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Pay Per Click Advertising Basics

Pay Per Click Advertising Basics

What is Pay Per Click Advertising?

Pay Per Click is a paid part of Search Engine, Display Networks, Social Media Marketing.
1. As the name suggests when a company pays an advertising network on per click basis to display it’s advertisement on various publisher websites.

Who is an Advertiser ?
An advertiser is a company or individual who wants to advertise his products and / or services on advertising networks.

Who is an ad publisher ?
An ad publisher is a company or an individual who registers it’s website, app, social media page etc. on an advertising network and agrees to display advertisements on his web properties.

A Publisher sometimes makes an area/ segment of it’s website available for advertisement.

Ad Publisher in PPC Marketing

Advertisers can contact the publishers and they can sign a contract of displaying advertisements for a particular period of time.
Pricing is mainly decided on the basis of popularity of publisher’s website.

In most of the cases as a publisher it is hard to find advertisers on your own, hence Publishers sign up with an advertising network and agree to display advertisement on their website.
Example of such advertising networks are : Google, Yahoo, Bing, Infolinks etc.

In a similar way it is hard for advertisers to decide and chose a particular website to display ads and hence they also contact advertising networks to chose best publishers for them.

In short : An advertising network has registration options for both publishers and advertisers.

Example : If I want to advertise Slidescope’s services then I will register on these networks as an advertiser.
If I want to offer/rent a space on my website for ads from other advertisers to appear then I will apply as a publisher.

Advertising networks like Google or Yahoo have strong guidelines that a publisher’s website must follow in order to be accepted as a publisher.
Guidelines like :

  • Number of Visits in a day
  • Originally Written Quality Content
  • Popularity of Website
  • Social Media Presence
  • Privacy Policy Terms & Conditions pages etc.

Advertising networks display paid advertisements in Search Networks(Search Engine Results Page) and Display Networks (Publisher Websites, Youtube etc.)
As mentioned in Point 1 If an Advertiser Pays an Advertising Network (Like Google, Yahoo etc.) On per click basis and the advertising network pays the publisher some percentage of the Per Click Amount, this type of advertising is termed as Pay Per Click Advertising.

When is it needed ?

1. For Quick Results
When a website is launched, SEO and SMO may take some time for the results to appear, PPC advertising ensures quick results.

2. For Brand building
To keep the fight going with the competitors.

3. Expensive keywords for which SEO is very difficult
Example : Online Shopping is a famous keyword and bid rate for such keywords is very high.
“Bid Rate is decided on the basis of popularity of a keyword.”
Various advertisers want to appear first in the search results for a particular keyword.

You will find a form with following details :

Sample Pay Per Click Advertising Form

A Screenshot from google adwords account setup is given below :

Google Adwords PPC Setting

You can do pay per click advertising on :

You can setup PPC Marketing campaigns in Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo / Bing etc. as well.

If you are owner of an online shopping website or you are managing digital marketing for an e-shopping company you can setup a Google Merchant Center Account for Product Ads in Search Results Page.

If you are not sure about PPC marketing you can hire a Digital Marketing Agency as well.

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