Tableau Course

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Tableau Course

Tableau Training in Lucknow

Tableau training is done by students and working professionals of Data Science industry.

Tableau is an easy to use tool to analyze data written in structured formats like JSON, Excel, CSV, XML, SQL etc.

Tableau is used to create interactive dashboards to visualize data in graphical and tabular form.

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Benefits of Tableau Course

1. Tableau is a simple and easy to learn software tool for data analytics.

2. If you are new to coding or you dont know coding at all, you can start working on Tableau immediately.

3. Tableau helps in quick, creative and interactive databases.

4. Tableau can handle large datasets easily.

5. Tableau does the work of detecting the datatype in spreadsheets automatically. Datatypes like Strings, Numeric Values, Geographical Values etc. can be easily visualized using Tableau.




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