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Best WordPress Plugins for creating stunning Forms

Form is an important element in website development process.

Forms are used to collect actionable data from users. Without forms, users won’t be able to contact business owners easily.

Forms are also important in increasing engagement on your website.

WordPress has thousands of plugins that can be used to create interactive and attractive contact forms.

We are sharing our list of Form Plugins in wordpress which are used by us on more than 200 websites.

  1. Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 is one of the most famous and used plugin on wordpress depository. It is used by millions of users because it is awesome.

Using Contact form 7 you can create contact forms in minutes. You can select any form element from the tabs given in this plugins setting window.

Once the form is created, you will get a SHORTCODE which can be placed inside any Page, Post or Widget.

One big advantage of Contact form 7 is that it is automatically styled in any theme.

You can also use reCaptcha to prevent bots and spammers from posting useless crap.

Submitted values are automatically sent to your administrative email.

You can download it for free from this url –

You can see this plugin in action –

Contact-form-7 in action

There are other plugins which can be used in conjunction with Contact form 7 to store the values in database as well.

  1. Visual Form Builder Plugin

We are a fan of VFB. It has a unique style which fits it in any theme. We have used this plugin on many websites. Form creation is very easy. You can use simple drag and drop to insert any form input in your form. You can apply validations as well.

All the values that are submitted in this plugin can be viewed in the Entries section in wordpres dashboard.

This plugin also has a math captcha inbuilt.

You can see this plugin in action –

visual form builder in action - WordPress Plugins for creating stunning Forms

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Pop-Up Form Tools for Conversion and Email Lists

Signup Newsletter forms are commonly used for Increasing Conversion and Emails Lists now a days. Many websites are using Pop-Up forms to increase engagement on their website and getting more subscribers to their emailing lists.

We have tested an used many Pop-Up form tools which provide Static HTML forms that can be used in pages or side-bars also.

All of these tools provide a JavaScript code that can be added just before the Closing </body> tag. After adding the tag pop-up forms start working.

Pop-Up tools are very important in getting:

  1. More Subscribers
  2. Increased Traffic
  3. More Leads
  4. Reduced Bounce Rate
  5. More average time per visitor.

Some of those tools are listed below:

  1. Hello Bar  – Free and Paid Options Available

Hello Bar is an interesting and creative Pop Up form for your website.
It appears as a menu bar with your form field.
Form field can be:

  • Liking a Facebook Page.
  • Clicking on a Shop Now Link.
  • Navigating to Some URL etc.

You can see Hello bar Customization window here:

hello bar pop up form setup

You can see Hello Bar in Action on this screenshot:

2. Mailerlite – Free and Paid.

Mailerlite is an alternative to Mail-Chimp.

Note – All new Accounts in Mailerlite are approved by them, they usually disapprove accounts for spamming reasons.
In mailer lite you have to add your residential address.
You must verify your domain name on which you want to use popup code.
Mailerlite will send emails to account of your domain name only.
For Example – [email protected]
There is no option of adding free email providers email.
You have to click on the confirmation email sent to your website’s email to verify the domain name.
Create your subscriber group to receive data of your subscribers.
You must click on the Forms Tab to create your first popup form.
Chose Popup Pr-Styled from E-Commerce, Travel, Full Screen etc. categories.
You can customize the design by changing color theme, text and images.
Once you are done editing you can chose the trigger to show the popup.
You will get a JavaScript code that you have to paste in the HTML of your website to finish the setup.

Pop-Up Form Tools

3. Wishloop – Paid Plans

Wishloop is also a famous conversion online engine software.

It can be used to convert your website visitors into customers by providing suitable call to action buttons and Pop-Up forms.

4. Mailchimp – Email Marketing Platform

Mailchimp is one of the most popular tool used for online conversions. It gives u a codr e which can be embedded on any website to output Pop-Up  or Static forms.

These forms can be used to populate your subscriber list which can be used for re-marketing and conversion.

We are using Mailchimp on many websites and it works smoothly. It has a wordpress plugin as well.


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What is Dwell time and how it affects SEO?

Dwell time is an important metrics for SEO auditors; it helps them in analyzing how their website is performing on search results.

Dwell time can be evaluated with the help of mainly three factors:

  1. Average Session Duration
  2. Bounce Rate Percentage
  3. Click through rate in Search Engine Results Page

Let me explain these factors one by one-

  1. Average Session Duration is the mathematical average of amount of time that users spend on a website. Example: If there are three visitors who spend 2 Minutes, 3 Minutes and 4 Minutes on a website before closing it or going back to the search engine, the average time will be 3 Minutes.
  2. Bounce Rate Percentage represents the amount of visitors that leave our website without visiting the second page. If 100 users visit our website and 60 of them leave the website by closing the page, clicking back button of the browser or opening some other tab then the bounce rate will be 60 %.

What is Dwell time in SEO and how it affects SEO?

You can see Average Session Duration and Bounce Rate Percentage in the Google Analytics report Dashboard for any website.

  1. CTR in the SERP is very important for determining what percentage of visitors clicks our links in the search results as compared to other links. If you will search any keyword on google you will find 10 organic results on the SERP by default. If 1 result Out of those 10 results is of your website then user may or may not click your link from the SERP.

You get impressions in search results and out of every 100 impressions the number of times your website’s URL gets clicked by a user is the CTR in the SERP.

You can see CTR in Google Webmasters Tools >> Search Analytics section.

These three factors are very important for computing the DWELL TIME.

Lower bounce rate good CTR value and higher Average Time Per User for our website will help our website in gaining better ranking and SEO.

Please comment below if you have any doubt or suggestions.

Enroll in our Digital Marketing Course if you want to learn Digital Marketing.

If you want to participate in free exams and quiz related to dwell time go to – Jobs and Exams

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List of Best Tools for ASO

App store optimization will help your mobile app in getting more installs and popularity. We are publishing our list of best Tools for ASO.


App Store Analytics - TheTool

TheTool is a Mobile App Marketing & ASO Tool, It is used for App Stores Analytics.

It has a free trial of 14 days.

It can be used to track and analyze –

  • Keywords rankings
  • Top charts
  • Conversion rate
  • User ratings
  • Installs

App Annie –

App Store Optimization Tool - App Annie

It is the oldest App Analytics and App Data Company based at San-Francisco, California.

It is available on Software as a Service Model.

You can get started for free and contact sales for paid plans.

It is not only app store Analytics Company but also have a specified module for App Stores Optimization.

Sensor Tower –

sensor tower app store optimization tool

Sensor Tower is a Mobile App Store Marketing Intelligence Software / Web Application.

It provides Sales Metrics, Store Intelligence and other insights. It can be used for App Stores Optimization related suggestions and planning.

It is available for Apple iOS Store and Google Play Store.

Pricing starts from 79USD. Free trial is available.


appfollow app store optimization tool

Just like other tools Appfollow is a Reviews & Updates Monitor available for App Store & Google Play. It works on SaaS model.

You will get

  • App reviews
  • keywords
  • ranks
  • reports

It can be used by AppFollow API and Google Sheets.

For 2 Apps and 2 Countries it is free. For Small Business it has a plan of 9 USD per month and for companies and publishers 99 USD.

ASOdesk –

asodesk free app store optimization tool

ASOdesk is an App Store Optimization (ASO) Tool that works with data driven marketing technologies.

Its key points are:

  • Accurate Keywords Traffic Score Related Data
  • Competitor Analysis Reports
  • Notifications regarding app updates, etc.

It has a forever free plan and there are plenty other plans as per your requirements.

It you want APP Store Optimization Service You can contact us.


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List of best SEO auditing tools

SEO auditing tools are very important for digital marketing professionals.

You must analyze SEO score of websites regularly.

Analysis and Auditing of SEO score will help you in taking business growth related decisions.

SEO auditing can be done manually but there are some tools that will help you in getting in depth reports.

You can take insights from these reports and present it to your clients as well.

Here are some of the most famous SEO auditing tools :

1. Seo Site Checkup can be used to audit SEO for one website per day in its free plan.
SEO report is generated in PDF form.
Optimized and unoptimized parameters are shown in green and red respectively.
It gives a score out of 100.

 seo report and score of slidescope

Here is a screenshot of report generated by this website. Full report contains information about Passed SEO checks, Failed Checks for SEO and Warnings.

2. Small SEO tools has many tools that are helpful for SEO students and professionals.
You can do keyword position check, backlinks check, seo score check and much more in this tool.

3. SEO Optimer is a website review tool with seo auditing functionality.
It performs quickly and it is very simple seo tool.

4. SEO Mator is similar to above mentioned tools and can be used for generating While-Label Search Engine Optimization auditing reports.

5. SEM Rush is a keyword analysis tool but it can also be used to generate seo reports of any website.
It provides information about best performing keywords and their adword value as well.

6. Reportgarden SEO Report Tool is a free SEO reporting tool for clients.

There are plenty other SEO auditing tools available on internet. Most of them perform similarly.
Best auditing tool is your mind.
You have to use these tool to generate reports and then used your mind to take necessary steps in improving the SEO score.

SEO Score tells us that how well a website can perform in search engine results ranking.

If you want a free SEO analysis of your website from our Digital Marketing Experts then you can submit your website for a free Analysis – Contact Us

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Tools needed to Run PHP on local server – PHP Tutorial Part 2

We introduced PHP to students in the Part 1 of this tutorial. In order to run PHP locally or in your computer or laptop you will need following resources:

  1. Apache Web Server

Note – Nginx (high-performance HTTP server), lightspeed (open-source web server) etc. are some alternatives to Apache.

  1. PHP

You can download php from

  1. MySql Server

Needed to Create and Test Databases.

These three resources must be present in your computer in order to run and test PHP code.

PHP can run on any operating system from Microsoft, Linux and Mac-OS if you have necessary resources installed.

If you don’t want to install php manually you can use a simple tool that will install APACHE, PHP, PERL and MYSQL in your computer.

You will need Web Browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla to run your web pages.

We suggest you to use any of the following tools to Install Server for PHP and MySql in your PC or laptop:

  1. XAMPP –
  2. AMPPS –

XAMPP is commonly used for running PHP websites in local server but AMPPS is also as efficient as XAMPP.

These tools will install all resources needed to run PHP in Local Server.

After Installing XAMPP you will get a folder in your default drive (or chosen drive while installing) named XAMPP.



Inside XAMPP folder you will find configuration files for all resources which you can see in this image.

Tools needed to Run PHP in local server

Inside the XAMPP folder you will see HTDOCS folder. This HTDOCS folder is the root folder of your local website hosting.

step by step php tutorial

Directories created within HTDOCS folder will represent new Websites.

For Example: If you will create a directory named SLIDESCOPE in your HTDOCS folder then inside the SLIDESCOPE named folder you will put your web pages and files.

After Installing XAMPP you will find XAMPP CONTROL PANEL in your computer. It looks like this:





Yu can see that it is showing the Operating System Details and the status of APACHE and MYSQL server.

In order to run PHP and MySql you have to start the APACHE and MySQL in control panel.

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App Store Optimization Checklist – Complete ASO Guide

This article will cover all the points that are needed to optimize an App.

What are App Stores?

Google Play, Apple Itunes, Blackberry and Windows Store are famous and official repositories where mobiles apps are kept for smartphone users.

What is APP Store Optimization?

ASO is the process of optimizing a mobile app’s performance on its respective play store.

It increases and encourages users to download the app.

Number of downloads represent the popularity of any mobile app. Overall Sales and Profit are directly proportional to the number of downloads.

Here are all those points that must be kept in mind while uploading an app on app store:

  1. Do a research on customer and competitor analysis.

As an owner of app you must have a survey report about your targeted customers. The report will help you in building the buyer persona. You must ask some important questions to yourself or your team:

  1. Who will download your App.?
  2. Why will they download your App.?
  3. What are my focused keywords?
  4. What languages do my targeted clients speak?

Start thinking like your customer and try to get as many statistics as possible.

Competitor analysis will help you in understanding which users are downloading the app of your competitors and why.

You can use tools lie for Keywords Research.

Tool like Spyfu can be used for Competitor Analysis and research.

  1. Optimize your APP’s Title with focused keywords

Most of the app owners do not put their focused keywords in the title of their app. On an average an APP can keep up to 100 characters. If your brand name is of 5 – 10 characters then you can use your primary focused keyword followed by a separator.

Your app’s ranking in Store Search depends upon the Name of your APP. Keywords in your app title can increase your search ranking upto 12 %.

  1. Create a convincing app description

If your app has a convincing description and your targeted keywords are used in your app’s description, your app will be able to compel app users and crawlers both.

  1. Use creative and attractive Store Icons

You have to provide icons for devices of different orientation and size. You can keep the size of your icons as per technical specifications but the creativity in your icons and its relevancy with your business or business name will catch the eyes of customers and users.

  1. Create a stunning introduction video for your app

An introduction video can attract your customers might compel them to download and use the app. If you are introducing a Mobile Game App then you can include Gameplay videos to let users know about the graphics and gaming experience.

If you are optimizing an app about an ERP, CRM or any other software then you can provide some tutorial guide videos in your introduction.

  1. Take screenshots of your APP for all devices

You have to take screenshots of your app for all devices like Smartphone, Tablet, TV, watches etc. Screenshots will give a clear idea of graphics and user experience to the users. You have to keep the dimensions of these apps as per standard sizes mentioned in app publishing center.

  1. Work on Localization of your APP for native audience

You can provide descriptions and screenshots as per the location of searchers. Users prefer apps with localized descriptions and images which helps them in understanding the purpose and benefits of the app clearly.

  1. Encourage people to rate and leave reviews about your APP

You can use push notification or pop up forms to encourage your users about rating your app. Apps with genuine reviews and ratings drive more downloads.

  1. Use SEO to drive more traffic to your APP.

You can write about your app in your blog or website and do seo of that post with the focused keywords for your app. Provide app download buttons and icons as call to action in your article and websites.

Search Engine Results Page also display APP download links with rating and description of app.

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Step By Step PHP Tutorial – Part 1 – Introduction

  • PHP is a server side scripting language and it stands for Hypertext Pre-Processor. Originally PHP was called “Personal Home Page”.
  • PHP was created by Rasmus Lerdorf in the year 1994.
  • PHP was primarily developed for Web Development Purpose.
  • PHP can be used to post and retrieve data from one html form on any other page.
  • You can insert PHP code inside HTML or HTML code Inside PHP code.
  • Knowledge of Basic HTML and CSS is preferred to learn PHP.
  • Syntax of PHP is very easy to learn. If you are familiar with C Programming language then you will be able to understand PHP easily.
  • PHP is not a client side programming language which means that it cannot run without a server.
  • APACHE server can be used to test and run PHP.
  • PHP is an open-source programming language. It has a huge community of users and hence it has a lot of support.
  • PHP can be used in a Procedural Programming Style and Object Oriented Programming Style.
  • Beginners will start with Learning Procedural Style and then OOPs style.
  • Websites like Stackoverflow and can be used to get solutions to any problem related to PHP.
  • A server side scripting language like PHP can be used to communicate with the database directly.
  • It can be used to Create, Read, Update and Delete records of a database.
  • Database is used to store data in tables. Tables have columns that are named as per the data which will be stored n them.
  • MYSQL database is commonly used with PHP and we will learn MySql in this tutorial as well.
  • PHP can be used to Create, Read and Delete files on targeted folders and directories.
  • PHP is the backbone of many popular CMS tools like WordPress, Drupal, Magento etc. After learning PHP you will be able to configure above mentioned CMS scripts to any extent.
  • PHP can be used to set and access Cookies and Sessions. It is helpful in creating Login and Signup Based User Management Systems.
  • You can use PHP to encrypt data.

This is a Step By Step PHP Tutorial & In this introduction part of PHP we have covered some common points that a students or a beginner must know about PHP before learning it.

Some point may have not been covered in the introduction section but you will find them in the newer parts of this tutorial.

See this Video Which is a Step by Step Video Tutorial for PHP

If you have any doubts or feedback related to this introduction, you can comment below.

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List of Free Online Tools for Creative Images and Product Mockups

We are sharing our list of Free Online Tools for Creative Images and Product Mockups.
Creative Images, eye-catching banners, flyers, posters, social media headers, mockups etc are needed every day by Digital Marketers.
We have been using these tools to create attractive marketing material for our Digital Marketing clients and for our own website.

1. – Graphic Design Software is one of the most popular and easy to use Graphic Designing Software. You can signup for free or login using your google account. This website has plenty of templates of every shape and size which are as per the required dimensions of social media. You can choose pre configured size or your custom size and create stunning images and marketing material with drag and drop. You can add text and chose from thousands of free icons.
There are some resources on this website that need you to pay. If you don’t want to pay you can use the free icons and illustrations in your designs. Using Canva you can create graphical content like:
a. Social Media Covers
b. Social Media Posts
c. Infographics
d. Resume
e. Advertisements
f. Flyers and Posters
& much more.

Note: The Featured Image of this Post is created using Canva and some other icons.

2. – Create Visual ideas using Infographics is also a powerful graphics designing tool like Canva. It has hundreds of free icons and illustrations. It has many characters (humans), graphs, charts and text customization options. It is one of the best tools on internet for creating Infographics.
Infographics is a creative way of summarizing an analytical research using graphical content.
You can see this image with characters that can be used in and as the name suggest it can be done easily.

Best Digital Markering Training in India | Digital Marketing Training

3. – Product Mockups Generator

Product Mockups are required in Digital Marketing mainly for e-commerce and educational services. Mockups are a creative way of presenting your product and services to consumers.
If you want to show how your website, application or software tool looks on devices of different orientation and technology then you can use product mockup generator tool like this.
Using this tool you can create product mockups for your screenshots on:
a. Tablets
b. Laptops
c. Desktops
d. Watch and TV
Print Mockups can also be created to represent E-Books, Software Tools and Digital Downloads on E-Commerce websites.

Here is an example image created using this tool:

Data Analytics Course | Data analytics training

These tools can be introduced in any Digital Marketing Course.

If you are a digital marketing professional and you have a list of Free Online Tools for Creative Images and Product Mockups:

Please mention your favorite tools in comment section.

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W8-BEN form – Why and when is it needed for Affiliate Marketers

If you are registered as an affiliate marketer on any network then you will earn commission on every sale that is made by you or from your network or channel. Whenever you get a commission your account is credited with some money and hence you have to pay the taxes, approximately 30% if you are from USA and the Company in which you have registered is also from USA. You are paid on the basis of CPA Model or CPL model.
(Cost Per Acquisition or Cost Per Lead).

Affiliate marketers require a W8-BEN form if they are from any country other than USA. Affiliate marketing on internet has been there for more than a decade and people are signing up in affiliate marketing portals like Amazon or Commission Junction at a faster rate now a days.

Affiliate Marketers get a portion of Sales Amount as a commission. Some states in USA require taxes from affiliate marketers which is a percentage of the amount received as a commission. This tax is required only from USA Residents. If you are a Non-US resident and doing business as an affiliate marketer then you have to fill this W8-BEN form.

This form is a proof that your nationality is from a country other than USA.

If a company registers you as their affiliate then they should mention your details in their records and keep this W8-BEN form with them.

What is Official Meaning of W8-BEN form ?

Certificate of Foreign Status of Beneficial Owner for United States Tax Withholding and Reporting (Individuals)

You are not allowed to fill this form if you are a citizen of USA. This form is for NON – US residents, individuals.

This form is managed by Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service

You have to fill this form and submit it to the Payer.

You can view or download the W8-BEN form from the official website of IRS or simply click the link below.

W8-BEN form for affiliate marketers is divided into three parts.

Part 1- Your personal details like Name, Date of Birth, Country of Residence etc.

Part 2 – Claim of Tax Treaty Benefits

Part 3 – Certification