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Basics of WebSite Technology

What are Basics of WebSite Technology?

Everything you must know about website technology.

This article is for aspirants who want to build their career in website designing or development industry or as a digital marketing manager.

The term “web” on internet can be a part of following two technologies:

  1. Web Applications
  2. Web Site

What is a Website?

A Website is generally used for Information purpose. A Basic Website has 6-7 pages titled as Home, About Us, Contact Us, Products and Services etc. A website is an essential part of Online Presence and Digital Marketing Strategy for any organization.  A website may or may not have a contact form which can be filled by users to contact the business owners.

What is a Web Application?

A web application is used creating, reading, updating and deleting internal records. In simple words a web application is developed for managing data.

Websites are also categorized as following:

  1. Static Websites
  2. Dynamic Websites

What are Static Websites?

Static Websites are the ones which have static information pages with titles as mentioned above and without any data management facility from front end. These websites are built using client side technologies like HTML, CSS and Javascript only. Changes in these websites are done using the hosting control panels or ftp clients (like filezilla).

What are Dynamic Websites?

Dynamic Websites have static pages and options to Add, Delete or Modify records. Dynamic websites are mainly connected with a database where records are inserted and later fetched using scripting languages like PHP, C# and Databases like MySql / MS-Sql queries.


A Website is also categorized in these two parts:

  1. Frontend – What users see, the main GUI of a Website.
  2. Back End- What developers, administrators, editors see. The Content management part of the website.

A Dynamic Website Coding is divided into two parts:

  1. Client Side Scripting
  2. Server Side Scripting

What is Client Side Scripting?

A client side scripting or coding is done for designing web pages. Technologies like HTML, CSS, Jquery are used from creating design templates.

What is Server Side Scripting?

Server side scripting is done to fetch and insert records from / to database tables. Server side denotes “done on a web server”. Languages like C#, PHP, Java etc. are server side scripting languages.

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