How to index a website to Google Search – Webmasters Tools

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How to index a website to Google Search – Webmasters Tools

Adding or indexing a website to Google Search is an essential step in digital marketing of any business or product. If you are doing digital marketing of an app or a website then Google Webmasters Tool will help you in proper indexing of your website.

Google Webmasters tool has various simple to use and understand modules which can be used to control the indexing of your website and analyze the traffic coming from Google search engine.

To index a website to Google Search please follow these instructions:

Step 1 – Login to with your existing Google account.

Google Webmaster Setup

Step 2 – After Signing in you will be redirected to your search console where you will find an option to Add New Property.

add a property in google search console

Here you can see two values in a drop down-

  1. Website
  2. Android App

If you are trying to index an android app you have to enter the package name of your app, for example –

If you are indexing a website in Google Search you have to enter the url of your website in the text box.

For Example – which is a root domain

Step 3 – The Verification Process: You have to verify that the domain name entered by you in step 2 is either owned by you or you are the authorized person to manage it.

google webmasters console verification

There are several methods verify the ownership of domain name.

If you have access to the File Manager of your website hosting then you can chose the “HTML FILE UPLOAD” method.

You have to click the link and download HTML file and place it in the root of your domain name hosting folder. (Where you have indexp.php or index.html file)

After uploading the file you can click VERIFY button.

If you have access to the html code of your website, especially header part then you can use the second method – HTML tag : Add a meta tag to your site’s home page.

Here you have to copy the meta tag and paste it in between your website’s opening and closing <head> tag.

These are two very easy methods to verify the ownership of your domain name and then you will be redirected to the Google Webmasters Dashboard of your new account.

In you Google Webmaster Dashboard >> Crawl section you will find SITEMAP option.

You can create SITEMAP file of your website and submit it here. All the urls of your website that are there in the sitemap file will be processed and indexed by google automatically.

We have created a video to Add any website to Google Webmasters and Add Dynamic and Static Sitemaps.

You can watch them to understand the indexing process clearly.

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