Digital Marketing Strategy & Implementation for a Politician

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Digital Marketing Strategy & Implementation for a Politician

A Politician or a Political Leader is a public figure who is well known in his / her locality, city or state. Politicians, who are able to win assembly or parliament elections, become very popular nation-wide and globally as well.

As a Digital Marketing Manager for a politician one question that might come to your mind is:

Q #1 “Which platform(s) should I choose to reach more people?”

Q # 2 “What will be the layout and structure of Website?”

Let us deal with both queries one by one. For question #1 answer is: You can use all Popular Social Media Networks like – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Whatsapp etc. You can do On Page SEO and if you have enough budget then definitely PPC campaigns .

Facebook and Twitter are equally important for a Politician or a public figure. One major point of consideration is “number of targeted users/followers”.  Number of active users on Facebook is considerably more than number of users on Twitter.

Step 1 is to create an official fan page on Facebook and a Profile on Twitter. People who know the politician will be able to search and like / follow his page / profile.

Step 2 is to create an official website with domain name www.politician’  Choice of domain name is a subject to availability. Political leaders may have a common name. If “.com”, “.net”, etc. TLD extensions are not available; you can go for extensions like “.in”, “.me” etc.

Official website is very important.

Answer for Q #2 is: Create a website with following pages:

About Me Page: Provide a Detailed Social Profile, Political Profile and Details of Startups / Entrepreneurial activities if any.

Aim, Vision and Mission Page: Provide a detailed answer to people about – “Why Should they Chose Him / Her as their leader?”

Event Invitations: If someone wants to invite the politician at a local event he will fill a simple form and details will be received. Politicians do take part in various events as a chief guest, guest of honor or merely for social networking.

Suggestions and Problems form:  A web-form to share suggestions or problems with the leader. This form helps the politician in knowing common problems of citizens around him. A Leader can easily escalate problems of common people to higher authorities.

Blog Posts: Write blog posts with your recent activities, vision and aim to make the society better.

Step 3: Update daily activities of the Politician. Social Welfare Activities, Public Meetings (Jan Sabha), Media Coverage Details (Scanned News Paper Clips) on the social media profiles.

Step 4 is to Join Local groups related to issues like – Politics, Development, Grievances, and Social Welfare Societies etc. in facebook with 10K + likes where there is a higher probability of getting users that will recognize and follow the politician.  You can participate in group discussion and share posts on your blog, social media fan pages and profiles.

Step 5 Use “GO LIVE” feature of facebook and youtube. Followers and other public will be able to view the activities of the political candidate. You can record video messages and post them on your social profiles and website.

Our team has created a website for a Politician which ranks good in search engine results and has all the features explained in this articles. If you want to see that website please comment below.

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