List of Free Online Tools for Creative Images and Product Mockups

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List of Free Online Tools for Creative Images and Product Mockups

We are sharing our list of Free Online Tools for Creative Images and Product Mockups.
Creative Images, eye-catching banners, flyers, posters, social media headers, mockups etc are needed every day by Digital Marketers.
We have been using these tools to create attractive marketing material for our Digital Marketing clients and for our own website.

1. – Graphic Design Software is one of the most popular and easy to use Graphic Designing Software. You can signup for free or login using your google account. This website has plenty of templates of every shape and size which are as per the required dimensions of social media. You can choose pre configured size or your custom size and create stunning images and marketing material with drag and drop. You can add text and chose from thousands of free icons.
There are some resources on this website that need you to pay. If you don’t want to pay you can use the free icons and illustrations in your designs. Using Canva you can create graphical content like:
a. Social Media Covers
b. Social Media Posts
c. Infographics
d. Resume
e. Advertisements
f. Flyers and Posters
& much more.

Note: The Featured Image of this Post is created using Canva and some other icons.

2. – Create Visual ideas using Infographics is also a powerful graphics designing tool like Canva. It has hundreds of free icons and illustrations. It has many characters (humans), graphs, charts and text customization options. It is one of the best tools on internet for creating Infographics.
Infographics is a creative way of summarizing an analytical research using graphical content.
You can see this image with characters that can be used in and as the name suggest it can be done easily.

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3. – Product Mockups Generator

Product Mockups are required in Digital Marketing mainly for e-commerce and educational services. Mockups are a creative way of presenting your product and services to consumers.
If you want to show how your website, application or software tool looks on devices of different orientation and technology then you can use product mockup generator tool like this.
Using this tool you can create product mockups for your screenshots on:
a. Tablets
b. Laptops
c. Desktops
d. Watch and TV
Print Mockups can also be created to represent E-Books, Software Tools and Digital Downloads on E-Commerce websites.

Here is an example image created using this tool:

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These tools can be introduced in any Digital Marketing Course.

If you are a digital marketing professional and you have a list of Free Online Tools for Creative Images and Product Mockups:

Please mention your favorite tools in comment section.

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Maria Ingrid | Wander with MIPosted on6:31 am - Oct 18, 2017

I’ve been using Canva for quite some time now, and it really helped me a lot with all of its free features.. Will try to take a look at the two other tools that you have mentioned..

jossyPosted on11:58 am - Oct 18, 2017

I know about canva but not he others you listed, will sure check them out though. thanks for creating this list it will really help in building my website with making my own infographics and all.

Sonja JosipovicPosted on2:27 pm - Oct 18, 2017

Thanks for this post! Very useful info!

sayanPosted on2:50 pm - Oct 18, 2017

great post. I use canva myself .very useful tool

CapsuleightPosted on3:17 pm - Oct 18, 2017

very useful we use canva a lot but have found one downside so will look at the other ones

dawnPosted on5:52 pm - Oct 18, 2017

i love that i have learned something new here today!

frankPosted on5:02 am - Oct 19, 2017

Awesome tools, definitely gonna use for my images, thank you for sharing!

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