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Maths Module in Python Language

How to Import Maths Module in Python

Maths module is already included with python installation.

To import any module in your program you must use:

import <modulename>

To import Math module write:

>>>import math


>>> print(pi)

NameError: name ‘pi’ is not defined

>>> import math

>>> print(math.pi)


>>> print(pi)

NameError: name ‘pi’ is not defined

We must use math. before calling any method or variable of math module.

>>> math.factorial(5) # To calculate factorial


>>> math.e


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How to plot Boxplot in Python

A box plot is used to visualize 5 values in a dataset for the selected column(s):

  • Minimum Value
  • First Quartile or 25%
  • Median (Second Quartile) or 50%
  • Third Quartile or 75%
  • Maximum value

Box Plot is also known as Box and Whisker Plot.

Steps –

    1. Load the dataset using Pandas dataframe
  1. Select any column to visualize
  2. Plot boxplot using Pandas
  3. Plot boxplot using Seaborn

Python Code :

import pandas as pd

#load data

data = pd.read_csv(‘insurance.csv’)


how to plot boxplot in pandas

>> data.describe()

statistics in python pandas

# In pandas boxplot one attribute, column is required to plot boxplot
# Column can take name of one column of the dataset or the list of columns

# We can group data as well.

data.boxplot(column=[‘age’], by=[‘gender’], figsize=[10,7])

Boxplot Using Seaborn Library