Can I host Php Website on Plesk Hosting , IIS Server ?

QuestionsCategory: QuestionsCan I host Php Website on Plesk Hosting , IIS Server ?
Min Jian asked 4 years ago

I have a website developed in framework 4.0. My Hosting server supports it very well and I have a multi domain hosting. I want to host a php website on my Windows Hosting. Can I do it ? 

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Slide Scope Staff answered 4 years ago

You can sure host Php website on your IIS hosting . Many hosting providers are proving php support. Go to your hosting settings and if you see an option to select php version then you can definitely host a php website . You can consult hosting provider as well

olidev answered 2 years ago

Don’t use Windows based hosting for PHP sites. Linux is perfect for it. It gives you better performance and security. If you don’t know how to host a PHP site on a Linux based hosting, then you can use Cloudways platform for that. This platform allows you to launch a Linux based server in one-click with Linux and PHP already installed on it. You will only have to deploy your app through SSH or git.

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