Tableau Course for Professionals and Beginners

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Tableau Course Details

Course Name

Tableau Course Training

(Placement Oriented)

Course Duration

45 Days

Course Fees

INR 6800 , Offer Price INR 3999

Mode of Training

Online and Offline

2 Days Free Demo Classes are also available.

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About Tableau Training Course

Tableau training is done by students and working professionals of Data Science industry.

Tableau is an easy to use tool to analyze data written in structured formats like JSON, Excel, CSV, XML, SQL etc.

Tableau is used to create interactive dashboards to visualize data in graphical and tabular form.

Tableau gives you all the data you need to make better decisions faster—and helps you get them right the first time. Connect and visualize different types of data, use built-in analytics to draw insights, and create powerful dashboards that help everyone get the story behind the numbers.
More than 15,000 organizations in 80 countries use Tableau in the office and on-the-go to quickly connect to their data and unlock new insights. With flexible and powerful technology that scales from desktop to enterprise, Tableau helps anyone see and understand data.


Benefits of Tableau Course

1. Tableau is a simple and easy to learn software tool for data analytics.

2. If you are new to coding or you don’t know coding at all, you can start working on Tableau immediately.

3. Tableau helps in quick, creative and interactive databases.

4. Tableau can handle large datasets easily.

5. Tableau does the work of detecting the datatype in spreadsheets automatically. Datatypes like Strings, Numeric Values, Geographical Values etc. can be easily visualized using Tableau.

What will you learn in Tableau Course

1. Different Versions of Tableau like Tableau Public, Tableau Desktop, Tableau Reader etc.

2. How to install and use Tableau on different operating systems.

3. Using Tableau to connect to Text, Excel, CSV, JSON etc. datasets

4. Connecting Tableau with SQL Databases like : MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL etc.

5. Creating basic type of graphs in Tableau – Bar Graph, Line Graph, Pie Chart, Histogram etc.

6. Understanding different datatypes in Tableau.

7. Difference between measures and dimensions in Tableau.

8. Using Tableau for Exploratory Data Analysis of Datasets like – Titanic, IRIS, House Price, health Analysis, Automobile analysis etc.

9. Using Tableau for applying Machine Learning Algorithms like – Clustering, Trend Analysis, Forecasting etc.

10. Using Tableau for analyzing data with Geographical Measures.

11. Calculations or Calculated Fields in Tableau

  • Tableau Calculated Fields – Intro –
  • IIF Function
  • Calculated Fields – Arithmetic Operators
  • Mathematical Functions
  • Concatenation in Tableau Calculated Fields
  • Transform – Split in Tableau Custom Fields
  • Concatenation with some string functions in Tableau
  • AND and OR Logical Operators in Tableau
  • LEVEL Of DETAIL (LOD) Expressions in Tableau
  • Include and Exclude LOD Expressions

Our Tableau Tutorial Videos

Follow these video tutorials to understand our simple way of teaching.