Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation

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Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation

Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation,  in short LMRC is constructing the Lucknow Metro Project in Lucknow. Lucknow metro will bring a means of fast transport to the residents and visitors of Lucknow. Increasing traffic causes traffic jam in various key areas of Lucknow like Alambagh, Charbagh, Hazratganj, Nishatganj etc. Lucknow metro will help the problem of traffic jam to a great deal. It will be fast, cheap and air conditioned transport which will help in the economical growth of Lucknow. Office timings in morning and evening are the peak rush time. Most of the people will use Lucknow Metro as an alternative of their transport to office. It will solve the traffic problem during rush hours to a great deal.

Recruitment in Lucknow Metro Rail

Lucknow Metro has conducted various recruitment exams for Selection of personnel in the Organization. You can find about various recruitment openings and exam notices in our website. Please bookmark our website and subscribe to our facebook – for regular updates.

Tenders in Lucknow Metro Rail

You can find about tenders in Lucknow metro rail from the following url

We will provide information about tenders and notices in Lucknow metro in our website.

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