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List of top 5 Social Bookmarking websites

Social Bookmarking is a method in which people bookmark links or files which they would like to read again. This bookmarking can be done in web browsers but some websites offer the service of bookmarking favorite content online as well. These websites are termed as Social Bookmarking websites. These websites can be used for Digital Marketing and increasing traffic to those links by publicly sharing what you were reading.

We are providing our picks for the top 10 Social Bookmarking Websites on internet:

  1. Reddit

reddit social bookmarking site

Reddit is an American website for aggregation of news socially, giving rating to web content and as a discussion forum as well. You can share images, videos and other website links with others.  Other people can like or dislike your content. Reddit is one the oldest and biggest Social Bookmarking website.

  1. BibSonomy is not just a social bookmarking website; it is also a team work flow based E-Publication management system.  It is online since 2006. This famous blue social bookmarking website is developed using Java.

  1. Diigo is a freemium social bookmarking website that can be used to tag web pages and share and access educational social bookmarks. It provides the functionality of online sticky notes as well.

  1. Citeulike is a free website and as the name suggests it can be used to share interest and like based content with other scholars and researchers. It uses the content of social bookmarking to share links of scientific and research based content on web.

  1. Sharethis provides free clickable buttons that can be posted on any site to let people share the content with billions of internet users via email, AIM or simple text messages.

It will clear to you after reading this article that social bookmarking is primarily done in order to tag content on internet that others can read as well. It can increase traffic to the bookmarked url.

If you are using any social bookmarking tool for digital marketing please let us know by commenting on this article.

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What is a Cornerstone Content ?

Cornerstone content or articles are a way of representing the most powerful and well written articles on your website.
If you are proud of any articles and think that article can represent your website then it is your cornerstone article.

If you are using WordPress and for SEO you are using Yoast SEO then you will find a small checkbox asking –
Is this your cornerstone article ?

As per the automated suggestions provided by yoast the minimum words per article should be 900 if you want it as your cornerstone article.

The focused keyword in your cornerstone post or article should not be used with any other post.

You must include the focused keyword in your Page Title and Meta Description.

You can take help of this pyramidal shape to understand the concept of Corner Stone article.

Cornerstone Content articles

In this shape home page is the entry point of our website. Entry page is the most important page.
After homepage you can see two pages in the next level. These two pages are Cornerstone Content of your website.

This feature was introduced in WordPress 4.6 Update.

This image tells us that the corner stone or most important articles of our website should be visible or clickable on the home page.

Navigation should be clear and easy.

If you have articles belonging to various categories like we have on our website, you can assign cornerstone articles for respective categories.

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Read more about this topic on official website of Yoast

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Top 10 SEO techniques for 2019

In this article we are discussing top 10 seo techniques for 2018 that are going to work perfectly.

1. Content Marketing

Create quality content with some unique information.
Avoid grammatical mistakes. Use small and meaningful sentences.
Content has always been king for SEO. Use professional images in your content for keywords optimization.

2. Optimize Website Speed

Your website should load within 5 seconds.
Use minified Css, Html and Javascript to achive fast loading speed.
Use tools like google page speed insights to regularly monitor you page speed. Rectify issues mentioned in the google website speed tool.
Use compressed images to make your website faster.

3. Mobile Friendly Websites

Most of the users are using mobile devices to access internet.
Responsive websites are very important for better user experience and faster loading time.

4. Social Media Marketing and Optimization

Social media marketing is very important in order to have a strong presence on all major Social Networking Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, Google Plus etc.

Social media optimization of website is essential step in controlling the content that will be shared on social networks.

5. Use Long Tail Keywords in articles and posts

Many users rely on posting long tail queries on internet. Proper use of long tail keywords will result in better search results ranking.

6. Voice Search Optimized Keywords

We have already mentioned that people are using mobile devices to access internet. Voice search assistants like – Contana, Siri etc. are popularly used by billions of user. Queries like – Restaurants Near Me, Book a Flight etc. are very commonly used voice search keywords.

SEO professionals should do proper research on these keywords and use them in articles creatively.

7. Use HTTPS instead of HTTP

If you are not using SSL in your url then you must think about safety and security of your website and its users. You should switch to HTPPS as soon as possible.

Services like Cloudflare or Godaddy SSL will help you in getting a SSL certificate.

After switching to https, do not forget to add the new versions to Google Analytics and Google Web Master Tools.

Migrating to HTTPS will help you in :

  • Data Encryption
  • Data Integrity
  • Authentication

Work on Security of your website

Make sure you are using a trustworthy hosting. Use strong passwords for administrators and try using ssl certificate as mentioned in this point. Use cloud services to store and retrieve data. Configure web.config and .httaccess files as per security protocols. Use robots.txt to prevent unauthorized access.

8. Historical Optimization of posts

Historical Optimization will help you in improving the search rankings of those articles which are already performing well or were performing well in past. These articles need little amount of attention and can do wonders for you. Read more about Historical Optimization

9. Work on better UX and UI

You should always keep best User Interface for your website. Better UI will result in improved user experience. User Experience depends on many factors like:

  1. Look and feel of website
  2. Content Quality
  3. Website’s loading speed, etc.

Last Point in this list but not the least

10. Gain Quality Backlinks

There are many ways of getting quality backlinks. We have discussed about gaining baclinks in our post about Quality Backlinks

There is nothing more important in this list than getting quality backlinks. It will help you in getting better DA and PA score which is a symbol of improved search ranking.

If you think you can suggest any other method for SEO please share your thoughts in the comment section.