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Solar Panels Manufacturer | Colorstech Enterprises

Solar Panels Manufacturer and Supplier, Colorstech Enterprises is providing Electrical Energy Consulting, Installation & Commissioning for Industrial and Residential Loads in Uttar Pradesh. Colorstech Enterprises has a team of Experienced Engineers with experience in

  • Manufacturing of Heavy Duty Transformers (Upto 50 MVA),
  • Manufacturing of LED Products (like Street Lights, LED Bulbs, LED Panel Lights, LED Focus Lights etc.),
  • Manufacturing of Inverters (Solar and Normal),
  • Manufacturing of Batteries (Solar and Normal).

Colorstech has an official Shopping Website for Electrical and Electronics Appliances :- http://electrical.bazaronweb.com

Services of Colorstech Enterprises

  • Solar Power Plants Installation and Commissioning
  • Electrical Wiring for Industrial and Government Electrification Projects
  • Electrical Energy Consulting
  • Manufacturing of above mentioned Electrical and Electronics appliances.
  • Supply of Electrical and Electrical Appliances