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App Store Optimization Checklist – Complete ASO Guide

This article will cover all the points that are needed to optimize an App.

What are App Stores?

Google Play, Apple Itunes, Blackberry and Windows Store are famous and official repositories where mobiles apps are kept for smartphone users.

What is APP Store Optimization?

ASO is the process of optimizing a mobile app’s performance on its respective play store.

It increases and encourages users to download the app.

Number of downloads represent the popularity of any mobile app. Overall Sales and Profit are directly proportional to the number of downloads.

Here are all those points that must be kept in mind while uploading an app on app store:

  1. Do a research on customer and competitor analysis.

As an owner of app you must have a survey report about your targeted customers. The report will help you in building the buyer persona. You must ask some important questions to yourself or your team:

  1. Who will download your App.?
  2. Why will they download your App.?
  3. What are my focused keywords?
  4. What languages do my targeted clients speak?

Start thinking like your customer and try to get as many statistics as possible.

Competitor analysis will help you in understanding which users are downloading the app of your competitors and why.

You can use tools lie for Keywords Research.

Tool like Spyfu can be used for Competitor Analysis and research.

  1. Optimize your APP’s Title with focused keywords

Most of the app owners do not put their focused keywords in the title of their app. On an average an APP can keep up to 100 characters. If your brand name is of 5 – 10 characters then you can use your primary focused keyword followed by a separator.

Your app’s ranking in Store Search depends upon the Name of your APP. Keywords in your app title can increase your search ranking upto 12 %.

  1. Create a convincing app description

If your app has a convincing description and your targeted keywords are used in your app’s description, your app will be able to compel app users and crawlers both.

  1. Use creative and attractive Store Icons

You have to provide icons for devices of different orientation and size. You can keep the size of your icons as per technical specifications but the creativity in your icons and its relevancy with your business or business name will catch the eyes of customers and users.

  1. Create a stunning introduction video for your app

An introduction video can attract your customers might compel them to download and use the app. If you are introducing a Mobile Game App then you can include Gameplay videos to let users know about the graphics and gaming experience.

If you are optimizing an app about an ERP, CRM or any other software then you can provide some tutorial guide videos in your introduction.

  1. Take screenshots of your APP for all devices

You have to take screenshots of your app for all devices like Smartphone, Tablet, TV, watches etc. Screenshots will give a clear idea of graphics and user experience to the users. You have to keep the dimensions of these apps as per standard sizes mentioned in app publishing center.

  1. Work on Localization of your APP for native audience

You can provide descriptions and screenshots as per the location of searchers. Users prefer apps with localized descriptions and images which helps them in understanding the purpose and benefits of the app clearly.

  1. Encourage people to rate and leave reviews about your APP

You can use push notification or pop up forms to encourage your users about rating your app. Apps with genuine reviews and ratings drive more downloads.

  1. Use SEO to drive more traffic to your APP.

You can write about your app in your blog or website and do seo of that post with the focused keywords for your app. Provide app download buttons and icons as call to action in your article and websites.

Search Engine Results Page also display APP download links with rating and description of app.

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List of Free Online Tools for Creative Images and Product Mockups

We are sharing our list of Free Online Tools for Creative Images and Product Mockups.
Creative Images, eye-catching banners, flyers, posters, social media headers, mockups etc are needed every day by Digital Marketers.
We have been using these tools to create attractive marketing material for our Digital Marketing clients and for our own website.

1. – Graphic Design Software is one of the most popular and easy to use Graphic Designing Software. You can signup for free or login using your google account. This website has plenty of templates of every shape and size which are as per the required dimensions of social media. You can choose pre configured size or your custom size and create stunning images and marketing material with drag and drop. You can add text and chose from thousands of free icons.
There are some resources on this website that need you to pay. If you don’t want to pay you can use the free icons and illustrations in your designs. Using Canva you can create graphical content like:
a. Social Media Covers
b. Social Media Posts
c. Infographics
d. Resume
e. Advertisements
f. Flyers and Posters
& much more.

Note: The Featured Image of this Post is created using Canva and some other icons.

2. – Create Visual ideas using Infographics is also a powerful graphics designing tool like Canva. It has hundreds of free icons and illustrations. It has many characters (humans), graphs, charts and text customization options. It is one of the best tools on internet for creating Infographics.
Infographics is a creative way of summarizing an analytical research using graphical content.
You can see this image with characters that can be used in and as the name suggest it can be done easily.

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3. – Product Mockups Generator

Product Mockups are required in Digital Marketing mainly for e-commerce and educational services. Mockups are a creative way of presenting your product and services to consumers.
If you want to show how your website, application or software tool looks on devices of different orientation and technology then you can use product mockup generator tool like this.
Using this tool you can create product mockups for your screenshots on:
a. Tablets
b. Laptops
c. Desktops
d. Watch and TV
Print Mockups can also be created to represent E-Books, Software Tools and Digital Downloads on E-Commerce websites.

Here is an example image created using this tool:

Data Analytics Course | Data analytics training

These tools can be introduced in any Digital Marketing Course.

If you are a digital marketing professional and you have a list of Free Online Tools for Creative Images and Product Mockups:

Please mention your favorite tools in comment section.

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W8-BEN form – Why and when is it needed for Affiliate Marketers

If you are registered as an affiliate marketer on any network then you will earn commission on every sale that is made by you or from your network or channel. Whenever you get a commission your account is credited with some money and hence you have to pay the taxes, approximately 30% if you are from USA and the Company in which you have registered is also from USA. You are paid on the basis of CPA Model or CPL model.
(Cost Per Acquisition or Cost Per Lead).

Affiliate marketers require a W8-BEN form if they are from any country other than USA. Affiliate marketing on internet has been there for more than a decade and people are signing up in affiliate marketing portals like Amazon or Commission Junction at a faster rate now a days.

Affiliate Marketers get a portion of Sales Amount as a commission. Some states in USA require taxes from affiliate marketers which is a percentage of the amount received as a commission. This tax is required only from USA Residents. If you are a Non-US resident and doing business as an affiliate marketer then you have to fill this W8-BEN form.

This form is a proof that your nationality is from a country other than USA.

If a company registers you as their affiliate then they should mention your details in their records and keep this W8-BEN form with them.

What is Official Meaning of W8-BEN form ?

Certificate of Foreign Status of Beneficial Owner for United States Tax Withholding and Reporting (Individuals)

You are not allowed to fill this form if you are a citizen of USA. This form is for NON – US residents, individuals.

This form is managed by Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service

You have to fill this form and submit it to the Payer.

You can view or download the W8-BEN form from the official website of IRS or simply click the link below.

W8-BEN form for affiliate marketers is divided into three parts.

Part 1- Your personal details like Name, Date of Birth, Country of Residence etc.

Part 2 – Claim of Tax Treaty Benefits

Part 3 – Certification


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List of free online SEO tools for Digital Marketers

Team Slidescope is excited to share a comprehensive list of free online seo tools for Digital Marketing Professionals. These tools are free to use and you can apply them in your daily digital marketing tasks.

  1. Google PageSpeed Insights

This tool is for Analysis of Web Page Loading Speed for Mobile and Desktop devices with suggestions to improve overall speed performance.

  1. Google, Yandex and Bing Webmaster Tools

SEO is one of the most exciting tasks in Digital Marketing. Webmaster Tools help you in proper indexing of your website in respective search engines and analytics of traffic from search results. These tools also help you in detecting problems in your website which can be rectified to get a Good SEO score.

  1. Keywords Research and Marketing Analysis

Analyze related search terms, Cost Per Click rates for Keywords, Search Volume etc. for all major search engines.

Spyfu – For Competitor Analysis and Keyword Research

  1. MOZ Open Site Explorer for comprehensive url analysis.

  1. Keyword Planner by Google Adwords

  1. Google Trends Explore

Graphical Analysis of Search Traffic and Data for Search Terms and Topics

  1. Markup Generator for Different Type of Content

free online SEO tools schema json-ld code generator

If you are trying to generate Microdata for a Local Business you can use this tool as well –

  1. Google Structured Data Testing Tool to Test, Preview and Validate Markup

  1. Keyword Position Checking Tools

To know the position of your website for respective keywords in Search Engine Results you can use these tools.

free online SEO tools keywords position checker

Check Upto 5 Keywords

Note: You can chose Search Engine Country and Specific area or location to know the position of any website in search results for respective search queries.

Reports show average monthly searches for that keyword as well. It will help you in analyzing the potential of that keyword.

  1. HTML, JSS and CSS Compression Tools

This tool will help you in compressing your HTML, CSS and JavaScript code. Compression is an important step in optimizing page speed.

If you are using a CMS like WordPress, you can plugins like W3 Total Cache or Autoptimizer for the same job.

  1. Image Compression Tools

Image compression is an important task for SEO and Web Development professionals. It is always a good practice to compress your Images before uploading them to articles and pages. This tool will help you in compressing the images in bulk and one by one as well.

  1. XML – Sitemap Generator Tools

Sitemap files are very important for proper indexing of website urls in search engines. There are many sitemap generator tools that can automatically create a Siitemap.xml or Sitemap.html file for your website which can be submitter in Google and Bing Web-Master tools.

If you are not using any famous CMS like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc. then you can use this tool to generate sitemap for your website.

Or this tool

These tools will generate static sitemap file. If your content change frequency is low then only this method is recommended.

CMS tools like WordPress have famous plugins like Yoast SEO, All in one seo pack etc. to generate dynamic sitemaps for you.

  1. LOCAL SEO Search by MOZ

Know the local seo score of your website in Search Results.

14. Free High Definition Image Download

Freepics by Slidescope

Download Royalty free images for commercial use.


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How to index a website to Google Search – Webmasters Tools

Adding or indexing a website to Google Search is an essential step in digital marketing of any business or product. If you are doing digital marketing of an app or a website then Google Webmasters Tool will help you in proper indexing of your website.

Google Webmasters tool has various simple to use and understand modules which can be used to control the indexing of your website and analyze the traffic coming from Google search engine.

To index a website to Google Search please follow these instructions:

Step 1 – Login to with your existing Google account.

Google Webmaster Setup

Step 2 – After Signing in you will be redirected to your search console where you will find an option to Add New Property.

add a property in google search console

Here you can see two values in a drop down-

  1. Website
  2. Android App

If you are trying to index an android app you have to enter the package name of your app, for example –

If you are indexing a website in Google Search you have to enter the url of your website in the text box.

For Example – which is a root domain

Step 3 – The Verification Process: You have to verify that the domain name entered by you in step 2 is either owned by you or you are the authorized person to manage it.

google webmasters console verification

There are several methods verify the ownership of domain name.

If you have access to the File Manager of your website hosting then you can chose the “HTML FILE UPLOAD” method.

You have to click the link and download HTML file and place it in the root of your domain name hosting folder. (Where you have indexp.php or index.html file)

After uploading the file you can click VERIFY button.

If you have access to the html code of your website, especially header part then you can use the second method – HTML tag : Add a meta tag to your site’s home page.

Here you have to copy the meta tag and paste it in between your website’s opening and closing <head> tag.

These are two very easy methods to verify the ownership of your domain name and then you will be redirected to the Google Webmasters Dashboard of your new account.

In you Google Webmaster Dashboard >> Crawl section you will find SITEMAP option.

You can create SITEMAP file of your website and submit it here. All the urls of your website that are there in the sitemap file will be processed and indexed by google automatically.

We have created a video to Add any website to Google Webmasters and Add Dynamic and Static Sitemaps.

You can watch them to understand the indexing process clearly.

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Online Digital Marketing Training for Nigeria and St. Helena

Practical Digital Marketing Training is an elementary step in your online marketing career.`

If want to excel in the field of Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing and Website Promotion then you can join our Online Digital Marketing Training for Nigeria and St. Helena.

If you belong to these African areas or any other part of the world feel free to connect with us for a Practical Digital Marketing Experience.

You will get opportunity to work on live projects from the comfort of your home.

We will teach you all modules of Digital Marketing:

  1. Search Engine Optimization
  2. Social Media Optimization
  3. Social Media Marketing – Facebook, Twitter, Instragram, Linked In
  4. Youtube Video Marketing
  5. HTML, CSS and JS Basics and Optimization
  6. Search Engine Marketing – Pay Per Click Marketing – Google Adwords and Bing Ads
  7. Website Monetization Techniques and Methods
  8. Affiliate Marketing Techniques and Methods
  9. Effective Email Marketing and Subscriber Management
  10. Push Notifications Marketing on Web and Mobile Browsers
  11. Creative Graphics designing using web tools
  12. WordPress website development and hosting
  13. Inbound Marketing
  14. Influencer Marketing
  15. Link Building Techniques

Benefits of Digital Marketing Training for Nigeria and St. Helena

After job oriented training on each of the above mentioned modules of online marketing, students will be able to work on any given project and find projects from internet as well.

Students of This Online Course will be able to develop and host new websites.

Details of This Course :

  • Duration of Course – 60 Days
  • Fee Of this course – 298 USD
  • Class Duration and Timing – Monday to Friday, 1.5 Hours Daily

You can pay your fee via PAYPAL or Direct Bank Transfer.

You will need a working Skype or Google Duo Account to attend the Online Class.

You will also need a Broadband internet connection for better connectivity.

If you are interested in Joining this Online Digital Marketing Course, Contact Us Now

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Free Digital Marketing Quiz 2

Welcome to your Digital Marketing Quiz 2

Your Name
Who is the founder of Open Graph Protocol?
Which of the following is not a classifieds listing website?
Which of the following online tool can be used for competitor analysis?
Spot the invalid "Search Operator" from following options
What can be a valid full form of CTA Button on a landing page?
Which of the following online tool tells Global and Country rank of any website ?
What is correct full form of CPA in advertising ?
Which of the following is most important factor for DA Score ?
Which is the best way to improve online reputation of a Political Candidate?
Which of the following is not the correct method of writing Markup code ?
Which of the following tools can be used for Search Position Analytics of a website?

Students can participate in Free Digital Marketing Quiz – 1 Also

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How markup can increase your website visits by 200% markup can be used to create and manage Schemas for Structured Data on website pages, emails etc. markup can be implemented on websites using RDFa, Microdata and JSON-LD formats.

Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and Yandex are founders of markup.

All the content creators on internet have their own set of vocabulary terms to define and structure their content. It is very difficult to synchronize vocabularies of these many users. Analyzing and processing the structured data will be very difficult for Search Engine Companies. provides a vocabulary that everyone can use to create Structured Data on websites. markup can be applied for articles or content of any type and the structured data can be easily fetched by search engines.

For Example: If you writing about a Recipe on your website you will refer to – and you will find various properties like Preparation Time, Cooking time, Ingredients, Nutrition Facts lie fat and calories and much more.

You can modify the article content using any format like RDFa, Microdata or JSON-LD.

We have tested and applied Microdata and JSON-LD methods on various articles and now we are seeing some changes in the appearance of our web pages on search results.

Look at the image given below: markup for a Recipe

Here you will see that the search result has an Image, Star Rating, Cook Time and Nutrition Facts.

Statistics show that more regular searchers click on these results rather than results without structured data.

By Applying markup on your website you are letting search engines to decorate your search results with some extra information. This extra information attracts searchers and the probability of getting visits on your article increases. markup for Knowledge Panel is also helpful in showing Rich Cards of your content on search results. These Rich Cards appear different than regular results and can be used for showing extra information about a business.

Information like:

  • Founder
  • Year of Establishment
  • User Reviews
  • Official Social Profiles
  • Customer Care Numbers

And many other properties can also be displayed on the knowledge panel:Google Search Rich Cardson search results

If someone searches for a brand name and he/she sees a knowledge panel on the search engine results page (serp), a positive image about that brand is created in his/her mind.

Information in the Knowledge Panel of a brand is fetched from the Structured Data code. for Search Engine Sitelinks Searchbox

Websites with huge amount of articles or product have an advanced search tool of their own on the website. Sitelinks Searchbox is a tool that appears on the search engine results page itself and can be used to search data on the website only. Sitelinks Search box helps users in searching the article of their choice on the search page.

How markup can increase your website visits by 200%

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Digital Marketing Quiz September Leaderboard

Leaderboard for Digital Marketing Quiz

1. None-100%
2. None-100%
3. Ramesh-100%
4. aa-100%
5. Martin-100%
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Free Digital Marketing Quiz

Welcome to Digital Marketing Quiz

Your Name
What should be the correct length of Ttile Tag Content for SEO ?
Which one of the following options is not a Search Engine ?
Which of the following company owns Adwords?
What is the most commonly used full form of CPC in Digital Marketing?
What is the most commonly used full form of CPM in Online Advertising?
What is the full form of SMO?
The term CTR is associated with which of the following ?
Which of the following Meta Tags has least impact on Search Engine Crawlers?
What should be the correct length of Meta Description Tag's Content ?
What is the full form of UX ?