Platform Compatible.
  • R is flexible and ‘fun to learn’.
  • Advanced visualizations are possible in R Language.
  • R can be connected almost all types of data sources like:
    • JSON
    • HTML
    • SQL
    • XML etc.

Who needs to learn R Programming Language?

Individuals who want to build their career in the field of:

  • Statistics
  • Data Analytics
  • Big Data
  • Business Intelligence
  • Digital Marketing

Syllabus of R Programming Language Course?

  • Overview of R,
  • R data types and objects
  • Reading and writing data in R
  • Control structures and functions in R
  • Scoping rules, Dates and Times in R
  • Loop functions in R Programming
  • Debugging tools in R
  • Statistical Simulation and Code Profiling in R
  • Graphics and Visualization in R

Why you should chose Slidescope™ for R Programming Course?

We have a pool of experienced professionals with decades of working experience in the field of Sales, Marketing, IT Consulting, Software Development, Marketing Research and Business Analytics.

We are working as Digital Marketing Consultant for leading Manufacturing, Trading and Consulting Companies in Uttar Pradesh, India.

You will learn R programming language on Live Projects.

If you are interested in Joining the Course you can Contact Us


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Latest Google Algorithm Updates – January 2019

We are sharing our view on latest google algorithm updates in January 2019. These updates are based on our research and assumptions.

Here are the Latest Google Algorithm Updates

  1. Articles with content of 800 Words or more are performing better in search results.
  2. Google Business Pages with more than 5 punctuation marks – (Eg – Social, Web-Designing, Web-Development, Hosting, Digital Marketing Company . In this company name more than 5 punctuation marks are used.) are getting suspended by google team.
  3. Do not use | symbol in your google business name.

Latest google algorithm changes

Google algorithm updates explained


Contact Us

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