6 Steps to Make Digital Marketing Strategy for any Website. Digital Marketing Lesson 5

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6 Steps to Make Digital Marketing Strategy for any Website. Digital Marketing Lesson 5

6 steps make digital marketing strategy client websites

Steps to Make Digital Marketing Strategy for any Website.

  1. Analyze Business Category:

    First and foremost, analyze the niche / genre / business category of the website you want to promote. There can be one or more sub categories but mainly there must be a single business category.

  2. Keywords Research & Analysis:

    Do some research on the performance, keywords, services, products, website content, social media presence and search positions of top companies belonging to the category you analyzed in step 1.

  3. Effective Content Building:

    Build and Plan a Strategy to write quality content with rich keywords you analyzed in step 3. A good and useful content will always get the attention of visitors. People will share the content on their social profiles and subscribe to your content. Content is the King in Digital Marketing. Use creative banners and images to attract and impress the visitors.

For Example : If you are planning to write content for an E-Commerce store : write detailed product description with usual manuals, key benefits, user reviews and articles about why should someone use that product etc.

  1. Good SEO Strategies:

    Till now you have written content which has a good readability score for visitors, now you must think about the Search engine crawlers. SEO of the website plays an important role in the search engine indexing and search position of your website for a particular keyphrase or keyword. For Good SEO: Use Keywords in your <title>HERE</title>. Title Tag, Use Good Meta Description for your articles, page or content. A Good SEO plan also requires Keyword Research, Link Building Strategies and Social Media Management of your website’s content.

  2. Prefer Inbound Marketing to Interruption Marketing:

    Interruption marketing is the continuous use of advertisements for the purpose of promoting any business. This type of promotion works and gives you fast results, but the process costs more. Search Results are not permanent in Interruption Marketing. Inbound marketing plan ensures permanent positions in search results for a fairly longer duration of time. A useful article with good SEO will always give you traffic and potential customers. Advertisement in the search results are ignored most of the time by internet users. Results on the first page of search results are clicked 70% of the time.

  3. Use logical Website Structure:

    Use a logical menu for content. Visitors of your website should be able to navigate through the sections easily. If they are looking any particular content then they should find it easily on your website. Follow some standard website structure. Use sitemaps in your website.

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Dwayne BrunoPosted on5:13 am - Aug 12, 2016

These strategies are very important for planning a Digital Marketing for any client. Are technical skills needed for Point number 6 ?

    Slide ScopePosted on5:08 am - Aug 23, 2016

    Thanks for Commenting on Slidescope Mr Bruno. Yes technical skills are needed for building a logical website structure but mastering that is not very difficult. You can learn online on slidescope as well.

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