Which is the Best Coaching for IIT in Lucknow ?

QuestionsCategory: CoachingWhich is the Best Coaching for IIT in Lucknow ?
Bineeta Khare asked 3 years ago

I am looking for a coaching institute for my cousin in Lucknow for his IIT – JEE preparations. IIT JEE preparation is not mandatory but it is very important for students because of problems sharing and discussing. Syllabus of IIT and JEE is same as of the board syllabus but the complexity and level of questions is very high. Can anyone suggest a coaching institute that deals with the day to day problems of students.

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Slide Scope Staff answered 3 years ago

There are many good IIT Jee Coaching institutes in Lucknow. Many coaching institutes have a good atmosphere which is excellent for educational learning and growth. Coaching like Resonance, Rubics Rostrum, FIIT-JEE etc. I suggest you to go for a institute which focuses on mock tests, problem solving and speed tests more.

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