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Points to consider before buying GST billing Software

Year 2017 has witnessed one of the biggest tax reforms in India.

  • It is known as GST – Goods and Services Tax.
  • It is an indirect tax.
  • It has replaced multiple cascading taxes imposed by the central and state governments.
  • It was Introduced by current Finance Minister of India – Sri Arun Jaitley on 1st July 2017.
  • It was Presented as The Constitution (One Hundred and First Amendment) Act 2017.

GST has changed the process of tax collection and hence various retailers, wholesalers and distributors have to register for their
GST identification numbers.

Many retailers used software tools to manage their billing and invoicing activities smoothly.

This tax reform requires some updates in the previously used billing sofware tools.

Developers have taken necessary measures an GST enabled billing software applications are available in IT industy.

Because of so many options that are avaialable it is hard(for business owners) to decide which application to chose.

We are suggesting few points to consider before buying GST billing Software :-

1. Use a fully working demo of the software before paying for it. Many software companies are offering free demo for GST Billing Application.
2. Ask you accountant to check the processing speed. Many softwares have short cut keys to perform various tasks. These keys help in smooth and faster data handling.
If the software uses mouse to access various windows in the software then make sure that navigation is clear and easy.
3. It is better go for a software that has been tested and used by some organization.
4. You can ask the vendor about data handling capability of the software. How much data it can store and process.
5. Ask the vendor about backup and restore functionality. Process of backup and restoring the database should be smooth.
Without and option for backup and restore you will lose valuable information in case the system crashes.
6. If you have a retail store with multiple billing points then you must check and understand the networking capability of the software.
7. For POS – Point of Sale, you can check, understand and explore the barcode printing and scanning options.
8. In GST, taxes are imposed on the basis of various product categories. Tax rates are different for different categories, make sure about this feature.

If you want a GST enabled software with all above mentioned features you can book your demo now. – CALL US

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Best Hospital Management Software

Hospital Management Software is better known as a Hospital Management Information System (HMIS). It  is used to manage all the activities and operations that are performed while running a hospital business. Hospital Management Software is used mainly for Billing and Accounting Purpose. Reports are published in Digital format that can be printed using standard printers.

Why is a Hospital Management Software Needed ?

  1. A software helps administration in automating the process.
  2. Reports, accounting and calculations done via a HMIS are error free.
  3. All the departments of a hospital are interconnected and access levels can be set for each department easily.
  4. Patients can be easily registered with a unique ID. Their accounts can be managed easily with complete transaction details.
  5. Patients can download reports from the comfort of their home, using smartphones or laptops/ desktop computer.
  6. Stock and Inventory Management becomes easy and less time consuming.
  7. Patients can pay online. Simple payment gateway interfaces are used. Credit cards, debit cards and net banking are the most common mode of online payment.
  8. Administration can set prices for beds that can be modified as per requirement.

Features / Modules of A Hospital Management System

  • Patient Registration,
  • OPD Management,
  • IPD / Wards Management,
  • Radiology Management,
  • Pathology Management,
  • Pharmacy Management,
  • Store & Inventory Management,
  • Human Resource & Payroll Management,
  • Financial Accounting Management,
  • Virtual Help Desk,
  • Kitchen & Laundry Management
  • Medical Records and
  • MIS Reports

Demo of Hospital Management Software

A Fully Functional Demo of Hospital Management Software is Available.

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