List of free online SEO tools for Digital Marketers

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List of free online SEO tools for Digital Marketers

Team Slidescope is excited to share a comprehensive list of free online seo tools for Digital Marketing Professionals. These tools are free to use and you can apply them in your daily digital marketing tasks.

  1. Google PageSpeed Insights

This tool is for Analysis of Web Page Loading Speed for Mobile and Desktop devices with suggestions to improve overall speed performance.

  1. Google, Yandex and Bing Webmaster Tools

SEO is one of the most exciting tasks in Digital Marketing. Webmaster Tools help you in proper indexing of your website in respective search engines and analytics of traffic from search results. These tools also help you in detecting problems in your website which can be rectified to get a Good SEO score.

  1. Keywords Research and Marketing Analysis

Analyze related search terms, Cost Per Click rates for Keywords, Search Volume etc. for all major search engines.

Spyfu – For Competitor Analysis and Keyword Research

  1. MOZ Open Site Explorer for comprehensive url analysis.

  1. Keyword Planner by Google Adwords

  1. Google Trends Explore

Graphical Analysis of Search Traffic and Data for Search Terms and Topics

  1. Markup Generator for Different Type of Content

free online SEO tools schema json-ld code generator

If you are trying to generate Microdata for a Local Business you can use this tool as well –

  1. Google Structured Data Testing Tool to Test, Preview and Validate Markup

  1. Keyword Position Checking Tools

To know the position of your website for respective keywords in Search Engine Results you can use these tools.

free online SEO tools keywords position checker

Check Upto 5 Keywords

Note: You can chose Search Engine Country and Specific area or location to know the position of any website in search results for respective search queries.

Reports show average monthly searches for that keyword as well. It will help you in analyzing the potential of that keyword.

  1. HTML, JSS and CSS Compression Tools

This tool will help you in compressing your HTML, CSS and JavaScript code. Compression is an important step in optimizing page speed.

If you are using a CMS like WordPress, you can plugins like W3 Total Cache or Autoptimizer for the same job.

  1. Image Compression Tools

Image compression is an important task for SEO and Web Development professionals. It is always a good practice to compress your Images before uploading them to articles and pages. This tool will help you in compressing the images in bulk and one by one as well.

  1. XML – Sitemap Generator Tools

Sitemap files are very important for proper indexing of website urls in search engines. There are many sitemap generator tools that can automatically create a Siitemap.xml or Sitemap.html file for your website which can be submitter in Google and Bing Web-Master tools.

If you are not using any famous CMS like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc. then you can use this tool to generate sitemap for your website.

Or this tool

These tools will generate static sitemap file. If your content change frequency is low then only this method is recommended.

CMS tools like WordPress have famous plugins like Yoast SEO, All in one seo pack etc. to generate dynamic sitemaps for you.

  1. LOCAL SEO Search by MOZ

Know the local seo score of your website in Search Results.

14. Free High Definition Image Download

Freepics by Slidescope

Download Royalty free images for commercial use.


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Great list, thanks for sharing. There are a lot of great options out there.

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Thank you for this fantastic resource! I have been blogging for almost 6 months now and am still trying to wrap my mind around how to master SEO. Plugins ( like Yoast) have been my lifesaver up to this point.

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nice tips, i have submitted my sitemap to girl google and bing, i now discovered that of yandex , moving ahead to do that now

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As an online marketer as well, You can never has to many tools. TY
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sudip chatterjeePosted on10:26 am - Nov 29, 2017 is not a free tool it’s fully paid tools.

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