List of best SEO auditing tools

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List of best SEO auditing tools

SEO auditing tools are very important for digital marketing professionals.

You must analyze SEO score of websites regularly.

Analysis and Auditing of SEO score will help you in taking business growth related decisions.

SEO auditing can be done manually but there are some tools that will help you in getting in depth reports.

You can take insights from these reports and present it to your clients as well.

Here are some of the most famous SEO auditing tools :

1. Seo Site Checkup can be used to audit SEO for one website per day in its free plan.
SEO report is generated in PDF form.
Optimized and unoptimized parameters are shown in green and red respectively.
It gives a score out of 100.

 seo report and score of slidescope

Here is a screenshot of report generated by this website. Full report contains information about Passed SEO checks, Failed Checks for SEO and Warnings.

2. Small SEO tools has many tools that are helpful for SEO students and professionals.
You can do keyword position check, backlinks check, seo score check and much more in this tool.

3. SEO Optimer is a website review tool with seo auditing functionality.
It performs quickly and it is very simple seo tool.

Generate pdf seo reports

4. SEO Mator is similar to above mentioned tools and can be used for generating While-Label Search Engine Optimization auditing reports.

5. SEM Rush is a keyword analysis tool but it can also be used to generate seo reports of any website.
It provides information about best performing keywords and their adword value as well.

6. Reportgarden SEO Report Tool is a free SEO reporting tool for clients.

There are plenty other SEO auditing tools available on internet. Most of them perform similarly.
Best auditing tool is your mind.
You have to use these tool to generate reports and then used your mind to take necessary steps in improving the SEO score.

SEO Score tells us that how well a website can perform in search engine results ranking.

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