How to get high quality backlinks for your website

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How to get high quality backlinks for your website

There are various methods to get high Quality backlinks for your website or blog. Some methods are as follows :

  1. Submitting Your website to PR4+ website directories is a fantastic and easy way of getting high quality backlinks. Example is . Sometimes these directories require reciprocal links and in most of the cases it is not mandatory.
  2. Blog commenting is a classic way of getting Dofollow links. It should not be done in a “spam: way though because most websites require admin approval of comments, we should keep the content relevant.
  3. Creating your own free hosted blogs and placing relevant anchor tags to the content of your website. There are plenty of free hosted blogging platforms available like :, Google Sites, Tumblr etc.You have the freedom of writing any content and linking to any content using dofollow hyperlink html tags.
  4. Listing your business in Business Directory websites like Yelp, Just Dial etc. will help you in getting backlinks for your website.
  5. Submitting ads of your business / service in some classifieds advertisement websites also generates do-follow backlinks for your website. Many websites do not allow posting links in the main content area but most of the websites allow linking your websites to your classifieds advertisement.
  6. Creating profiles in freelancing websites and providing your website address in your profile.
  7. Participating in famous forums and providing links in your answer if necessary. Try not to spam else your account would be suspended
  8. Many blogs are offering free or sponsored posts / review services. If you find a blog with decent traffic and your niche, you can definitely give sponsored / free reviews a chance.

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KaranPosted on10:15 am - Mar 6, 2017

Useful and relevant tips to get backlinks.simple tips but very effective if someone practice thanks for sharing

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nice Article sir

SakkariyaPosted on8:39 am - Oct 12, 2017

Thanks for sharing such valuable things, which will be more helpful to us. anyway I am expecting much more ideas about new SEO strategies. thanks.

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SureshPosted on3:11 pm - Oct 18, 2017

Nice very useful post.

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