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BySlide Scope A Contextual Ad Network by Yahoo! Bing

What is is a contextual advertisement network by two internet giants – Yahoo and Bing.
It is one of the best alternative to Adsense, It can simply work together with Best Advertisement Platforms like Google Adsense as well.

What is a Contextual Ad Network ?

A Contextual Ad network work as an ad server with advertisements related to the content of articles or page on which the ad code is placed.


1.If you are owner of a blog or website with decent amount of new and returning visitors you can earn money using is a legitimate and impressive alternative if you adsense account has been disabled or disapproved. is owned by Bing and yahoo and it has gained tremendous popularity in a short period of time.

How to Get Approved in Contextual Ad Network ?

Approval in is via a Request An Invite Form where you provide your details and details of your website.
Your website is reviewed by their staff and if your website qualifies you will get the login credentials.
You can log in to your account and you should provide your official details like Payment Information, Organization name etc.

What to do when your account is approved ?

You have to create your ad units and place the javascript code in your website. You can chose from different ad sizes and styles or customize the color theme as per your website’s theme.

If you have any questions regarding Contextual Ad Network for Bloggers and Website Owners, you can contact us.

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Search Engine Optimization Basics | Digital Marketing Lesson 8

Search Engine Optimization Basics will deal with the following topics :

  • What are Search engines and how they work ?
  • Architecture of Google Search
  • Process and Technique of Ranking
  • Basics if Search Engine Results Pages (SERP)
  • Search Operators for various types of Searches
  • Updates in Search Algorithms.
  • Panda, Penguin, Humming Bird and Pigeon Update

Search Engine Optimization Basics  is the Part 2 of our Step By Step Digital Marketing Tutorial. Part 1 is Digital Marketing Basics

We will deal with the topics Lesson by Lesson in our Part 2. In this current article ( Lesson 8 ) we will learn –

What are Search engines and how they work ?

Search Engine as the name suggests is a web tool that is used to Search Information about something we are looking for.

You can have a look at following image :

Search Engine Optimization Basics

This will explain you the working of Search Engines.

Search engines have virtual web crawlers (code) called web spiders. These spiders are programmed to crawl the Data in the meta tags and content of the website to understand the meaning and genre of web page.

Tags like <title> <meta name=”keywords”> <meta name=”description”> are detected and read by the crawlers mostly. The content in these tags is displayed in the search results as well .
Search results are ranked according to the relevancy with the searched keyword.

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Content Marketing Company | Slidescope

Content Marketing is an essential and strategical / analysis based part of brand building process which involves creation of eye catching, easily understandable quality content for any business of service. Main purpose of Content Marketing is to drive the attention of potential customers by means of Media, Articles and other published content.

Content marketing is very important part of Advertising and Digital Marketing. Good content marketing ensure increased amount of visitors and increased amount of visitors ensure increased amount of sales. Content Marketing is about the products and services which any company sells or offers.

What are Benefits of Content Marketing ?

We all are familiar with the Importance of Search Results Ranking for any website on famous search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

These search engines always give preference to Content Writing. Better Written Content always get a higher rank .

A Good Content has following elements :

  1. A Good Title with Targeted Keywords
  2. A Grammatically correct article with Keywords in heading tags.
  3. A Fairly acceptable targeted keyword density of 1-2.5 %.
  4. A Image which relates to the topic or content and adds value to the article.
  5. Related tags and categories clearly mentioned.

As a good content marketing company, Slidescope obeys and follows the protocol of Standard Content Writing and Online and Offline Distribution. We have a team of experts for handling Social Media Promotion of the content, Search Engine Marketing and Promotion activities and distribution of Creative Images with Humor and Info-graphics to increase viewership and fan-base.

How is Content Distributed ?

Content is distributed offline and online in the form of :

  1. Blog Posts
  2. Article  in Electronic and offline Journals
  3. Article  in other websites
  4. Social Media Post
  5. Video
  6. Image
  7. PDF
  8. PPT – Presentation
  9. Flyers
  10. Posters
  11. Banners

If you are looking for a Content Marketing Company or want Content Marketing Services, you can contact us anytime by calling on +91 -8604000569 or filling this simple enquiry form – click here

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Difference between NoFollow and DoFollow Links : Basics of SEO

To Understand the Difference between NoFollow and DoFollow Links

Let’s take the general meaning of the word No + Follow:  Asking something to not follow on the Other hand Do-Follow tells to follow the link. These instructions are for the search engine crawlers from Google, Bing and Yahoo etc. Humans will simply click the link and will reach the destination url in the link.
No-Follow Concept was introduced in the year 2005 by Matt Cutts and Jason Shellen.

An Example of “nofollow” link

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Swapthebook</a>

An Example of “dofollow” link

<a href=””> ChikanStore</a>

But if we want to use DoFollow the tag Rel=”dofollow” doesn’t exist. It means that all the links in our website have “dofollow” attribute by default. It means that if “nofollow” attribute is not used, both Humans and Search Engine Crawlers will follow the link and the “link juice” (– an important factor for SEO) will be passed to that link.

Nofollow Attribute in the HTML Anchor and Meta Tags is used to prevent the search engines from evaluating and influencing the search engine rankings of the Links that are provided.

If you run a blog, you will always find people commenting on your posts with spam links. If your website ranks higher, these spam links on your website will get an advantage that they don’t deserve.  It is not good for search engine results because these links may not be valuable to internet users. Search engine theory says valuable links are picked, indexed and ranked automatically on the basis of their content and good and allowed SEO techniques.

If you don’t want to pass the so called link juice to the particular URL’s/ Links in your website simply use NOFOLLOW. Proper Syntax is provided in the example used above.

If you want to instruct crawlers not to follow any link on the page simply use –

<meta name=”robots” content=”nofollow” />        

Use this in the <head></head> TAG of your page and no links from the page will be followed by search engine spiders, crawlers and robots etc.

Recent updates in the google search results algorithm have mentioned about counting the nofollow links as an outgoing link when it comes to page rank distribution from the webpage in which the links are places.

What do think about our explanation of the Difference between nofollow and dofollow links ?

Please leave your comments if you disagree with us or have anything to share or ask.

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Traditional Media Vs Digital Media | Digital Marketing Lesson 3

Comparison and Difference between Traditional Media Vs Digital Media can be understood from the above image.

We are targeting users using different mediums of advertisement in our image.

Traditional Media uses marketing materials like: News Paper Ads, Radio and TV Commercials, Flyers and Brochures Distribution etc. to promote any business or service.

Digital Media uses Electronic Devices with Internet to promote business using graphical and text ads. Devices like Smartphones, Laptops, and Computers etc. with internet connectivity are used to promote business and services online. Thus the type of Marketing done using Digital Media is termed as Digital Marketing.


What are the Advantages of Digital Marketing over traditional Marketing Methods ?


Traditional Media Vs Digital Media

Let’s consider some parameters like :
A. Costing
Digital Media is cheaper as compared to traditional media methods.
Example: You can start Digital Marketing (paid adverts) with any budget as low a 2$ or 120 Rs. approximately.
Things like setting up facebook pages, Google Plus profile, Twitter, Instagram for branding will not cost you a penny.
You can start sharing your brand’s content to your friends and colleagues instantly. If you want to create a website you can buy domain names starting from INR 199/- and hosting at INR 899/- Per year.
i.e Your website will be up and running in 1000/- Rs. If you know setting up things like wordpress etc.
If you are busy working and you don’t have time for setting up your digital profiles you can hire a Digital Marketing expert from approximately INR 3000/- Per Month for doing basic seo and smo of your website.
Costing depends as per the amount of users you are targeting. We have seen users succeeding with an initial budget of INR 5000/- Per month for Digital Marketing.
One case is if you have good amount to invest in branding and if you are already using expensive advertising methods like television commercials, big ad in newspapers, banner and hoarding advertising etc.
In that case you can decide any budget for Internet Advertising and the results will be proportional.
Budget of Various Traditional Marketing activities:

a. News Paper Ad : Minimum 1500 Rs for a small classifieds ad for one day with a reach of 1,00,000 readers
A Classifieds Ad in websites like Olx, Quikr, Trademyad is free with a global reach of upto 10-12 lakh viewers.

b. Television Ad : Cost of development = Approximately 10-12 Lakh minimum for 10 – 20 Seconds ad & cost of advertising in good channels is 1,40,000 Rs per second on an average.
A Video Ad can be promoted for free OR paid in youtube / facebook / instagram etc. and only in Rs. 1,00,000 budget you will do wonders.

c. Banners / Hoarding : Average cost per month of a hoarding in city like Lucknow / Kanpur / Varanasi is Maximum Average – 2-2.5 Lah and Minimum average – 10,000 Rs.
In this budget you can reach a National or Global audience of atleast 20,000 Unique customers who are specifically in search of services you are providing.

B. Analytics
This is a big advantage of Digital marketing over Traditional Marketing that how many people saw your advertisement can be accurately measured and analysed.
You will get details like
number of impressions you received on your ads,
number of converted leads,
unique visitors count,
returning visitors count,
nationality of users,
locality of users,
name of browser used,
operating system, etc.
Your analytics team can work on the numbers and take intelligent decisions.
It is very difficult to count number of people who viewed your newspaper ad, you cannot tell the exact amount of people who saw your hoarding, same thing applies to a television ad as well.
In case of analytics of traditional marketing methods you have to rely on the data provided by the advertising agencies which is a rough estimate based on .

C. Online Selling Vs Traditional Selling : Online selling requires less investment and audience reach is limitless.

D. Targeted Customers / Clients
You can target customers based on following parameters :
1. Location : Country, City, Area, zip / pin code wise etc.
Tools like google adwords manager or facebook adverts manager provide options to target clients in a particular location and you can invest as per your budget.

2. Gender : Male, Female or all.

3. Age Group : 15-20, 20-35, 35-50 etc.

4. Operating System / Device type etc.
Example: If you want to show your advertisements to user of Apple Macbook only. An example is If you have a software for mac users only.

Targeting customers in a location is possible in traditional media but targeting age / gender etc. is not possible.

Digital Marketing Online Tutorial Index Page –

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What is Digital Media ? – Digital Marketing Lesson 2

Media is the means of communication, it is plural of Medium. Internet is An Electronic Medium of Communication. Internet is accessed by Desktop Computers, Mobile Phones, Laptops etc. by users across the globe. Media in the Machine Readable formal that is created for the purpose of communication, information, entertainment & promotion etc. converted to human readable format by digital electronics devices is known as digital media. 

A Database to store values, an image, a short message, an electronic mail, a video game, a video etc. all are examples of Digital Media.

Digital Media is now being used as a source of promotion of internet. High Definition Videos, images creative articles, websites, blogs and various other things are used for Online Marketing and Promotion. Platforms like Social Media Websites, Forums and Personal Websites are used to distribute the content online and users are targeted using the promotional content.

Hindi Definition of Digital Media :

डिजिटल मीडिया को समझने से पहले हमें मीडिया को समझना चाहिए |

मीडिया का अर्थ है एक प्रकार का साधन | दूर संचार के लिए जिन साधनों का या MEDIUM का इस्तेमाल किया जाता है उसे संचार मीडिया कहा जाता है ठीक उसी प्रकार से यदि हमें किसी जानकारी को इन्टरनेट के माध्यम से पाना है या इन्टरनेट पे प्रकाशित करना है तो हमें वेबसाइट खोजनी या खोलनी पड़ती है  | ये वेबसाइट हमारे सामने तबतक नहीं आ सकती जब तक हम इन्टरनेट से जुड़े हुए न हों |
इस उदाहरण में इन्टरनेट एक साधन है  और डिजिटल मीडियम है | कई डिजिटल मीडियम मिल के डिजिटल मीडिया बन जाते है |

वेबसाइट को खोजने के लिए हमें एक फ़ोन या लैपटॉप चाहिए जिसमे इन्टरनेट होना चाहिए इन्टरनेट या तो LAN के माध्यम से या wifi के माध्यम से हमारे उपकरण से जुड़ा होता है | ये सभी साधन डिजिटल या इलेक्ट्रॉनिक मीडियम हैं |

इन सभी मध्यम का उपयोग मार्केटिंग में भी किया जा सकता है | हम ये भी कह सकते हैं की इन माध्यम का प्रयोग करने वाले उपभोक्ताओं को ध्यान में रख के मार्केटिंग के नए तरीके सोचे व् खोजे जा सकते हैं |

डिजिटल मीडिया पे मार्केटिंग करने की प्रक्रिया को डिजिटल मार्केटिंग कहते हैं |

If you are interested in a complete digital marketing course you can contact us .

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Basics of Advertising – Digital Marketing Lesson 1

Digital Marketing Lesson 1

Basics of Advertising

The Definition – Advertising is the paid process of sharing information of offers, benefits and applications etc. of any particular business or service in a non-personal way of communication by identified sponsors.

Some Key Points about Basics of Advertising –

  1. Advertising is done using Eye Catching Images, Decorative Texts and Creative Videos etc.
  2. Advertising is not personal. The communication in advertising is not a “face to face communication”.
  3. There is a sponsor who pays for sharing the ideas, service information, usage benefits and anything he wants to communicate to potential customers.
  4. Advertising is targeted towards potential customers / consumers.
  5. Advertising is done for providing Information and notifications.

What are Key Functions of Advertising?

  1. Advertising improves image of a Brand.
  2. Advertising provides information about products and services of a brand.
  3. Advertising brings customer and client to a business and hence increases sales and profit.
  4. Advertising provides Official Notifications

Classifications of Advertising:

From the points mentioned above it is clear that advertising is directed or targeted towards a particular group of customers/ consumers / clients / people. Based on the genre of potential clients and advertisers ,  advertising can be classified as:

  1. Consumer Advertising – It is directed towards the users of Fast Moving Consumer Goods, daily usage products.
  2. Business to Business Advertising (B2B) – B2B advertising is directed towards those clients that are business owners. Schools, Colleges, Industries etc. belong to this category. Advertising products that are needed by these clients to run their organizations efficiently.
  3. Global Advertising – Many organizations and companies operate on a large international scale. They utilize global advertising techniques to attract customers. Their clients can be industries, organizations or a single consumer.
  4. Local Advertising – Local Advertising is targeted to a particular region, city or an area. For Example a Garments Store. A garment store will mostly get local clients hence the advertisements will be targeted to some areas only.
  5. Non – Profitable Advertising – We are using the term nonprofit because this type of advertising is done for a social cause or creating awareness in the society about something that can affect is a society in a good or a bad way. For Example – Creating Awareness about diseases etc.
  6. Political Advertising – Advertisers in this type of advertising are political parties or an individual candidate. Clients are the people who vote for them. Political advertising is done to inform people about the plans, schemes, activities and other things that are done for the welfare of the society.

These are some points related to Basics of Advertising. Users can discuss about advertising in great detail in the comment section below. We will do our best to answer all queries and respond to suggestions.

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डिजिटल मार्केटिंग क्या है ?

ये लेख हिंदी में लिखने का मेरा मुख्य उद्देश्य मेरे ब्लॉग के उपभोक्ताओं को डिजिटल मार्केटिंग की व्यक्ख्या हिंदी में करना है | इस लेख को पढने के बाद आप जानेंगे कि :

  • डिजिटल मार्केटिंग क्या है ?
  • सभी लोग अचानक ऑनलाइन क्यों जा रहे हैं ?
  • डिजिटल मार्केटिंग से क्या लाभ होता है ?
  • डिजिटल मार्केटिंग आखिर किन अन्य विषयों से मिल कर बनी है ?
  • डिजिटल मार्केटिंग किस प्रकार से विकसित हुई ?
  • सर्च इंजन ऑप्टीमाईज़ेशन क्या होता है ?
  • पे पर क्लिक मार्केटिंग का क्या अर्थ है ?
  • सोशल मीडिया मार्केटिंग क्या होती है ?
  • डिजिटल मार्केटिंग का मूल्याङ्कन कैसे किया जाता है ?

डिजिटल मार्केटिंग क्या है ?

डिजिटल मार्केटिंग दो मुख्य शब्दों से मिल के बना है –

डिजिटल और मार्केटिंग | सबसे पहले हम इन शब्दों के अर्थ को समझते हैं –


डिजिटल क्या है ?

यहाँ पर डिजिटल का अभिप्राय इलेक्ट्रॉनिक और कंप्यूटर से है और मुख्य रूप से इन्टरनेट से है जो एक इलेक्ट्रॉनिक नेटवर्क है जिस नेटवर्क का हिस्सा दुनिया का हर वो व्यक्ति है जो किसी भी डिजिटल उपकरण के द्वारा इन्टरनेट का प्रयोग करता है |


मार्केटिंग क्या है ?

मार्केटिंग का शाब्दिक अर्थ है विपणन | किसी भी बिज़नस या सर्विक को सबसे पहले उसके उत्पादक ही जानते है उसके बाद वो लोग जानते हैं जो लोग उस उत्पाद से जुड़े हुए हैं और जान्ने वाले लोगों का दायरा काफी सीमित होता है | उपभोक्ताओं को जब तक उस उत्पाद या सर्विस के बारे में सूचना न मिले तब तक उन्हें पता भी नहीं चलेगा की ऐसी कोई सर्विस या उत्पाद बाज़ार में उपलब्ध है |

नए या पहले से मौजूद उत्पादों या सर्विस की सूचना मौखिक और लिखित प्रारूप में लक्षित उपभोक्ताओं तक पहुचने की प्रक्रिया को मार्केटिंग कहते हैं |

डिजिटल का अभिप्राय इन्टरनेट से है, मार्केटिंग का अर्थ है विपणन | अपने व्यवसाय एवं सेवओं को इन्टरनेट (ऑनलाइन) के माध्यम से अपने ग्राहकों के समक्ष प्रस्तुत करने की प्रक्रिया को डिजिटल मार्केटिंग कहते हैं | इस प्रक्रिया को कई खंडो में विभाजित किया जा सकता है :

१. अपने व्यवसाय एवं सेवाओं के सारांश को एक विज्ञापन में संजोना |

२. अपने विज्ञापन को अपनी वेबसाइट या किसी अन्य ऑनलाइन समुदाय, वर्गीकृत, इत्यादि वेबसाइट में प्रकाशित करना |

३. प्रकाशित विज्ञापन या लेख का लक्षित दर्शको / उपभोक्ताओ तक पहुचना

इन्टरनेट संभावित उपभोक्ताओं का भंडार है | इन्टरनेट मार्केटिंग के माध्यम से आपका विज्ञापन जितने अधिक से अधिक लोगों तक पहुचता है आपकी सफलता की प्रायिकता उतनी ही बढ़ती जाती है |

सभी लोग अचानक ऑनलाइन क्यों जा रहे हैं ?

  • नए उत्पादों, सेवाओं एवं स्थानों की जानकारी हेतु
  • अपने प्रश्नों के उत्तर हेतु
  • किसी प्रकार की सहायता हेतु
  • किसी व्यक्ति विशेष की जानकारी हेतु
  • व्यवसाय के नए अवसरों की तलाश में
  • ऑनलाइन व्यापर करने हेतु
  • अपनी संस्था के लिए कर्मचारियों को नियुक्त करने के लिए
  • ऑनलाइन बिल का भुगतान करने के लिए

इसके इलावा अन्य कई कारण है जिनकी वजह से लोग अपने अधिकतर कार्य ऑनलाइन ही कर लेते है | ऐसा करने से उनके समय एवं पैसे , दोनों की बचत होती है | छोटे व्यवसायों के लिए लोगो तक पहुचना आसन हो जाता है | जिस प्रकार लोग अन्य वेबसाइट तक पहुचते है उसी प्रकार आपकी वेबसाइट तक भी पहुच सकते है |

डिजिटल मार्केटिंग से क्या लाभ होता है ?

पारंपरिक मार्केटिंग की तुलना में डिजिटल मार्केटिंग निम्नलिखत कारणों से उपयोगी है :

  • किफायती होता है
  • इसका विश्लेषण किया जा सकता है
  • नियंत्रण उपभोक्ताओं के हाथ में रहता है
  • अधिक सुविधाजनक है
  • अधिक संतुष्टि प्रदान करता है
  • ब्रांड की निष्ठा को बढ़ाता है
  • बिक्री की प्रक्रिया को तेज़ करता है
  • बिक्री के समस्त खर्चो को कम करता है
  • ब्रांड के शशक्तिकरण में सहायक होता है
  • लक्षित परिणाम मिलते है

डिजिटल मार्केटिंग किन मूल तत्वों से मिले के बना है ?

निम्नलिखित विषयों को डिजिटल मार्केटिंग की आधारशिला माना गया है :

  • वेबसाइट के पृष्टों के साथ उपभोक्ताओं का अनुभव
  • एस . ई. ओ ( search engine optimizaton )
  • पे पर क्लिक विज्ञापन
  • व्यवसाय के लिए सोशल मीडिया का प्रबंधन
  • लेखों के द्वारा उपभोक्ताओं तक अपने व्यवसाय एवं अपनी सेवाओं की जानकारी पहुचना
  • इन्टरनेट पे बैनर द्वारा विज्ञापन करना
  • अपने ब्रांड की छवि का इन्टरनेट पे प्रचार, प्रसार एवं प्रबंधन

डिजिटल मार्केटिंग किस प्रकार से विकसित हुई ?

डिजिटल मार्केटिंग की आवश्यकता १९९९ – २००० में हुई जब कई लोगो की वेबसाइट ऑनलाइन हो चुकी थी | लोगों द्वारा बनायी गयी वेबसाइटस को उनके निर्माता या उनके संपर्क में रहने वाले लोग ही जानते थे | किसी भी वेबसाइट के मालिक के लिए उसकी वेबसाइट तब तक किसी काम की नहीं जबतक लक्षित ग्राहकों तक वो वेबसाइट नहीं पहुच जाती है | अपनी वेबसाइट तो अन्य लोगों तक पहुचने के लिए लोगों ने :

  • ऑनलाइन विज्ञापन का सहारा लिया और
  • अन्य प्रसिद्ध वेबसाइट पर अपनी वेबसाइट को लिंक किया
  • या किसी से चैट करते वक़्त अपनी वेबसाइट को प्रमोट किया
  • ईमेल के माध्यम से लोगों ने अपनी वेबसाइट का लिंक और लोगों को भेजना शुरू कर दिया

यह डिजिटल मार्केटिंग की शुरुआत थी |

सर्च इंजन ऑप्टिमाइजेशन क्या होता है ?

कृपया ऊपर दिए लिंक को क्लिक करें जिसमे हमने विस्तार में समझाया है की SEO क्या होता है |

For English Version of Digital Marketing (The Topics) –
ऑनलाइन मार्केटिंग क्या है ?

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Digital Marketing In Lucknow

If you are looking for Digital Marketing experts in Lucknow then you are at a right place. We are Number 1 Company in Lucknow to provide digital marketing services. We have numerous articles about optimum application of Digital Marketing for Branding and Promotional Activities. We provide Services with the help of Experienced Professionals.

Why Digital Marketing in Lucknow?

  1. Lucknow is a fast growing city.
  2. Lucknow is becoming a Hub of Information Technology.
  3. Many startups are based in Lucknow and most of them are related to Information Technology. Support of Online Marketing is essential.
  4. Digital Marketing is cheaper as compared to traditional marketing like TV Commercials, News Paper Ads etc.
  5. You have the choice to target your audience. You get what you pay for.
  6. You get complete performance analysis of your ads and promotional activities.
  7. Everyone is getting online, people read articles and news online, no one uses yellopages anymore, people search answers for their queries online. This makes Digital Marketing much more powerful.
  8. Digital Marketing is not just a single process it is a complete Web-Ecosystem that includes every market.

Our Marketing Head Mr. M. K. Srivastava has experience of 25 Years in the field of Core Marketing. We are associated with Colorstech, Best Software Company in Lucknow with 10 + Years of experience in Successful Execution of Projects in Information Technology. See How it works

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Digital Marketing training In Lucknow

Digital Marketing Training is necessary if you want to prepare yourself for Online Marketing Related work. We have teachers with 5+ Years of knowledge and practical experience in Digital Marketing, Branding and Software Development. Training on basics of Marketing will be provided by Marketing Gurus with 25 + Years of experience in Core marketing and advertising industry.

Digital Marketing Training is Beneficial For ?

  1. Working Professionals : Work Part time and earn some extra income.
  2. Students : Work from home and earn online to support your education or expenses.
  3. Entrepreneurs : Learn how to promote your business. Build and manage a team of marketing executives and lead them.
  4. Housewives : Work from home and earn from promotional activities performed online.
  5. Corporate Professionals : For Professionals belonging to Corporate industry it is very important to learn the art of Digital Marketing.
  6. Authors : Book & Article writers find Digital Marketing a handy tool to promote and distribute their work online. It gives them a power to manage all branding activities on their own.
  7. Bloggers : Bloggers or website owners earn mainly from the amount of traffic they receive on their website. Digital Marketing teaches how to get more and more relevant traffic to your website so that your earnings multiply.


Key Elements of Digital Marketing Course

  1. On Page Search Engine Optimization
  2. Search Engine Marketing – PPC – Google Adwords, Bing Search Ads etc.
  3. Social Media Optimization
  4. Social Media Marketing – Free and Paid Methods – Facebook Adverts, Pixels etc.
  5. Content Marketing – Inbound Marketing and Influencer Marketing.
  6. Data Analytics – Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics etc.
  7. Bing and Google Webmasters Tools – Practical Training.
  8. Your Own Website – You will be able to create your own website.
  9. Video Marketing
  10. Email Marketing
  11. Push Notifications Marketing

For Syllabus Of Digital marketing visit –

Why you should Chose Us as a mentor ?

  1. We have a team of Experienced Professionals from IT & Core Marketing Industry.
  2. We provide training of Live Projects. You will get industrial exposure.
  3. You will handle practical / actual problems and issues of clients.
  4. We provide training on proven methods.
  5. We give attention to students individually.

We are Best Institute for Digital Marketing Training Course in India. Our Branches are Located in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. We have Facility of Online Training as well. You can learn from the comfort of your home. Call Us for a Free Demo or for any queries.

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Digital Marketing Clients :

  1. Futuristic Institute
  2. Wastrum Online Laundry Services
  3. Swapthebook
  4. ChikanStore
  5. Colorstech Enterprises
  6. NTR Group
  7. Gee Lko and many more …!

Tools for Digital Marketing

Students will learn working on following tools during their course.

  • Website Analytics Tools: Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics, Youtube Analytics, WP Statistics
  • Trend Analytics Tools: Google Trends
  • SEM Tools: Google Adwords
  • Keyword Suggesions Tools: UberSuggest
  • Market Intelligence – Hitwise, Similarweb
  • SEO Analytics Tool – Raven, Moz, Majestic, Semrush, Spyfu
  • Conversion Optimization Tools – Crazyegg, Feng GUI

We have two modules
✓ 3 Months   and  ✓ 6 Months

We Provide :
✓ 100% Placement Assistance

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