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Kickstart Social Media Marketing

Strategy and Actions to Kickstart Social Media Marketing

1. Decide and analyze What product or services you are going to promote.

Eg: A hotel website, a shopping website with fashionable outfits etc.
Products and Services will let you decide the best social media site for you. Eg: Linked In will be suitable for A Website related to Jobs & Training.
Facebook Company Pages and Groups with Shop Posts are beneficial for an E-Shopping website.

2. You should write precised posts with exactly what you want to convey to users because most of the users will not be interested in reading lengthy posts.
Try using rich graphics / images in your post with message / point you want to convey.

3. Using dynamic “open graph” and “twitter card” meta tags will let you configure the content of your website when shared on social media.
When to use : Sometimes we write content on our website for search engine optimization with keywords which may or may not be suitable for suitable for social media users.
In some cases images used on websites may not be upto the standards of social media posts. We can change them using “og” and “twitter card” tags.

4. Use #hashtag marketing. Hashtag marketing lets you tag your posts with suitable keywords that others might also be interested in. A hashtag will create a url which will have all the posts posted by other users using same keyword.
A popular #hashtag will have more amount of visits and you can take advantage of those visits by posting your content in the page as well.
There are many tools that can analyze popularity of any particular trending keyword with useful statistics like : number of impressions in a day, countries, gender, age-group etc.
You can decide your hashtag keywords accordingly.

5. Use creative banner and profile pictures for your group and page headers. A banner covers almost 30% area of a page on the first look. A more informative banner will always be effective than dull banners.

6. Someone from your social media marketing team should be a member of groups that belong to your niche. You will find groups with upto 1 Million+ users which are potential customers of your business.

7. Create Video Presentations & explainer videos and share them on youtube, twitter and facebook etc.
You can either hire an animation studio / freelancer for such task or you can DIY using sites like powtoon, emaze etc.

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Pay Per Click Advertising Basics

What is Pay Per Click Advertising?

Pay Per Click is a paid part of Search Engine, Display Networks, Social Media Marketing.
1. As the name suggests when a company pays an advertising network on per click basis to display it’s advertisement on various publisher websites.

Who is an Advertiser ?
An advertiser is a company or individual who wants to advertise his products and / or services on advertising networks.

Who is an ad publisher ?
An ad publisher is a company or an individual who registers it’s website, app, social media page etc. on an advertising network and agrees to display advertisements on his web properties.

A Publisher sometimes makes an area/ segment of it’s website available for advertisement.

Ad Publisher in PPC Marketing

Advertisers can contact the publishers and they can sign a contract of displaying advertisements for a particular period of time.
Pricing is mainly decided on the basis of popularity of publisher’s website.

In most of the cases as a publisher it is hard to find advertisers on your own, hence Publishers sign up with an advertising network and agree to display advertisement on their website.
Example of such advertising networks are : Google, Yahoo, Bing, Infolinks etc.

In a similar way it is hard for advertisers to decide and chose a particular website to display ads and hence they also contact advertising networks to chose best publishers for them.

In short : An advertising network has registration options for both publishers and advertisers.

Example : If I want to advertise Slidescope’s services then I will register on these networks as an advertiser.
If I want to offer/rent a space on my website for ads from other advertisers to appear then I will apply as a publisher.

Advertising networks like Google or Yahoo have strong guidelines that a publisher’s website must follow in order to be accepted as a publisher.
Guidelines like :

  • Number of Visits in a day
  • Originally Written Quality Content
  • Popularity of Website
  • Social Media Presence
  • Privacy Policy Terms & Conditions pages etc.

Advertising networks display paid advertisements in Search Networks(Search Engine Results Page) and Display Networks (Publisher Websites, Youtube etc.)
As mentioned in Point 1 If an Advertiser Pays an Advertising Network (Like Google, Yahoo etc.) On per click basis and the advertising network pays the publisher some percentage of the Per Click Amount, this type of advertising is termed as Pay Per Click Advertising.

When is it needed ?

1. For Quick Results
When a website is launched, SEO and SMO may take some time for the results to appear, PPC advertising ensures quick results.

2. For Brand building
To keep the fight going with the competitors.

3. Expensive keywords for which SEO is very difficult
Example : Online Shopping is a famous keyword and bid rate for such keywords is very high.
“Bid Rate is decided on the basis of popularity of a keyword.”
Various advertisers want to appear first in the search results for a particular keyword.

You will find a form with following details :

Sample Pay Per Click Advertising Form

A Screenshot from google adwords account setup is given below :

Google Adwords PPC Setting

You can do pay per click advertising on :

You can setup PPC Marketing campaigns in Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo / Bing etc. as well.

If you are owner of an online shopping website or you are managing digital marketing for an e-shopping company you can setup a Google Merchant Center Account for Product Ads in Search Results Page.

If you are not sure about PPC marketing you can hire a Digital Marketing Agency as well.

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What are the Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing benefits are as follows :

  • These website have a huge user-base and because of such a large number of users these websites rank very high and the probability of getting search results from these websites is very high.  So if you don’t have your presence on social media you will lose majority of visitors coming from search results to these websites. You will see facebook results of various fan pages, groups etc. in google / bing searches.
  • Fan-pages and profile accounts with a high number of followers represent a strong brand which is always a good factor for a client to decide before going for any particular item or service.
    Company with 2 Million followers has a chance of getting more leads as compared to a company with 2000 followers.
    “Brand Value matters.”
  • Everyone company is using social media and it’s is becoming almost mandatory in the eyes of users looking for products and services.
  • There are billions of user on websites like facebook or twitter who never use search engines or any other websites.
    You will lose those users if you are not doing social media marketing.
  • If you are not ready for PPC marketing most of the social media marketing activities are free to use.
  • You can reach your target audience in no time.You can sell your products directly to users who are connected by means of same interest.
  • People will find positive and negative reviews about a particular product. Hence it becomes very useful to get positive reviews by customers on social media.

If you have any queries or suggestions to share please leave your comments below. If you are looking for Social Media Marketing Agency or Training Institute you can contact us.

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Codeigniter training in Lucknow

Codeigniter Training is for Web Developers with knowledge of core / basic php and Object Oriented Programming concepts.

What is Codeigniter ?

Codeigniter is a PHP framework for developing Web Applications quickly and more professionally. It is used by millions of developers across the globe.

Why Codeigniter ?

  • Codeigniter is Open Source.
  • It is light weight.
  • It used very Less resources on the server.
  • Documentation of Codeigniter on it’s official website is easy to understand and very strong.
  • Codeigniter is backed by a large community of Users. Help topics, tutorials and good trainers are easily available.
  • Many organizations are using Codeigniter and looking for professionals with sound knowledge of Codeigniter.

Who can do Codeigniter Training ?

People with knowledge of Basic / Core PHP and Object Oriented Programming Concepts can learn Codeigniter easily.

Candidates who want to build a career in web development (using PHP) can learn Codeigniter.

Where to Learn Codeigniter ?

  • You can learn codeigniter in Online and Classroom training module by Slidescope PHP Training
  • You will learn everything from scratch.
  • You will work on live projects while learning.
  • You will learn database management – like done in large enterprises.


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Strategy for Facebook Marketing

This post is an overview of Strategy for Facebook Marketing.

This post is focused on facebook groups mainly.

What are facebook Notifications ? >> Notifications contain information about an activity.
Activity like :
Something Posted in a group of which we are a member.
Some content posted in a page of which we are a fan (or we like that page).

If the post is of our interest and links to a website we will not hesitate to click it. Clicking the link
takes us to website’s content and this in turn increases one pageview for the website. We might find other
content on the website useful and read that as well by clicking on their urls which increases number of pagevisits
to that website.
Number of pagevisits and unique pageviews and the amount of time (in seconds) that users spend on a website are some
important factors / parameters in declaring the world wide rank of that website.

This is the factor every content for users on your website should be shared with relevant audience on social media.

SEO is an activity that ensures visit of users in near future but social media content sharing gives you visitors instantly and for future as well.

Where to share your content ?

You can share your content in :
>>Personal Profile with your Friends / Followers
>>Fan Page with your Followers indicated with N Number of Likes
* Fan page and Personal Profile belongs to you. The reach is limited to number of followers.

>>Group with Group Members with N Number of members
*Group could be created by you or any other group with millions of members.
Remember sharing an irrevant post / content might result in permanent ban from the group admins.

How to find a relevant group for Facebook marketing ?

Lets consider an example of a Travel Blog with attractive tour package offers for tourists. In this case
we can search groups belonging to tour and travel categories.
Go to facebook search box and type “tour and travel” and hit enter.
You will see:

  • Latest
  • People
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Pages
  • Places
  • Groups
  • AppsEventsFrom the search result page menu chose groups to filter group results only.
    If you want results from a particular region or country, use your region in the search query.
    You will find group in a variety of categories like Public Group, Closed Group etc.
    In a public group, the content and members name are visible to all unlike in a closed group where the content is
    visible to members only.
    You have to join the group to start posting / contributing.
    *Note : Do not try to spam groups with unwanted content. Read group rules before contributing.Contributions made by you might get published immediately or might be submitted for admin review.

If you want to contact us regarding digital marketing or facebook marketing projects or training please contact us.

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What are Search Operators ? | Digital Marketing Lesson 11

Search operators are combination of Symbols and words that can be used to make a search more precised and relevant. Search operators can be used by digital marketing experts and students to analyze results for particular queries.  You can use these operators for preparing reports as well.

List of Search Operators

To search something within a given domain name or to see the number of urls indexed for a site
example –

If you want to find out some websites that link to a mentioned domain you can use this operator
example –

If you want to find which websites are using a particular keyword in their title tag you can use this operator.

example – intitle:digital marketing

Remember when we are using two words in our search query, search engine will look for both words separately or together in the SEO titile of the page.

Use this operator If you are looking for websites with some text that should be there in the page content.

This operator is used for viewing web results with mentioned keyword in the url (slug of url)
example – inurl:summer-fabrics

Main thing here is anchor text in the link. If we want to search for links with mentioned word in the slug.

example – inanchor:airplane ; will show all results like : ,

To find Blog posts that are written by a specific author. You will find article results written by author mentioned in your query.
example – inpostauthor:ankit srivastava

Find sites that belong to the same category as entered sites.


Search operators mentioned above can be used in combination using AND and OR condition to get more accurate results.

For example – intitle:digital marketing AND intext:Lucknow

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Understanding SERP | Digital Marketing Lesson 10

SERP Stands for Search Engine Results Page. It is important part of Digital marketing course.

What is SERP ?

SERP is the web-page that appears when we place queries on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex etc. The webpage has mainly following elements :

  1. Paid / Sponsored Results (Top):

    These are paid results by search engines and Advertisers are charged on mainly Pay Per Click (PPC) basis.

  2. Organic Search Results :

    Organic search results are obtained by search engines on the basis of Search Engine Optimization. These are relevant results that match the query entered in search box.

  3. Map Results :

    Map results are graphical map based business results that appear when searchers are looking for a particular type of business or a specific place.

  4. Paid / Sponsored Results (Sidebar) :

    These results often appear in the sidebar of search engine results page. These are similar to results mentioned in point 1. Sometimes users will see Sponsored Shop Results when they are searching for a particular product like – Solar Panel, Inverter etc.

  5. Business Profile in Sidebar:

    These results are mainly displayed in google search results page and are fetched from the official Google + profile of business / organization. It becomes an important step in digital marketing to create google + profile.

  6. Business Wiki in Sidebar: 

    Business wiki page appears in the sidebar with company’s information like Founder, Turnover, Headquarters etc. These pages appear for famous website and search engines must be convinced from various reliable sources (like authentic business listings, social media profiles, schema meta data etc. ) that business is real.

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वर्डप्रेस वेबसाइट को लोकल कंप्यूटर पर कैसे होस्ट करें ?

वर्डप्रेस वेबसाइट को लोकल कंप्यूटर पर होस्ट करने के लिए आपको निम्नलिखित सॉफ्टवेर टूल्स की आवश्यकता होगी :
१. विंडोज ऑपरेटिंग सिस्टम या लिनक्स ऑपरेटिंग सिस्टम वाला लैपटॉप या डेस्कटॉप कंप्यूटर

२. xampp या ampps  सॉफ्टवेर जो की आपके कंप्यूटर में ज़रूरी अपाचे सर्वर (Apache Server) और माईएसक्यूएल mysql सर्वर इनस्टॉल  कर देगा

३. इसके बाद आपको वेबसाइट पे जाकर wordpress की फाइल डाउनलोड करनी है

४. जब आप xampp या ampps इनस्टॉल करते है तो वो आपकी C: ड्राइव में एक फोल्डर बना देता है जिसमे htdocs नाम का फोल्डर होता है

५. wordpress से डाउनलोड की गयी ज़िप फाइल को htdocs में किसी फोल्डर में पेस्ट करें और एक्सट्रेक्ट करें

६. जिस नाम से अपने फोल्डर बनाया है वो आपकी वेबसाइट की तरह काम करेगी

७. आप xampp या ampps कण्ट्रोल पैनल से अपाचे सर्वर और mysql सर्वर को ओपन कर लें

८. गूगल क्रोम, मोजिल्ला फायरफाक्स जैसे किसी भी ब्राउसर में localhost/yourwebsitename टाइप करे

९. ब्राउज़र में localhost/phpmyadmin लिखें और एक नया डेटाबेस बना ले और उसका नाम उसके आईडी पासवर्ड के साथ लिख ले

१०. localhost/yourwebsitename में इनस्टॉल पे क्लिक करें और अपनी भाषा का चुनाव करें

११. डेटाबेस का नाम दर्ज करें और डाटाबेस का यूजर नाम  और पासवर्ड दर्ज करें

१२. अपनी वेबसाइट के administrator यूजरनेम और पासवर्ड को चुने और ईमेल दर्ज करें

१३. अब आपकी वेबसाइट के डैशबोर्ड में आप localhost/yourwebsitename/wp-admin लिख के पहुच सकते है

Read this post in English

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5 Amazing SEO tips for Bloggers using blogspot is one of the oldest and free online tool by Google to create blogs.
You will get a “” url for your blog.
Millions of internet users have their blog on blogspot and they are earning decent money from the advertisements as well.

But after a certain point in your blogging experience, one question might come to your mind :

Is Blogger Search Engine Optimization Friendly ?

Answer is Yes. It is SEO friendly if you follow some tips and basic guidelines of SEO and digital marketing.

Here are the SEO tips for Bloggers :

1. Write posts with at-least one targeted keyword in the title.
2. Use your targeted keyword in the custom permalink of your post / page. Blogger assigns default permalink to post and pages sometimes whic can be bad for a good SEO score.

SEO Tips for Bloggers
3. Try using images in your articles and adding a featured image to your post. Click on your image and go to properties and you will get a form to fill the Title and Alt attlibute of your image tag. You can fill the text boxes with your targeted keyword you used in your title and custom permalink.

SEO Tips for Bloggers Alt tag
4. Use Subheading tags from the text-editor menu and put some keywords in your subheading tags. It is good for SEO.

5 Amazing SEO tips for Bloggers
5. Go to Dashboard >> Template >> Edit html and type Ctrl + F and find
This line in your <head> tag:
This is how blogger dynamically fetches the Page Title. You can compare this variable with the values in the image.
You will see that Trade My Ad: text is unnecessary because your post title is – New Classifieds Website Launched –

So you can replace the tag within <title>…</title> with

<b:if cond= ‘data:blog.pageType == &quot;index&quot;’>

5 Amazing SEO tips for Bloggers
It will tell the blogger to Include Blog Title in <title> tag when the page is index page or homepage and for other pages / posts –
Only the Page Name (Title of your post or page).

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How to get high quality backlinks for your website

There are various methods to get high Quality backlinks for your website or blog. Some methods are as follows :

  1. Submitting Your website to PR4+ website directories is a fantastic and easy way of getting high quality backlinks. Example is . Sometimes these directories require reciprocal links and in most of the cases it is not mandatory.
  2. Blog commenting is a classic way of getting Dofollow links. It should not be done in a “spam: way though because most websites require admin approval of comments, we should keep the content relevant.
  3. Creating your own free hosted blogs and placing relevant anchor tags to the content of your website. There are plenty of free hosted blogging platforms available like :, Google Sites, Tumblr etc.You have the freedom of writing any content and linking to any content using dofollow hyperlink html tags.
  4. Listing your business in Business Directory websites like Yelp, Just Dial etc. will help you in getting backlinks for your website.
  5. Submitting ads of your business / service in some classifieds advertisement websites also generates do-follow backlinks for your website. Many websites do not allow posting links in the main content area but most of the websites allow linking your websites to your classifieds advertisement.
  6. Creating profiles in freelancing websites and providing your website address in your profile.
  7. Participating in famous forums and providing links in your answer if necessary. Try not to spam else your account would be suspended
  8. Many blogs are offering free or sponsored posts / review services. If you find a blog with decent traffic and your niche, you can definitely give sponsored / free reviews a chance.