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Our mission is to make training and courses easy for every one

Bringing Information Technology closer to everyone

Our Vision

To provide an extremely professional and powerful Digital Medium for Marketing, Trade, Technology,  Educational Research and Projects.

We are continuously working to improve our training and development methods. We are including new courses to our institute as well. We bring industry experts to our institute regularly. 

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Our Mission

Our mission is to make job generating training courses available and accessible to every one.

Slidescope’s team has expertise in serving Government, National and International Brands with IT, Sales and Marketing Services for last 12 years. When we train our students we bring that experience with us and provide training on live projects.

Our founding

Slidescope has been created with the association of IT Companies and Experienced Training Professionals. We want to provide live training to everyone in Lucknow (Classroom) or anywhere in the World (Online).

Meet Our Team

Ankit Srivastava

Ankit is an experienced professional with in-depth knowledge of regional and international market which has prepared me in building results-oriented strategy. He is a Data Analyst and a Digital Marketer with 11+ years of experience in building paid and organic marketing funnels for various companies.

Ankit has conceptualized and developed 12 projects for live training of Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Web Development and Digital Marketing.

rachit srivastava trainer

Rachit Srivastava

Rachit is a Digital Marketing Professional with a background of Sales and Marketing for Multinational Companies. He has served various clients of Digital Marketing during his 9 Years of working experience. He has trained many students at Slidescope.

Rachit has expertise in creating successful branding and sales campaigns for Bhujal Vibhag, Uttar Pradesh, various National and Multinational clients.

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