How to bring your Business Online Easily

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How to bring your Business Online Easily

Entrepreneurs who are planning to bring their business online or those who want to start a new online business will find this article helpful in understanding some necessary steps and facts.

What is an online business?

Here the term online represents Internet. Online business primarily focuses on targeting users on Internet as their potential customers.

If you are planning to build a website or a mobile app to earn profits then your business can be called an online business.

Majority of Internet Users are active on mobile and desktop equally. Statistics from past couple of years are showing that users of smartphones are increasing at a rapid rate.

We conducted a study on our clients (to whom we are offering digital marketing services) and found that business which are targeting users in the age group 18 – 35 are getting 83% of their visitors from mobile devices. It is an Acting Institute.

Some companies are targeting users in Age Group 40 – 55 are getting 65% of visitors from Desktop devices.

New companies can considers these statistics to understand that knowing your customer’s demographic info is very important for selecting a platform like desktop or mobile.

If you are primarily focusing on developing a mobile app then you should analyze that the customer group you are targeting is familiar and comfortable using mobile apps or not.

An app like Whatsapp is used by people of all age groups because the interface is very easy to understand and the app is very useful in daily conversations but the majority of users on Whatsapp belong to the age group 18-35.

It is always good to have a basic website of your organization to provide information of your company.

A Responsive Website works smoothly on Mobile Phones, Tablets and Desktop PC.

For Bloggers and Content Writers

If your website’s primary motive is to provide useful articles and content on specific topics then a responsive website will be sufficient.  Users will be able to find your articles easily by querying on Search Engines. You can go for Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Marketing for getting good amount of traffic to your website.

Get a Payment Gateway

A Payment gateway is necessary to receive online payments. Payment Gateway Integration lets user to pay online using Credit Card, Debit Card or Netbanking.

Some payment gateway companies offer payment gateway to registered business owners with current account of company only.

Some payment gateway companies like Paypal or Payumoney offer services for Individuals also.

A payment gateway account is connected to your bank account. When a user makes payment the money is transferred to pg’s account and later transferred to your bank account after deduction of commission or currency conversion is some cases.

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