Use the concept of Historical Optimization to double the visitor traffic and leads

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Use the concept of Historical Optimization to double the visitor traffic and leads

What is Historical Optimization ?

Many websites on internet are 5-10 + years old and the content on those blogs is old as well. Here the term Historical is being used to represent those old blog posts that were written few years ago.

Experts have tested optimization of those old posts by improving the content with more useful information and keywords and found that there is a significant increase in the amount of traffic on those posts.

In some cases the increase in visitor traffic is upto 200%.

Old useful posts are always liked by internet because of positive user reviews and feedbacks. Expertise of an author increases with time. Author can include new information or points to improve the usefulness of that post.  Search engines are now focusing on giving priority to those websites in search results which have a better and useful answer for any query that is posted by users. Improvement in the answers that were already useful will definitely increase the chances of getting better rank in search results

This optimization technique is gaining popularity in the business to business content marketing planning as well.

Revisiting and improving an old content is easier than writing something new as it requires less amount of research and analysis (which was already done while writing the post originally).

Many posts that were written with some technology in mind became outdated as technology improved and some new versions of that technology became popular. Rewriting your post comparing the new and old technology and giving advantages of the new technology will be more useful for visitors.

If your leads are directly proportional to the number of visits you receive for particular posts then there is a chance that the percentage of lead conversion will increase using historical optimization as well.

If you have any suggestions or personal experience related to historical optimization please comment below. If you want to contact us regarding professional consulting on digital marketing techniques Contact Us for Historical Optimization

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