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Media.net: A Contextual Ad Network by Yahoo! Bing

What is Media.net?

Media.net is a contextual advertisement network by two internet giants – Yahoo and Bing.
It is one of the best alternative to Adsense, It can simply work together with Best Advertisement Platforms like Google Adsense as well.

What is a Contextual Ad Network ?

A Contextual Ad network work as an ad server with advertisements related to the content of articles or page on which the ad code is placed.

Why Media.net?

1.If you are owner of a blog or website with decent amount of new and returning visitors you can earn money using Media.net.
2.Media.net is a legitimate and impressive alternative if you adsense account has been disabled or disapproved.
3.Media.net is owned by Bing and yahoo and it has gained tremendous popularity in a short period of time.

How to Get Approved in Media.net Contextual Ad Network ?

Approval in Media.net is via a Request An Invite Form where you provide your details and details of your website.
Your website is reviewed by their staff and if your website qualifies you will get the login credentials.
You can log in to your Media.net account and you should provide your official details like Payment Information, Organization name etc.

What to do when your account is approved ?

You have to create your ad units and place the javascript code in your website. You can chose from different ad sizes and styles or customize the color theme as per your website’s theme.

If you have any questions regarding Media.net Contextual Ad Network for Bloggers and Website Owners, you can contact us.