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Procurement Cycle | Best Online Procurement Systems

A Procurement Cycle can be divided into following steps :

  1. Know that you need something.

You must be aware about the need first. Information from the external and internal sources must be there about need of products (fresh or re-ordering)

  1. Know what and how much do you need.

Once you are aware that department(s) of your enterprise need something you must analyze what do they need and how much.

  1. What will be source of supply?

After determining the Quality and Quantity of the products, goods, services or works required the procurement department must do a research of possible and best suppliers.

  1. Pricing and Terms

Pricing of goods, works or services can be analyzed by inviting suppliers to send quotations. In general Prices, Quality and Delivery time of Minimum 3 Suppliers are compared.

  1. Working with Purchase Orders

Purchase Order works as a legal document which contains Terms and Conditions, Products / Services Requirement, Date of Delivery, Pricing Information, Quality, Quantity etc.

Purchase order is delivered by official e-mails, post mails etc. Acknowledgement of Receipt is always good. Both Parties (Buyer and Supplier) keeps the copy of purchase orders.

  1. Quality Check and Receipt of Purchase

It is an important step the procurement process. Checking and analyzing the Quality of Received Goods is important. An acknowledgement by the quality assurance team Ensures receipt of goods and services as stated in the purchase order.

  1. Payments

Once the received orders are accepted by the buyer, Payments are made in the Account of Supplier by Cheese, Direct Bank Transfer or by Cash in some cases.

Payment are made on the basis of Invoices and Purchase Orders. In Some cases Full or Partial Payments are made in Advance. Sales Bill of the order are kept by both the parties.

  1. Maintenance of Records

Maintenance of Records is very important. All the transactional entries must be saved in proper documents like Purchase Orders, Sales Invoice, Sales Bill etc.

Records are needed for auditing and analysis of performance, taxes, profit & loss etc.

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E-Auctions Platform for Procurement Solutions – KisanServ

E-Auctions Platform for Procurement Solutions

E-Auctions platform  procurement solutions

Online Procurement system also known as E-Procurement System or software tools are the web based application that is used to provide procurement solutions to Buyers and Suppliers from various categories of business.

The creative minds behind this E-Bidding Procurement App | Website noticed the problems of Suppliers and Buyers waking up early in the morning, facing climatic difficulties to rush to the market for checking prices and sourcing.
Most of the vegetable and fruit sellers wake up very early in the morning and rush to the vegetable or fruit MANDI so that they get the best prices and fresh stock for their stores.

How is KisanServ beneficial for Buyers ?

KisanServ is the Best E-Procurement system that helps buyers chose the products for their stores and raise requirements from anywhere using mobile phone or website.  It saves time, it saves money and they don’t have to wake up early and rush to market. Their stock requirements are fulfilled by the Suppliers from their desired location. Suppliers bid on the requirements with their respective prices. Buyers have the option to chose from the best price options available. They get the quality assured products for their stores.

How is KisanServ beneficial for Suppliers ?

KisanServ has a separate portal for Suppliers where they get the notifications of latest requirements raised by buyers. They can see the requirements open for E-Bidding in their dashboard where they can perform desired actions like Placing Bid etc.
If you need Procurement Solutions for your business, visit official website of KisanServ.