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Management Professionals with clothing manufacturing startup – Tagged Jeans

Young and aspiring Post Graduate Management professionals decided to start a cloth manufacturing company. They have launched their Online Fashion Store where anyone can buy Clothing Products. The Brand is called “Tagged Jeans” and their website is now live – Tagged Jeans

In an interview with the founders they stated that their aim is to provide comfortable, stylish and affordable clothing range for the customers. Their Products are looking stunning that you can check out on their website. Tagged Jeans is becoming very popular among young college graduates. They are receiving positive responses from visitors and Slidescope team wish them Good Luck for their Success.

Entrepreneurs are taking interest in the Cloth Manufacturing Sector and it is a good news. A manufacturing unit requires skilled personnel and hence it will generate job opportunities for many people. We are promoting #makeinindia initiative.

It’s a Clothing manufacturing startup based in Lucknow.

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Procurement Cycle | Best Online Procurement Systems

A Procurement Cycle can be divided into following steps :

  1. Know that you need something.

You must be aware about the need first. Information from the external and internal sources must be there about need of products (fresh or re-ordering)

  1. Know what and how much do you need.

Once you are aware that department(s) of your enterprise need something you must analyze what do they need and how much.

  1. What will be source of supply?

After determining the Quality and Quantity of the products, goods, services or works required the procurement department must do a research of possible and best suppliers.

  1. Pricing and Terms

Pricing of goods, works or services can be analyzed by inviting suppliers to send quotations. In general Prices, Quality and Delivery time of Minimum 3 Suppliers are compared.

  1. Working with Purchase Orders

Purchase Order works as a legal document which contains Terms and Conditions, Products / Services Requirement, Date of Delivery, Pricing Information, Quality, Quantity etc.

Purchase order is delivered by official e-mails, post mails etc. Acknowledgement of Receipt is always good. Both Parties (Buyer and Supplier) keeps the copy of purchase orders.

  1. Quality Check and Receipt of Purchase

It is an important step the procurement process. Checking and analyzing the Quality of Received Goods is important. An acknowledgement by the quality assurance team Ensures receipt of goods and services as stated in the purchase order.

  1. Payments

Once the received orders are accepted by the buyer, Payments are made in the Account of Supplier by Cheese, Direct Bank Transfer or by Cash in some cases.

Payment are made on the basis of Invoices and Purchase Orders. In Some cases Full or Partial Payments are made in Advance. Sales Bill of the order are kept by both the parties.

  1. Maintenance of Records

Maintenance of Records is very important. All the transactional entries must be saved in proper documents like Purchase Orders, Sales Invoice, Sales Bill etc.

Records are needed for auditing and analysis of performance, taxes, profit & loss etc.

If you or your organization requires bulk purchase of goods, commodities or products you can opt for Online Procurement Systems. We have tested and recommend – for Efficient Operation of Procurement.

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Visaranai – Official Entry for Oscars 2017 from India

Visarnai is a Tamil Film starring famous superstar Dhanush. This film was honored with three awards in the 63rd National Film Awards. It is a brilliant film with amazing story and awesome acting from all the professionals. This film is chosen for Oscars 2017 as an entry for Indian film.

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Bahama Leaks ‘475 Companies are involved in tax stealing’

After 5 months of Panama Papers Leak there is a buzz  about Bahamas Leak.
Almost 1,75,000 companies of the world are involved in  tax stealing.
475 companies of India are there in the list.
These companies belong to the elite industries like
Electronics, Real Estate, Fashion, Media and Internet.
Some of the names were there in the Panama papers leak
as well.

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How to Install WordPress on your domain or subdomain | Part 1

Install WordPress on your domain or subdomain.

  1. Add a new domain to your hosting.
  2. Add your hosting nameservers to your domain.
  3. Open file manager in your hosting and upload the zipped WordPress folder that can be downloaded from
  4. If you don’t want to use option ‘c’ you can look for hosting with Autoinstallers like Softaculous.
  5. If you are following option ‘c’, extract your zipped WordPress in your root folder (directory) or directory of your choice.
  6. Look for a file named Wp-config-sample.php, right click and open it in php/file editor.
  7. Go to your hosting control panel and look for Database >> Create New MySql Database
  8. After creating the database add a user to your database, remember or write down the name of database user and its password.
  9. Now open the window in step ‘f’ and Look for Entries like – Database Name, Database User, Database Password and Host. Paste the respective credentials between the opening and closing single quotes ‘…..‘. Important: If you are on cPanel Hosting – In the Host – use ‘localhost’ (works in most of the cases) or you can ask your hosting provider about the Server IP of MySql database. In the case of Plesk hosting your server IP is provided by the hosting provider. You can use that IP as the host for MySql.

The code looks like this :

// ** MySQL settings – You can get this info from your web host ** //

/** The name of the database for WordPress */

define(‘DB_NAME’, ‘database_name_here’);

/** MySQL database username */

define(‘DB_USER’, ‘username_here’);

/** MySQL database password */

define(‘DB_PASSWORD’, ‘password_here’);

/** MySQL hostname */

define(‘DB_HOST’, ‘localhost’);


10. Now save this Wp-Config-Sample.php file as Wp-Config.php.

11.Open if you installed it the root folder and if you installed in the directory folder named ‘directory’.

12. If your wp-config.php file was configured perfectly you will see a screen to enter your Site Name, Site Tag Line and Create Administrator User, Else you be asked to enter the credentials you entered in the step ‘i’.

13. After Installing your WordPress and creating a user you will be able to see your website on ‘’ OR ‘’ and you will be able to login to your dashboard by writing ‘/wp-admin’ followed by your site url.

If you have difficulty in understanding any step of this tutorial please comment below.

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E-Admit Card of UPSC Civil Services Mains Exam 2016

Result of UPSC Civil Services Prelims have been declared. Candidates who have qualified the prelims exams can download their e-admit card
after registering themselves on the official website of UPSC.
Application form for the mains examination and the time table will be available from 7th October 2016.

All the related details will be posted on

How to download E-Admit Card of UPSC Civil Services Mains Exam 2016 ?

Go to the above mentioned link link.

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Digital Marketing Course in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon

Digital Marketing Course is a professional training for candidates who want to build a career in the field of Branding, Promotion and Marketing of Business and Services. Digital Marketing is often referred to as Online Marketing or Internet Marketing. Slidescope has many posts written to explain the meaning and benefits of digital marketing.

We have an online tutorial series of Digital Marketing, Lesson by Lesson –

This is the age of Digital Marketing. Our Government has introduced Digital India and Startup India schemes. Entrepreneurs are coming up with their brilliant Startup ideas in Delhi and National Capital Region, number of Startups are growing at a rapid pace.  Almost every business needs promotion and Digital Marketing is the most effective source of promotion and branding. As the amount of Startups is increasing and existing business are going Digital, need of Skilled Personnel for Digital Marketing is increasing as well.
We provide professional Digital Marketing training with working experience on live projects. You will deal with the requirement of Real Clients during your training.

Digital Marketing Clients are looking for Digital Marketing Strategy Planners and Experts. After completing this course you will be able to work as a professional for other companies or open your own digital marketing agency.

You can refer to our free articles which are written Chapter wise. If you have any queries feel free to comment or contact us.

Digital Marketing Course is gaining popularity and it’s scope is increasing day by day. We have written an article where you will find scope of digital marketing and for whom the course it is most beneficial for.

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Lucknow Metro Red Line Route Announced

It’s a good news for Lucknow citizens. Lucknow Metro has announced the name of Metro Corridor Route from Chaudhary Charan Singh Airport to Munshipulia as RED LINE. If you are familiar with the route names of Delhi metro then you must be aware about the name of metro lines as red line , green line, yellow line, violet line etc.
It is a 23 kilo – Meters long route which will start from Amausi airport.

Lucknow Metro Red Line

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Best Apps for Doctors

We are providing a list of best apps for doctors,i.e Used by doctors and physicians for information.

Available for – iOS and Android
Type – Premium
Pricing – USD 499 Per Year

It is a support app for Clinical Decisions. It is used by thousands of doctor and physicians and as the name suggests it has an up to date Database of medical records.

Available for – iOS and Android
Type – Free (Signup Required)
Pricing – Not Applicable
Doximity is not just an app for medical records database but a Social Network of Medical Professionals. It’s an amazing platform where professionals belonging to medical industry can connect with each other. You have to create your profile after signing up in th app.

NEJM This Week
Available for – iOS Only
Type – Free
New England Journal of Medicine is a trusted source and this app contains articles and video summaries of many medical procedures. You will find articles and videos on recent findings and ongoing research in the field of life sciences.

Available for – iOS and Android
Type – Freemium
Pricing – Epocrates Essentials for $159.99 a year
Epocrates is one of the most downloaded and used app for doctors. Many doctors use this app to look for information about a drug or make calculations related to patient’s report etc. Most of the information is free on this app but some information like Alternative Medicines, Laboratory Procedures etc. require paid subscription.


Note : The information provided in this post is collected from various online sources and personal experience. If you think any information provided on this page is incorrect, please comment below and we will try to correct it.

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Digilocker – How to save your driving license and vehicle registration papers on smartphone

Digilocker is a website and mobile app service launched by Government of India for saving diriving license and vehicle registration papers online.
As per the statistics on website on 8 September 2016

Digilocker has 2151527 REGISTERED USERS
and 345677055 ISSUED DOCUMENTS.

How DigiLocker Works ?

  1. You can signup with your mobile number. You will recieve an OTP and you can set your password and log-in using your credentials.
  2. You synchronize your Aadhar with Digitlocker
  3. Upload Your Documents by selecting them.
  4. Provide electronic signature to your documents
  5. Share the documents if you want to.

Digilocker has a mobile app which can be downloaded from the following URL