What are Search Operators ? | Digital Marketing Lesson 11

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What are Search Operators ? | Digital Marketing Lesson 11

Search operators are combination of Symbols and words that can be used to make a search more precised and relevant. Search operators can be used by digital marketing experts and students to analyze results for particular queries.  You can use these operators for preparing reports as well.

List of Search Operators

To search something within a given domain name or to see the number of urls indexed for a site
example –  site:slidescope.com

If you want to find out some websites that link to a mentioned domain you can use this operator
example – link:swapthebook.com

If you want to find which websites are using a particular keyword in their title tag you can use this operator.

example – intitle:digital marketing

Remember when we are using two words in our search query, search engine will look for both words separately or together in the SEO titile of the page.

Use this operator If you are looking for websites with some text that should be there in the page content.

This operator is used for viewing web results with mentioned keyword in the url (slug of url)
example – inurl:summer-fabrics

Main thing here is anchor text in the link. If we want to search for links with mentioned word in the slug.

example – inanchor:airplane ; will show all results like : example.com/abc/airplane , example.com/abc/big-airplane

To find Blog posts that are written by a specific author. You will find article results written by author mentioned in your query.
example – inpostauthor:ankit srivastava

Find sites that belong to the same category as entered sites.

example- related:facebook.com

Search operators mentioned above can be used in combination using AND and OR condition to get more accurate results.

For example – intitle:digital marketing AND intext:Lucknow

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