Strategy for Facebook Marketing

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Strategy for Facebook Marketing

This post is an overview of Strategy for Facebook Marketing.

This post is focused on facebook groups mainly.

What are facebook Notifications ? >> Notifications contain information about an activity.
Activity like :
Something Posted in a group of which we are a member.
Some content posted in a page of which we are a fan (or we like that page).

If the post is of our interest and links to a website we will not hesitate to click it. Clicking the link
takes us to website’s content and this in turn increases one pageview for the website. We might find other
content on the website useful and read that as well by clicking on their urls which increases number of pagevisits
to that website.
Number of pagevisits and unique pageviews and the amount of time (in seconds) that users spend on a website are some
important factors / parameters in declaring the world wide rank of that website.

This is the factor every content for users on your website should be shared with relevant audience on social media.

SEO is an activity that ensures visit of users in near future but social media content sharing gives you visitors instantly and for future as well.

Where to share your content ?

You can share your content in :
>>Personal Profile with your Friends / Followers
>>Fan Page with your Followers indicated with N Number of Likes
* Fan page and Personal Profile belongs to you. The reach is limited to number of followers.

>>Group with Group Members with N Number of members
*Group could be created by you or any other group with millions of members.
Remember sharing an irrevant post / content might result in permanent ban from the group admins.

How to find a relevant group for Facebook marketing ?

Lets consider an example of a Travel Blog with attractive tour package offers for tourists. In this case
we can search groups belonging to tour and travel categories.
Go to facebook search box and type “tour and travel” and hit enter.
You will see:

  • Latest
  • People
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Pages
  • Places
  • Groups
  • AppsEventsFrom the search result page menu chose groups to filter group results only.
    If you want results from a particular region or country, use your region in the search query.
    You will find group in a variety of categories like Public Group, Closed Group etc.
    In a public group, the content and members name are visible to all unlike in a closed group where the content is
    visible to members only.
    You have to join the group to start posting / contributing.
    *Note : Do not try to spam groups with unwanted content. Read group rules before contributing.Contributions made by you might get published immediately or might be submitted for admin review.

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