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Interactive Marketing will increase your sales by 20%

What is Interactive Marketing?

Interactive Marketing as the name suggests is a Marketing Strategy which involves interaction of customers and business being promoted. Meaning of the word Interaction is “a kind of action that occurs as two or more objects have an effect upon one another.”

It can be defined as “Real-Time Customer Targeting” as well.

How is Interactive Marketing Different?

In traditional marketing, communication mode was simplex, advertiser had no control or analysis of user reaction. A well developed advertisement would be showcased on various devices without proper accounting of converted leads or facility to open a dialogue.

Marketing experts have realized that inbound marketing was better than interrupt marketing in many ways. Inbound marketing would bring clients that were interested in your products and services and you would have reports to analyse returns.

Nowadays customers are becoming more alert and demanding about the kind of services and products they want to buy. Customers read feedback about products before buying.

Customers get attached to a brand and they want to provide their valuable feedback to make the brand better. They want to become respected participants in brands overall performance.

Brand managers on the other hand receive positive and negative keywords, which helps in making a better brand with better products.

According to an online survey 55% of customers prefer those brands where customers are allowed to interact with service providers.

A very easy to understand model for Interactive Marketing can be analyzed in E-commerce websites. Shopping websites track the activities of a user by storing products / category of products that she views most of the times or purchased. There is “Suggested For You” section on the page that presents products of her interest only. Websites often present a small survey form to make services better for customers.

Search Engines like Google / Bing Show results that are based on user queries. Only Relevant Results and advertisements are displayed to the client which increases probability of conversion.

Some Examples of Interactive Marketing using Digital Media are :

  • Search Engine
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Writing.
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Customer Targeting