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What is Google’s Fred Update?

“ Fred Update ” is Google’s unconfirmed search engine ranking update in March 2017. Web analysts and many bloggers have collected data from 100 + websites that claimed about sudden drop in search engine ranking after 7 and 8th of March 2017.

It has been a couple of weeks since this New Algorithm Update in the working of Google’s search engine.

This update was considered to target “LINK SPAM” mainly but it has also targeted those websites which have low value content on their blog with too many ads.

Search engines are focusing on providing higher ranks in search results to those links which have trustworthy and useful content with some unique information.

What are Low value and ad heavy websites considering Fred Update?

There are many websites on internet which have blog posts written for monetization purpose mainly. The content in these websites is considerably not up-to the mark for many readers and they are also annoyed by sponsored banners and affiliate links.

Bloggers and article writers put a lot of effort while preparing a good content. They need some monetary benefits for keeping things going for them. Bloggers might think :

What is wrong in making money from website traffic?

Placing Affiliate links and Sponsored banners etc it good; overdoing it is not acceptable by google or other search engines.

As per the latest Fred update a blog post should be of high value and a proper answer for searched queries, preferably with statistical and analytical data supporting the answer or solution.


What should we do to avoid decrease in traffic after this update?

  1. Write content in such a way that it answers all queries of the visitor.
  2. Place social share links on your article to increase its social following.
  3. Write précised post Titles with lesser amount of stop words
  4. Do not write your articles with too many focused keywords.
  5. Some webmasters are suggesting removing “tag” pages from sitemaps. Search engine indexed tag pages are considered to offer little value to users.
  6. Do not write blog posts with sole purpose of selling something from affiliate links write something useful for visitors.
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Interactive Marketing will increase your sales by 20%

What is Interactive Marketing?

Interactive Marketing as the name suggests is a Marketing Strategy which involves interaction of customers and business being promoted. Meaning of the word Interaction is “a kind of action that occurs as two or more objects have an effect upon one another.”

It can be defined as “Real-Time Customer Targeting” as well.

How is Interactive Marketing Different?

In traditional marketing, communication mode was simplex, advertiser had no control or analysis of user reaction. A well developed advertisement would be showcased on various devices without proper accounting of converted leads or facility to open a dialogue.

Marketing experts have realized that inbound marketing was better than interrupt marketing in many ways. Inbound marketing would bring clients that were interested in your products and services and you would have reports to analyse returns.

Nowadays customers are becoming more alert and demanding about the kind of services and products they want to buy. Customers read feedback about products before buying.

Customers get attached to a brand and they want to provide their valuable feedback to make the brand better. They want to become respected participants in brands overall performance.

Brand managers on the other hand receive positive and negative keywords, which helps in making a better brand with better products.

According to an online survey 55% of customers prefer those brands where customers are allowed to interact with service providers.

A very easy to understand model for Interactive Marketing can be analyzed in E-commerce websites. Shopping websites track the activities of a user by storing products / category of products that she views most of the times or purchased. There is “Suggested For You” section on the page that presents products of her interest only. Websites often present a small survey form to make services better for customers.

Search Engines like Google / Bing Show results that are based on user queries. Only Relevant Results and advertisements are displayed to the client which increases probability of conversion.

Some Examples of Interactive Marketing using Digital Media are :

  • Search Engine
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Writing.
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Customer Targeting


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Use the concept of Historical Optimization to double the visitor traffic and leads

What is Historical Optimization ?

Many websites on internet are 5-10 + years old and the content on those blogs is old as well. Here the term Historical is being used to represent those old blog posts that were written few years ago.

Experts have tested optimization of those old posts by improving the content with more useful information and keywords and found that there is a significant increase in the amount of traffic on those posts.

In some cases the increase in visitor traffic is upto 200%.

Old useful posts are always liked by internet because of positive user reviews and feedbacks. Expertise of an author increases with time. Author can include new information or points to improve the usefulness of that post.  Search engines are now focusing on giving priority to those websites in search results which have a better and useful answer for any query that is posted by users. Improvement in the answers that were already useful will definitely increase the chances of getting better rank in search results

This optimization technique is gaining popularity in the business to business content marketing planning as well.

Revisiting and improving an old content is easier than writing something new as it requires less amount of research and analysis (which was already done while writing the post originally).

Many posts that were written with some technology in mind became outdated as technology improved and some new versions of that technology became popular. Rewriting your post comparing the new and old technology and giving advantages of the new technology will be more useful for visitors.

If your leads are directly proportional to the number of visits you receive for particular posts then there is a chance that the percentage of lead conversion will increase using historical optimization as well.

If you have any suggestions or personal experience related to historical optimization please comment below. If you want to contact us regarding professional consulting on digital marketing techniques Contact Us for Historical Optimization

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Important tips for Security of a WordPress Website

Security of a WordPress Website

  1. Protect from Spammers : Find this line in the header.php file of your wordpress –
<meta name=”generator” content=”WordPress <?php bloginfo(’version’); ?>” />

and remove the php code and make it look like:

<meta name=”generator” content=”WordPress  | Or Whatever You want here” />

If you can’t find the meta tag:

Place this line of code in your functions.php file.


remove_action(‘wp_head’, ‘wp_generator’);


This will remove <meta name=”generator” > tag from wordpress.  Changing this meta tag is important because of spammers. If they know the version of your wordpress website it becomes easy for them to post spam comments. It also prevents hack attempts.

  1. Use Passwords that are atleast of 8 characters with mix of numbers, special characters, capital and small alphabets etc.
  2. Use plugins to restrict number of login attempts, there are many security plugins like wordference, etc. to protect your site from unauthorized access as well.
  3. You must protect your /wp-admin/ directory using the .htaccess file in your root folder. You can set access controls to particular IP addresses.
  4. Protect your website from BAD BOTS which try to hack your site using Libwww-perl .

Simply write this line in your .htaccess :

SetEnvIfNoCase User-Agent “^Libwww-perl” bad_bot

<Limit GET POST>

Order Allow,Deny

Allow from all

Deny from env=bad_bot


To do this Go to You Hosting >> Root Domain of your site >> Find .htaccess file and past the code just above the line “# END WordPress”

This step will help you in improving your SEO score as well.


  1. You can use robots.txt file to allow or disallow directory access for search engine bots –

User-agent: *Disallow: /abc/wp-admin/Allow: /abc/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php Here “abc” is the directory where you have installed your wordpress.


  1. When you are on the urge of installing a new theme or a plugin make sure to have a look at it’s rating, reviews and bugs report. Install trustworthy plugins with considerable amount of installations.

Please comment below if you have more suggestions security of a wordpress website.

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Basics of WebSite Technology

What are Basics of WebSite Technology?

Everything you must know about website technology.

This article is for aspirants who want to build their career in website designing or development industry or as a digital marketing manager.

The term “web” on internet can be a part of following two technologies:

  1. Web Applications
  2. Web Site

What is a Website?

A Website is generally used for Information purpose. A Basic Website has 6-7 pages titled as Home, About Us, Contact Us, Products and Services etc. A website is an essential part of Online Presence and Digital Marketing Strategy for any organization.  A website may or may not have a contact form which can be filled by users to contact the business owners.

What is a Web Application?

A web application is used creating, reading, updating and deleting internal records. In simple words a web application is developed for managing data.

Websites are also categorized as following:

  1. Static Websites
  2. Dynamic Websites

What are Static Websites?

Static Websites are the ones which have static information pages with titles as mentioned above and without any data management facility from front end. These websites are built using client side technologies like HTML, CSS and Javascript only. Changes in these websites are done using the hosting control panels or ftp clients (like filezilla).

What are Dynamic Websites?

Dynamic Websites have static pages and options to Add, Delete or Modify records. Dynamic websites are mainly connected with a database where records are inserted and later fetched using scripting languages like PHP, C# and Databases like MySql / MS-Sql queries.


A Website is also categorized in these two parts:

  1. Frontend – What users see, the main GUI of a Website.
  2. Back End- What developers, administrators, editors see. The Content management part of the website.

A Dynamic Website Coding is divided into two parts:

  1. Client Side Scripting
  2. Server Side Scripting

What is Client Side Scripting?

A client side scripting or coding is done for designing web pages. Technologies like HTML, CSS, Jquery are used from creating design templates.

What is Server Side Scripting?

Server side scripting is done to fetch and insert records from / to database tables. Server side denotes “done on a web server”. Languages like C#, PHP, Java etc. are server side scripting languages.

If you want to learn web development or designing – Contact Slidescope

If you have any doubts / suggestions regarding Basics of WebSite Technology please comment below.

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What is Influencer Marketing ?

Influencer marketing relies on reviews and ratings of an influencer. An individual who has significant influence on others (namely – followers).

Sometimes influencer marketing (or influence marketing) is done as sponsored reviews.

There are ad networks which register “influencers” and “advertisers”.

Who are Advertisers ?

Those companies or individuals who pays, offers incentives or asks for reviews, articles, tweets, etc.

Who are Infuencers ?

Those companies or individuals (in most of the cases) who have significant influence on a particular audience are Influencers. They are asked to write sponsored reviews, articles, promotional posts, tweets etc on their social media profiles, pages, websites, blogs or other channels.

The platform on which they publish their reviews have a fan following which increases the probability of sales for advertisers.

Advertisers mainly provide the idea on which the incfluencer has to write articles / tweets etc.

The tone of writing and theme etc. are as per the influencers way of doing it, such that the article fits in his blog/ website/ social media page perfectly.

How does Influencer Marketing works ?

Step 1. Influencers submit it’s blog, website, social media pages, etc. details to the Influencer Marketing Networks.
Step 2. IMN reviews the submission and accepts / rejects it in the system.
Step 3. Influencers bid on Advertiser’s Offers.
Step 4. Accepted influencer’s profile are displayed to advertisers.
Step 5. Advertisers review influencer’s application and accepts Bidsor bargains (in some cases)

Note : Influencers should alaways look for Live Campaigns to find advertisers in sponsored reviews portals.

Things to consider before choosing a perfect influencer ?

You should always remember you requirement. Here are some points that can help you in choosing a perfect influencer :

  1. Relevance to your niche / style / genre / business sector
  2. Number of Inflenced People and Potential Reach
  3. Expertise
  4. How much value he can add to your brand / products / services.

If you are looking for influence marketing networks or sponsored reviewing blogs you can contact us.

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Basic Elements of an E-Commerce Website

What is E-Commerce ?

E-Commerce deals with all the Commercial activities performed in electronic form. It mainly deals with online transactions.

Some Examples of E-Commerce Websites and Mobile APPs?

1. Booking Website – Movie Ticket, Railway Ticket, Bus Ticket, Flight Reservations, Hotel
2. Shopping Website – Eg; Websites are, Flipkart,
3. Classifieds Website – With Paid(Freemium Model) advertisements Eg: Olx, Quikr, Craiglist,
4. Directory Websites – Paid (Freemium Model) directory listings Eg: Sulekha, Yellow Pages, Indiamart,
5. Service Websites – Accpeting payment online
6. E-Wallet Websites / APPs – BHIM, Airtel Money, Phonepe, Paytm
7. Recharge Websites – Freecharge, Paytm
* Note : Most of the payments are made through payment gateways like Paypal, Payoneer, Paytm etc.

As a digital marketing professional you should always consider the different modules in these websites and particularly which modules can be promoted in SEO. All the modules will not be suitable for Search Engine Indexing

(Basic Elements of an E-Commerce Website are as follows:)

From the Development point of view we can divide these websites in following modules:
1. Administration – Roles : Setting up protocols (Terms, Conditions, Policies etc.), Design Management Module, User Access, Initial Setup of Website Pages, Setting Report Headers, Creating, Read, Update, Delete (CRUD Capabilities), Managing Logistics, Managing Marketing Activities,
media management, Offers / Coupon Management, Order Management, Logistics Mgt., Products / Services management etc.

2. Customer / Client – Registration, Profile Creation, Selecting/Accepting Roles (Like – Buyer OR Seller), Placing Orders (Making Transactions), Money Withdrawl, See Statistics / Reports

3. Guest / Anonymous – Can visit website / app, see pages and information, fill contact forms etc.
As a Digital Marketing Manager you have to create offers on festive or special occasions.
You can do that by using Coupons Management Module.
*Note : An E-Commerce website is mainly divided into two sections for all users, namely – Frontend & Backend.
SEO activities are mainly focused on Frontend Pages.
You can do SEO of various category pages, tags pages, individual products pages and vendor/sellers shop individual pages etc.
You can promote the backend functionality of your website / app using graphical presentations, images, explainer videos etc. on social media and your website itself.

If you are looking for E-Commerce Web Development Services – Contact

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How to Post to Twitter Automatically from WordPress ?

Post to Twitter from WordPress Automatically

There are many plugins in the wordpress repository for the task.

We are showing you an example using Twitter Auto Publish by Xyzscripts

1. Step 1
Go to WordPress Plugins section and install “Twitter Auto Publish”

2. Step 2
When the installation is complete you will see Twitter Autopublish in your wordpress menu

3. Go to Dashboard >> Twitter Auto Publish > Settings and you will see a page with this form

4. Go to this URL and click “Create New App”

5. Fill name and description of your website / blog

6. You can leave callback url empty

7. Save these details and you will get your keys like
Consumer Key (API Key) in Keys and Access Tokens Tab

8. In the bottom of page you will see create access token option
Copy and paste the credentials in your wordpress form

9. In the form on wordpress – You can keep default value for Message format for posting
Variable You can use to format your twitter posts are
POST_TITLE – Title of your post
POST_EXCERPT – Short Description of your post
POST_CONTENT – Complete content of the article

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Kickstart Social Media Marketing

Strategy and Actions to Kickstart Social Media Marketing

1. Decide and analyze What product or services you are going to promote.

Eg: A hotel website, a shopping website with fashionable outfits etc.
Products and Services will let you decide the best social media site for you. Eg: Linked In will be suitable for A Website related to Jobs & Training.
Facebook Company Pages and Groups with Shop Posts are beneficial for an E-Shopping website.

2. You should write precised posts with exactly what you want to convey to users because most of the users will not be interested in reading lengthy posts.
Try using rich graphics / images in your post with message / point you want to convey.

3. Using dynamic “open graph” and “twitter card” meta tags will let you configure the content of your website when shared on social media.
When to use : Sometimes we write content on our website for search engine optimization with keywords which may or may not be suitable for suitable for social media users.
In some cases images used on websites may not be upto the standards of social media posts. We can change them using “og” and “twitter card” tags.

4. Use #hashtag marketing. Hashtag marketing lets you tag your posts with suitable keywords that others might also be interested in. A hashtag will create a url which will have all the posts posted by other users using same keyword.
A popular #hashtag will have more amount of visits and you can take advantage of those visits by posting your content in the page as well.
There are many tools that can analyze popularity of any particular trending keyword with useful statistics like : number of impressions in a day, countries, gender, age-group etc.
You can decide your hashtag keywords accordingly.

5. Use creative banner and profile pictures for your group and page headers. A banner covers almost 30% area of a page on the first look. A more informative banner will always be effective than dull banners.

6. Someone from your social media marketing team should be a member of groups that belong to your niche. You will find groups with upto 1 Million+ users which are potential customers of your business.

7. Create Video Presentations & explainer videos and share them on youtube, twitter and facebook etc.
You can either hire an animation studio / freelancer for such task or you can DIY using sites like powtoon, emaze etc.

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Pay Per Click Advertising Basics

What is Pay Per Click Advertising?

Pay Per Click is a paid part of Search Engine, Display Networks, Social Media Marketing.
1. As the name suggests when a company pays an advertising network on per click basis to display it’s advertisement on various publisher websites.

Who is an Advertiser ?
An advertiser is a company or individual who wants to advertise his products and / or services on advertising networks.

Who is an ad publisher ?
An ad publisher is a company or an individual who registers it’s website, app, social media page etc. on an advertising network and agrees to display advertisements on his web properties.

A Publisher sometimes makes an area/ segment of it’s website available for advertisement.

Ad Publisher in PPC Marketing

Advertisers can contact the publishers and they can sign a contract of displaying advertisements for a particular period of time.
Pricing is mainly decided on the basis of popularity of publisher’s website.

In most of the cases as a publisher it is hard to find advertisers on your own, hence Publishers sign up with an advertising network and agree to display advertisement on their website.
Example of such advertising networks are : Google, Yahoo, Bing, Infolinks etc.

In a similar way it is hard for advertisers to decide and chose a particular website to display ads and hence they also contact advertising networks to chose best publishers for them.

In short : An advertising network has registration options for both publishers and advertisers.

Example : If I want to advertise Slidescope’s services then I will register on these networks as an advertiser.
If I want to offer/rent a space on my website for ads from other advertisers to appear then I will apply as a publisher.

Advertising networks like Google or Yahoo have strong guidelines that a publisher’s website must follow in order to be accepted as a publisher.
Guidelines like :

  • Number of Visits in a day
  • Originally Written Quality Content
  • Popularity of Website
  • Social Media Presence
  • Privacy Policy Terms & Conditions pages etc.

Advertising networks display paid advertisements in Search Networks(Search Engine Results Page) and Display Networks (Publisher Websites, Youtube etc.)
As mentioned in Point 1 If an Advertiser Pays an Advertising Network (Like Google, Yahoo etc.) On per click basis and the advertising network pays the publisher some percentage of the Per Click Amount, this type of advertising is termed as Pay Per Click Advertising.

When is it needed ?

1. For Quick Results
When a website is launched, SEO and SMO may take some time for the results to appear, PPC advertising ensures quick results.

2. For Brand building
To keep the fight going with the competitors.

3. Expensive keywords for which SEO is very difficult
Example : Online Shopping is a famous keyword and bid rate for such keywords is very high.
“Bid Rate is decided on the basis of popularity of a keyword.”
Various advertisers want to appear first in the search results for a particular keyword.

You will find a form with following details :

Sample Pay Per Click Advertising Form

A Screenshot from google adwords account setup is given below :

Google Adwords PPC Setting

You can do pay per click advertising on :

You can setup PPC Marketing campaigns in Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo / Bing etc. as well.

If you are owner of an online shopping website or you are managing digital marketing for an e-shopping company you can setup a Google Merchant Center Account for Product Ads in Search Results Page.

If you are not sure about PPC marketing you can hire a Digital Marketing Agency as well.