App Store Optimization Checklist – Complete ASO Guide

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App Store Optimization Checklist – Complete ASO Guide

This article will cover all the points that are needed to optimize an App.

What are App Stores?

Google Play, Apple Itunes, Blackberry and Windows Store are famous and official repositories where mobiles apps are kept for smartphone users.

What is APP Store Optimization?

ASO is the process of optimizing a mobile app’s performance on its respective play store.

It increases and encourages users to download the app.

Number of downloads represent the popularity of any mobile app. Overall Sales and Profit are directly proportional to the number of downloads.

Here are all those points that must be kept in mind while uploading an app on app store:

  1. Do a research on customer and competitor analysis.

As an owner of app you must have a survey report about your targeted customers. The report will help you in building the buyer persona. You must ask some important questions to yourself or your team:

  1. Who will download your App.?
  2. Why will they download your App.?
  3. What are my focused keywords?
  4. What languages do my targeted clients speak?

Start thinking like your customer and try to get as many statistics as possible.

Competitor analysis will help you in understanding which users are downloading the app of your competitors and why.

You can use tools lie for Keywords Research.

Tool like Spyfu can be used for Competitor Analysis and research.

Appstore optimization tools best

  1. Optimize your APP’s Title with focused keywords

Most of the app owners do not put their focused keywords in the title of their app. On an average an APP can keep up to 100 characters. If your brand name is of 5 – 10 characters then you can use your primary focused keyword followed by a separator.

Your app’s ranking in Store Search depends upon the Name of your APP. Keywords in your app title can increase your search ranking upto 12 %.

  1. Create a convincing app description

If your app has a convincing description and your targeted keywords are used in your app’s description, your app will be able to compel app users and crawlers both.

windows store optimization aso guide and app store list

  1. Use creative and attractive Store Icons

You have to provide icons for devices of different orientation and size. You can keep the size of your icons as per technical specifications but the creativity in your icons and its relevancy with your business or business name will catch the eyes of customers and users.

  1. Create a stunning introduction video for your app

An introduction video can attract your customers might compel them to download and use the app. If you are introducing a Mobile Game App then you can include Gameplay videos to let users know about the graphics and gaming experience.

If you are optimizing an app about an ERP, CRM or any other software then you can provide some tutorial guide videos in your introduction.

  1. Take screenshots of your APP for all devices

You have to take screenshots of your app for all devices like Smartphone, Tablet, TV, watches etc. Screenshots will give a clear idea of graphics and user experience to the users. You have to keep the dimensions of these apps as per standard sizes mentioned in app publishing center.

  1. Work on Localization of your APP for native audience

You can provide descriptions and screenshots as per the location of searchers. Users prefer apps with localized descriptions and images which helps them in understanding the purpose and benefits of the app clearly.

  1. Encourage people to rate and leave reviews about your APP

You can use push notification or pop up forms to encourage your users about rating your app. Apps with genuine reviews and ratings drive more downloads.

  1. Use SEO to drive more traffic to your APP.

You can write about your app in your blog or website and do seo of that post with the focused keywords for your app. Provide app download buttons and icons as call to action in your article and websites.

Search Engine Results Page also display APP download links with rating and description of app.

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