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Slidescope works for Three User Groups : Students, Corporate & Freelancers. We provide Digital Marketing Training on Live Projects. We believe that Presentations are a professional source of Digital Makreting, therefore we have an additional section where students and freelancers can create and share presentations and they get paid for their creative work.

For Students

Training: Digital Marketing Trainig on live projects. Earning: Students create presentations in college/schools, they can share their presentations with slidescope, take part in Best Presentation contests and win rewards.

For Corporates

Training : We can train Digital Marketing to your team. They will be able to manage your online promotion and branding more efficiently. Additionally we have a section to create business directory with respective company presentations, a powerful tool for your company's Digital Marketing and Promotion.

For Freelancers

Training: Learn Digital Marketing and serve your clients as a freelancer. | Earning: If you are good in making presentations, you can work for others as well. Create awesome presentations for Students or Corporates and get paid for your efforts.

Topic Categeries

Users can search and submit presentations from almost any category such as : Education, Technology, Entertainment, Trade, Consumables and much more.


Students earn money from contests, Corporates are benefited with improved brand image and Freelancers earn money working for users looking for presentations.

For Website Owners

If you are a website owner with decent amoount of traffic on your website, you can apply for ad publisher

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