5 Amazing SEO tips for Bloggers using blogspot

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5 Amazing SEO tips for Bloggers using blogspot

Blogger.com is one of the oldest and free online tool by Google to create blogs.
You will get a “example.blogspot.com” url for your blog.
Millions of internet users have their blog on blogspot and they are earning decent money from the advertisements as well.

But after a certain point in your blogging experience, one question might come to your mind :

Is Blogger Search Engine Optimization Friendly ?

Answer is Yes. It is SEO friendly if you follow some tips and basic guidelines of SEO and digital marketing.

Here are the SEO tips for Bloggers :

1. Write posts with at-least one targeted keyword in the title.
2. Use your targeted keyword in the custom permalink of your post / page. Blogger assigns default permalink to post and pages sometimes whic can be bad for a good SEO score.

SEO Tips for Bloggers
3. Try using images in your articles and adding a featured image to your post. Click on your image and go to properties and you will get a form to fill the Title and Alt attlibute of your image tag. You can fill the text boxes with your targeted keyword you used in your title and custom permalink.

SEO Tips for Bloggers Alt tag
4. Use Subheading tags from the text-editor menu and put some keywords in your subheading tags. It is good for SEO.

5 Amazing SEO tips for Bloggers
5. Go to Dashboard >> Template >> Edit html and type Ctrl + F and find
This line in your <head> tag:
This is how blogger dynamically fetches the Page Title. You can compare this variable with the values in the image.
You will see that Trade My Ad: text is unnecessary because your post title is – New Classifieds Website Launched – Trademyad.com

So you can replace the tag within <title>…</title> with

<b:if cond= ‘data:blog.pageType == &quot;index&quot;’>

5 Amazing SEO tips for Bloggers
It will tell the blogger to Include Blog Title in <title> tag when the page is index page or homepage and for other pages / posts –
Only the Page Name (Title of your post or page).

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Hope JamesPosted on5:00 am - Jan 18, 2017

I tried your method and it worked exactly the way I wanted . Now I am able to control the SEO Title of My Blogspot posts

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Thanks for Amazing Seo Tips for Blogger .It really help me in Understanding in detail.

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