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Earn Online by Writing Articles on Slidescope

Slidescope brings an opportunity for all visitors and enthusiasts who are passionate about writing.

This is an amazing opportunity If you are a professional

  • blogger
  • self employed professional
  • house-wife
  • successful entrepreneur
  • content writing expert
  • copywriter
  • freelancer
  • student etc.

You will receive money for Good Quality and unique articles. Your articles and content will be showcased to various clients looking for Copywriters / Freelance Writers.

Readers of this post might have following questions in your mind ?

How much will You Earn Online by Writing Articles on Slidescope ?

You can earn an average of 500 Rs Per 600-700 Words good quality article. Articles that require professional skills can give you INR 2000 – 3000 Per article.

Elementary Level article writers will get a sum of 50 Rs per article of 300 + Words.

If a Client likes your article then you can set your own rate or you can accept the cost that a client will offer you.

Terms and Conditions for Articles to be accepted in Slidescope?

Articles must be original and written in English. Copied / translated or rewritten articles will not be published and evaluated.

Articles should not contain abusive language or hatred towards any community, country, person or religion.


Can I write in Hindi ?

Demand of Good articles writers in Hindi is increasing day by day. We have a separate website for our Hindi readers/ users – www.डिजिटलमार्केटिंग.com

You can definitely write in Hindi and you can expect amount of money as a revenue from your articles.

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