Step By Step PHP Tutorial – Part 1 – Introduction

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Step By Step PHP Tutorial – Part 1 – Introduction

  • PHP is a server side scripting language and it stands for Hypertext Pre-Processor. Originally PHP was called “Personal Home Page”.
  • PHP was created by Rasmus Lerdorf in the year 1994.
  • PHP was primarily developed for Web Development Purpose.
  • PHP can be used to post and retrieve data from one html form on any other page.
  • You can insert PHP code inside HTML or HTML code Inside PHP code.
  • Knowledge of Basic HTML and CSS is preferred to learn PHP.
  • Syntax of PHP is very easy to learn. If you are familiar with C Programming language then you will be able to understand PHP easily.
  • PHP is not a client side programming language which means that it cannot run without a server.
  • APACHE server can be used to test and run PHP.
  • PHP is an open-source programming language. It has a huge community of users and hence it has a lot of support.
  • PHP can be used in a Procedural Programming Style and Object Oriented Programming Style.
  • Beginners will start with Learning Procedural Style and then OOPs style.
  • Websites like Stackoverflow and can be used to get solutions to any problem related to PHP.
  • A server side scripting language like PHP can be used to communicate with the database directly.
  • It can be used to Create, Read, Update and Delete records of a database.
  • Database is used to store data in tables. Tables have columns that are named as per the data which will be stored n them.
  • MYSQL database is commonly used with PHP and we will learn MySql in this tutorial as well.
  • PHP can be used to Create, Read and Delete files on targeted folders and directories.
  • PHP is the backbone of many popular CMS tools like WordPress, Drupal, Magento etc. After learning PHP you will be able to configure above mentioned CMS scripts to any extent.
  • PHP can be used to set and access Cookies and Sessions. It is helpful in creating Login and Signup Based User Management Systems.
  • You can use PHP to encrypt data.

This is a Step By Step PHP Tutorial & In this introduction part of PHP we have covered some common points that a students or a beginner must know about PHP before learning it.

Some point may have not been covered in the introduction section but you will find them in the newer parts of this tutorial.

See this Video Which is a Step by Step Video Tutorial for PHP

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