Web Tools Developed by Slidescope

Slidescope has developed various tools for improving overall productivity of any business or website.

Some tools have been created during Training of Students in PHP, Digital Marketing and Data Analytic.

Here are urls of Our Website Application Tools

  1. GeoSearch Tool

    Can be used for finding Pincode based Location Search and Area name based PINCODE search.

  2. Weather Report Checker

    This tool can be used to check weather forecast like temperature, humidity, weather and climatic conditions reports.

  3. Text to Speech Converter

    This tool can be used to convert a paragraph of text in computer generated voice which can be recorded for narration and marketing purpose.

  4. Speech To Text Converter

    This is a dictation software which can be used to convert Speech into text. It can be used for creating articles and notes.

  5. Internet Speedtest

    This tool can be used to check the Download, Upload, Ping and Jitter Speed of Internet Connection.

  6. IP Lookup Tool

    IP Lookup tool is used to find the City and Country location of any IP address. We call it – Seemyip.

  7. Virtual Chat Bot

    Our virtual chat bot is an autoresponder tool that can be used for customer support and marketing purpose. We call it – Bunnu the Bot.

  8. Advanced Mathematical Scientific Calculator

    This tool can be used to solve Logarithmic, Algebraic, Arithmetical and Trigonometrical  Problems. Meet – Bunnujan.