What is the Difference between UX and UI Designing?

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What is the Difference between UX and UI Designing?

There is a huge debate about UX and UI Designing on web.

Many people are still confused about difference between UX and UX.

We are writing this article based on our research and our understanding of these topics.

UX stands for User Experience and UI stands for User Interface.

We will deal with the topics of UX and UI one by one in order to understand them clearly.

What is UX Design?

User Experience is the measurement of overall satisfaction level of any visitor who interacts with our website and hence UX Design is the process of improving that satisfaction by providing elements on our website that or easier to interact.

User Experience Design is done after analysis of various factors.

We can think ourselves as website visitors and we shall write down some points that make our experience on any website smooth and hassle free.

An easily navigable website structure is one such point.

Process of finding the content based on our query in any website easily is another point.

If the content loads quickly then the user will be more satisfied with our website. A good but slow loading content will ruin user experience.

All these points are winding up to one thing that the overall experience of user on our website should be good.

Everything that is mentioned here has a lot to deal with the design of website or application but you can easily figure out the points that are improving user experience.

User Experience is achieved using non-digital and non programming methods. It is achieved using cognition.

Analysis of how the user will react to certain elements if presented in the way in which we are planning.

User Experience Design is done after Research and Development, Analytics, Testing various outputs and choosing the best for improving user experience.

What is UI Design?

User Interface Design is like an art and is performed using Digital tools. Digital tools include use of programming and development frameworks to create beautiful user interfaces.

UI designing can be compared to painting. Flawless strokes of brush and usage of elegant colors can make any painting alluring.

Think about a painting without any theme or planning in the mind of artist and random use of brushes. Such painting can randomly look attractive but it might not be pleasing to those users who look for deep meanings and hidden messages in painting. A meaningful painting can only be created with the help of planning and research and understanding of the respective topic.

In a similar way it is possible that an interface is eye pleasing but it is not upto the standards of user experience and it is also possible that something meets user experience criteria but is not good looking at all.

Many Government websites provide required information that visitors are looking for but most of them have average looking interface.

Having a balance between User Experience and User Interface is very important.

A good looking, fast loading, easily navigable page with tiny animations on page load (if needed), attractive images, light weight sliders, beautiful forms and buttons etc. will provide good UX and UI both.

These are two very important elements in design of any product.

Many users on internet are confused between these terms. Our article will help them in clearly understanding the difference between them

Great Job Opportunities are there in the field of UX Design and UI design.

If you are creative and artistic and you think you can design better looking interfaces you can chose UI Design and it you are more analytical in your approach towards things and you thing you can provide a better user experience based on your analysis you can go for UX Design.

Proper understanding of both UX and UI design will be needed in any case.

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