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Points to keep in mind while choosing a domain name | SEO Basics | Slidescope

Points to keep in mind while choosing a domain name

Domain name is the most important part of every website. Whether it’s about branding your business or making a mark in the digital world. It is the first thing that makes your mark in your digital marketing world. It is advisable to go through proper research and alterations before choosing the domain name. Here are few things to keep in mind before choosing a domain name.

Search Engine Optimization

One of the norms of Google for getting better result in SERP (Search engine result page) is to have your focused keyword in your domain.

For e.g.

If you are providing marketing services you can go for

And for any specific location

Easy to remember

Domain name should be easy to remember and should be such that it positioned itself in the buying persona of consumer. This means that the spelling of the domain should be clear simple and short. Avoid using slangs for the domain.

e.g. is much more meaningful than marketing4you or marketingforu or marketing4u.

Meaningful Domain

Domain name should be meaningful that means it should represent your business in complete or specific manner.

e.g. : Airtel the word itself comprises of two words Air and Tel (telecommunication) which clearly explains the business of Airtel company.

Avoid using hyphen in the domain name

Avoid using hyphen in domain as when we tell our website url to someone we only speak the words of the domain rather than mentioning the hyphen in the url.

e.g. : digitalmarketinginlucknow and marketing-in-lucknow both have same pronunciation.

Use only top level domain for business

.com for commerce

.net for technical

.in for specific to Indian region

.edu and for educational purpose, etc for their specific purpose related to your business.


Review the Domain name plan

While choosing a domain name plan go thru the terms and conditions, pricing thoroughly. Check all the documentation and nameservers for ease in installation.

Finding the same name as Username in Social Media Marketing is also very important.

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Best Hosting Options for WordPress users in 2018

We are discussing best hosting Options for WordPress users in the year 2018.
If you are using a wordpress website or you are planning to start a new wordpress website then you must be interested in knowing about a good wordpress hosting.

WordPress hosting has always been a big thing to worry about for bloggers and website developers.

A good hosting is not only fast but also safe and secure. Many users who are using plesk panel to host a wordpress website are facing an issue of slow website. Their website takes about 10 to 12 seconds to load completely. A study about internet users says that 60% of website visitors will navigate away from any website if it loads after 5 seconds.

We have conducted our research on the habits of wordpress website owners and found that cPanel owners find wordpress hosting easy as compared to plesk panel users. Plesk panel users are happy with hosting  but not with wordpress osting.
Pretty urls will not work unless you provide a properly written web.config file. Pretry urls are very important for SEO. There are many hosting providers who provide fast and Secure wordpress hosting. Some of the most famous hosting providers are:

We are using Hostgator’s multi domain hosting and we are satisfied with the performance.

Multi domain hosting is preferred if you have more than one website to host. We are using linux hosting plan.

WordPress websites are based on PHP language. pHP language works best with Linux hosting. If you don’t have any windows Technology like ASP, c# etc. based website then you can definitely go for cpanel hosting.

Before buying any hosting please check the Technologies which are supported by it. To run wordpress efficiently your hosting must support php and mysql database. Some hosting providers provide a domain name with their hosting package. Some hosting providers provide SSL certificates there hosting.

SSL certificates ensure s security of your website. Most of the hosting providers have a mandatory requirement of domain name.

Chose your hosting as per disk space requirement of your website.

If you learn WordPress Development click on the link.

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Advanced WordPress Training Lucknow

WordPress is one of the most common and widely use CMS platform built in PHP for Blogs and Website Development. WordPress has a huge community of supporters and users. WordPress was initially considered as a blogging tool but it can be turned into any possible type of application using plugins and custom coding.

Wordpress Course in India

WordPress comes in two variants :

Self Hosted : We host the website on our server.

WordPress Hosted : WordPress provides hosting and it is mainly used for blogging purpose.

We provide training on Self Hosted WordPress Installation.

You can build web applications for you or your clients.

Syllabus of  WordPress Training ?

  1. Installation of Apache, MySql, PHP and Perl Server Locally.
  2. Installation and initial configuration of WordPress .
  3. Creating MySql Database.
  4. Connecting Application with the Database.
  5. Running the website locally
  6. Introduction to Structure of WordPress
  7. Management and Customization of Themes
  8. Management and Customization of Plugins
  9. Create Read Update Delete Operations using Plugins
  10. Basics of PHP
  11. Introduction to WordPress SQL
  12. Create Read Update Delete Operations using WordPress Codex
  13. Advanced Database Management
  14. Advanced Role Management
  15. Creating E-Commerce Websites
  16. Connecting With Payment Gateways
  17. Creating Directory Websites
  18. Creating Classifieds Websites
  19. Creating Job Portals
  20. Publishing the Applications Online on Hosting Servers
  21. Hosting on Cpanel
  22. Hosting on Plesk Servers
  23. Concept of Parent ad Child Themes

Additionally you will learn:

Wordpress theme development training lucknow

  • WordPress Theme Development

wordpress plugin development training in lucknow

  • WordPress Plugin Development


We will teach you WordPress on live projects with Complete business understanding and documentation.

What are the Benefits of Advanced WordPress Training in Lucknow ?

  1. This is a Job Oriented Training. You will be ready to perform professionally as a wordpress developer.
  2. You can also work as a freelancer and serve your clients.
  3. You can start your own business with a bunch of developers and work as an organization.
  4. You can create E-commerce websites easily without coding.
  5. You can develop Classifieds and Directory Listing websites.
  6. You can develop a couple of Business websites in a day.
  7. You will get training on live projects of wordpress.


Duration of WordPress Training in Lucknow ?

Course duration of Wordpress Training in Lucknow is 3 Months.

If you want to know more you can call us – +91- 8604000569 or Fill Enquiry Form – Contact Us